Monday, August 3, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - 8/3/15

The show opened with a dance to Love Is Free by Robyn.

Each dancer was given the chance to tell us about themselves. Jaja shared that she's engaged to her boyfriend Robbie, also a dancer. Hailee is not a natural blonde.

The girls danced a piece about female empowerment to Endangered Species by Dianne Reeves. Nigel told Hailee she's a sensation. Jaja was told she's interesting and she's growing in technique. Paula said Hailee's radiant. Jason told Jaja to continue to stretch, and told Hailee she's coming out of her shell.

Both were safe from elimination.

Neptune's fact is that he's a dad. Alexia has a blind toy poodle.

Dave Scott choreographed their dance to Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh) by Rich Homie Quan. Paula said it was a fun routine and the dancers were committed. Jason said Alexia's improving each week. Nigel said Neptune is building each week.

Both were safe from elimination.

Derek is adopted. He was fostered by his now adoptive parents at 6 months old and adopted at two years old. JJ loves her top knot hairstyle.

During rehearsal, Derek went to a doctor and found out he hurt a muscle by his spine, and he'd have to take the rest of the week off. JJ danced with her choreographer, Leonardo to Duo De Amor by Astor Piazzola. Jason told her she brought sexy back with her Argentine Tango. JJ was told she's a credit to her team.

Both were in danger of elimination.

Ariana and Jim were next with a song choreographed by Jim Cheesman. Ariana said if she wasn't a dancer, she'd be a special effects makeup artist. Jim loves therapeutic bubble baths.

They danced to Everybody Wants to Rule The World by Lorde. Nigel felt both dancers strongly portrayed the message of the dance, suffering from depression. Paula said this was one of the best routines to showcase the pair. Ariana was complimented for keeping up with Jim step by step.

Jim was safe. Ariana was in danger again. AGAIN. Stop it, people! Keep her in the game!

Virgil and Gaby were choreographed by Al Blackstone. Virgil's fact is that he has a jazz band. Gaby would a chef on a Food Network show if she wasn't a dancer, but the problem is, she can't cook.

The pair danced to Where or When by Sammy Davis. Jr. Paula said they both make her happy. Jason said Virgil breathes life into every performance. Gaby was told her smile lights up a room.

Both were safe from elimination.

Asaf and Kate joined Sean Cheesman in a jazz routine. Asaf enjoyed donuts and peanut butter as a newcomer to America six months ago. Kate was almost kidnapped by a famous serial killer when she was four years old. Her dad was a district attorney and put someone behind bars, and Kate became a target for kidnapping. She had to have heavy security after that.

They danced an attitude driven dance to Braveheart by Neon Jungle. Jason said he didn't regret saving Asaf last week, but he's still in the danger zone. Nigel said this was much better than last week's performance, and he lived up to his name this week and danced his "asaf (ass off)". Paula said Kate looked lovely and there was no more fear. The pair worked well together.

Both were in danger of elimination.

Marissa and Yorelis were up next with a hip-hop dance by Christopher Scott. Marissa was a power tumbler, headed for the Junior Olympics. Yorelis is a go-go dancer. They danced to Let Go by Kezwik feat. Mimi Page. Nigel complimented Marissa and said it's as if Yorelis' whole body moves to music. Paula complimented both women as well. She said the choreography was very clever. Jason was slightly less impressed.

Marissa was in danger of elimination, and Yorelis was safe.

Edson and Megz were with doing a contemporary dance. Edson is a cheerleader and is now a coach. Megz has a shoe fetish, and owns 378 pairs of shoes. Their routine is about temptation. Their song was You There by Aquilo. Paula said this gave her goosebumps. She said Megz is truly amazing. Jason said it was on the best performances of the night. Nigel said this is the first time a shirt has come off on the show for a good reason. Edson was complimented on releasing his emotions.

Both dancers were safe.

And with that, we got to tweet to save JJ, Ariana, Asaf (street) Derek, Kate or Marissa (stage).

The street dancers danced to Commas by Future. The stage dancers danced to Beautiful Friends by Helen Money.

Twitter saved JJ and Derek.

The judges saved Kate and let Marissa go. They then saved Ariana and let Asaf go.

Congrats to those who made it for another week!

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