Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - 8/10/15

Before we begin recapping So You Think You Can Dance, let's discuss what went on. I was absolutely appalled by the way Ariana Crowder's dance was handled.

First and foremost, this song was awful. Awful. Not creative. Not kitschy. Just...weird. Nigel criticized Ariana's smiling during the number, and I get it, but really, how was she supposed to feel anything in that song? I didn't get the emotion from the song, I can't imagine that she truly could either. And when Nigel called her Adriana....I wasn't feeling that.

Jason's comment was that the women didn't look comfortable in their dance, but really, why should they? The dance was awkward; it was almost like they were being set up to fail. It would be outside of the comfort zone for almost any dancer to do that style of dance. Yes, there were flaws in the style and execution, absolutely. But really, with that style of dance, I'm not sure even the most skilled dancer would know what to do.

Ariana wasn't the only one to get criticism this week - it sounds like the judges got meaner towards almost everyone.

Now, for the show:

The show opened up to a dance to Crystal Waters' 100% Pure Love, which continues to be an awesome song even years after it was released.

Jim and Yorelis danced first to Asht by Nebulo. Yorelis shined in this contemporary dance, per Nigel. Paula said she signed as a superstar. Jason was impressed with both Jim and Yorelis.

Yorelis was in danger; Jim was safe.

The next pair was Jaja and Edson. They danced to She Came To Give It To You by Usher feat. Nicki Minaj. Paula praised their attention to detail. Jason felt it was a basic performance with no special moments. Nigel was also underwhelmed.

Both were safe and made the top ten.

Virgil and Hailee were third. Their contemporary dance was to the song Cellophane by Sia.

Jason complimented the choices the pair made within their choreography. Nigel loved the characters they played. Per Paula, Virgil did well, although it's tough to dance with someone with as much technique as Hailee.

Hailee and Virgil both remained in the game.

Alexia and Ariana were the next pair. Their Tracy Phillips and Dominic Carbone choreographed song had the girls dancing as sexy fish. What? Alexia wasn't sure about the piece before the performance. Their song was Circus Fish by Vermillion Lies.

Nigel said the style was new and interesting. It missed the mark for him and wasn't as dark as he liked. He saw smiles that he didn't want to see. He called Ariana a dead fish on a slab. Paula wished they could have channeled Bette Midler for a mix of campiness and sexiness. Jason said it was rough for him. Alexia and Ariana didn't look like they were into the dance, and that translated for Jason.

Both were in the bottom and had the potential to be eliminated.

Megz and Derek were next, and their dance was meant to be reminiscent of a jazz club. They danced to Worth It by Fifth Harmony.

Paula said this wasn't her favorite routine. Derek needed to loosen up. Megz was told to watch her face. Paula also criticized for holding a trumpet when the instrument in the song was a saxophone. Jason said this wasn't Megz' best or worst performance. Nigel wasn't impressed with Derek.

Derek was automatically in the bottom because of his injury last week, but Megz was safe.

The next song featured Gaby and Neptune dancing to Take My Hand, Precious Lord by Ledisi (Selma soundtrack). Jason loved it. He said they lived the performance. Nigel said Gaby shined and was his favorite stage dancer this season.

Neptune was not safe; Gaby was.

JJ and Kate were the last pair to dance, and they danced to A Different Beat by Little Mix.

Nigel said this brought out their personalities but didn't show what they were capable of as dancers. Paula and Jason said the dance seemed adolescent.

JJ was safe; Kate was in danger.

The stage dancers danced to Lift Me by The Bengsons, although Jim was absent due to injury.

The street team danced to Dragula by Rob Zombie.

Yorelis, Ariana and Neptune from Team Street and Alexa, Derek and Kate came to the front of the stage to see who'd be eliminated.

The two people saved on Twitter were Derek and Neptune. That meant that we said goodbye to Alexa, Kate, Yorelis and Ariana.

You gave it a good run, ladies. All the best with your future careers.

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