Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some Lessons Learned This Week

Here's a few lessons learned from reality TV and similar things this week:

Twinning: Do not vote for yourself for elimination. Just don't. I mean, it may seem like a good idea to learn about what it's like in the elimination battle, but there's a problem - you can lose. And they did! So Taylor and Dylan, sorry to see you go. Kamila and Kristina, nice work with your twintuition. It kept you in the game.

Catfish: Don't try to fake your story on Catfish! It will fall apart and the person who you try to make look bad ends up looking better than you do. It's a way to come out, yeah, but really, there's a better way than to end up looking like a jerk. The premise was that Hundra wanted to be a role model for her culture and come out, but instead her friend Melanie's ex-girlfriend Geralyn ratted her out, and things got nasty. There are more positive ways to be yourself.

Josh Duggar: Don't admit more than you have to! It turns out that Josh Duggar had an account on, a site for cheaters. While I think it was 100% wrong for hackers to release the site users' personal information, this was definitely interesting. Josh ended up admitting that he was on the site, had affairs and had a porn addiction. Wait, what? A porn addiction? Oh my gosh, Josh, nobody was accusing you of that! Why did you tell us? He has since retracted that part of his apology, but the internet is a thing, so it's already been reported on multiple news sources. We'll see what happens with Josh's marriage after all this. My guess is that Anna will stand by her man, but who knows.

That's all for now!

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