Thursday, July 30, 2015

Twinning - 7/29/15

Twinning, Season one episode two, was more of the same drama. Spencer and Skyler got hated on, as did GinaMarie and AnnaMarie.

The competition entailed the twins being on separate sides of a wall and putting together puzzles while being tied to each other. That meant one had to get a piece while the other waited. Tre and Torian did great, unlike last week, while Li and Je didn't do well. Tre and Torian finished first. Taylor and Dylan and Claire and Shawn followed. (Claire and Shawn last week as well.) Spencer and Skyler, who narrowly avoided elimination last week, took the final spot.

Corey and Adam were shady. Not cool. Especially towards 

Tre and Torian were happy because they got to spend their birthday together. The houses spend the night partying. Torian spent the night trying to see Kristina. Kristina said she's not here for a boyfriend, but she sees this as an advantage.

Nicole confronted GinaMarie about how she always brags about money. When Nicole told her to go to bed, GinaMarie freaked out and yelled at her. She was confronted by the group and told "you think you're hot sh*t but you're cold diarrhea". Interesting!

There was a tie in the voting booth about who to send to competition, and since Tre and Torian were the first winners, they got to vote again in a tie-breaker. Their choices were Chris and Josh and Kristina and Kamila. Since Torian was into Kristina, she and her sister got to stay, and the twins forced to compete were GinaMarie and Anna Marie, as well as Chris and Josh.

Like last week, the twins had to match five answers first to win. Also like last week, the twins were given a minute to see each other.

The twins bickered, then it was time to compete.

They were asked what night of the week is the best. The guys won (Monday for wrestling) and the girls disagreed on Saturday and Sunday.

In what word, what is your favorite part of your own body? Both teams got points. The guys said penis, the girls said eyes.

If you could learn to play a musical instrument, what instrument would you choose? The girls said guitar and got points, the guys said piano and keyboard.

What one word best describes your bedroom as home? The girls said messy, the guys said horror - both got points.

Which of your senses would you least like to give up for a year? The girls matched on eyesight; the guys messed up on hearing / vision.

If you and your twin could travel back in time, to what year would you go? The guys said 1996 and 2014. The girls won with 1969 and stayed in the game to brag more about their wealth. They wanted to be in that year to be hippie flower children. Josh and Chris, with that, were gone. But not before insulting GinaMarie and AnnaMarie's intellect.

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