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So You Think You Can Dance - Top 20 Perform and Elimination - 7/20/15

Today, we saw individual performances and an elimination on So You Think You Can Dance. We lost one stage dancer and one street dancer. The way it worked was that three dancers were in the bottom, we tweeted in to save one and the judges saved another. The third was eliminated.

The episode opened with a performance to the song Baila Como Yo by District 78.

Cat Deeley revealed that it's been 10 years since the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance aired. And we learned that Travis was nominated for an Emmy. The show, and those on it, actually got a total of 8 nominations.

Last week, the dancers were mixed into new groups (not divided by stage and street), and each group randomly chose a dance style that they'd perform this week.

Yorelis, Darion and Hailee

The first group to perform was Yorelis, Darion and Hailee. They were dancing salsa with a sexy vibe. The dance had intricate tricks and the group was nervous. Their song was Blucutu by Saamara. There was a crazy dance step where Darion jumped over Hailee's face - whoa! Jason felt the dance was nerve wracking because of the jumps. The dance was missing the heat but Yorelis did a great job. Nigel thought the girls were fabulous and spicy. Paula loved the helicopter at the beginning and complimented the women on their footwork.

We next found out if anyone was in danger of leaving based on last week's votes. Darion was in danger; Yorelis and Hailee were safe.

Derek and Ariana

Next up was the team I'm rooting for! TEAM ARIANA!!! Derek and Ariana came together for a jazz routine. The piece was about being heartbroken, which Ariana said she can relate to. Ariana was complimented for her level of style and presence in rehearsal.

You know, it's interesting - the theme so far in the show has been that Ariana surprises people. She always get compliments like these: She stands her own. She stands out amongst strong dancers. Things like that. Ariana must have some quiet way of hiding in the background until she lets you know what she's got through her dancing. Today, Twitch finally gave Ariana a compliment she deserves - he said "she blew my mind".

Anyway, the dance was great. Ariana and Derek moved perfectly in sync. Ariana had a great mix of stage and street style. Paula gave her review first. She said Ariana gave a really wonderful attempt and nailed it. Paula said they both need to work on the performance with their faces and eyes. Jason agreed. Nigel was shocked that Ariana was a street dancer who could do as well as she did. He said Ariana came to life right at the end and he wants to see more of that.

Unfortunately, both of them were in danger of elimination.

Alexia, Megz and Virgil

Alexia, Megz and Virgil were tasked with performing a contemporary routine in which the girls run Virgil's life. Nigel loved how the stage and street styles came together in this dance. Alexia was told she's good but stands under the radar. Paula was proud of the team.

All of the dancers were safe from elimination.

Lily, Burim, Gaby and Edson

Next up was a group of four, Lily, Burim, Gaby and Edson. They were tasked with a Bollywood dance, which is heavy on hand gestures. They performed to Dhol Baaje from the Ek Paheli Leela soundtrack. Nigel said the guys' choreography wasn't as strong as it should be. Paula said Lily's face told a beautiful story. Generally, Paula really enjoyed it.

Lily is in danger of leaving; the others are safe.

Asaf, Kate and Neptune

Asaf, Kate and Neptune were the next trio. They were doing a Broadway dance in which they had to create instruments with their bodies. Asaf had a tough time in rehearsal.

They danced to an interesting version of All About That Bass by Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Kate Davis. I highly recommend you click my link above and listen to that song - very interesting!

Paula thought the dance was inventive. She said Neptune was committed and innovative. She said he's really showing up. She said Kate's a beautiful dancer but can turn it up more. Asaf was told that he's the most improved. Jason wanted more from Kate but still enjoyed her quiet confidence. Nigel told Kate her coolness can be misrepresented and viewed as not performing. Neptune was told that he looked like a jazz dancer at times. Asaf was told to get out of his head and grasp opportunities. He was told to keep working hard.

Neptune was in danger of leaving; Kate and Asaf are safe.

Jaja and Jim

Christopher Scott choreographed a hip hop number for Jaja and Jim. They performed to No Woman, No Cry (Live Version) by Bob Marley and The Wailers. (I'm not sure if I linked to the correct live version, but you get the idea.) They had some spectacular hand movements. The judges stood up to show their approval. Nigel got emotional to see two completely different worlds come together in dance. Paula was also impressed. Jason said Jim did an amazing job and also complimented Jaja.

Both Jaja and Jim are safe from elimination.

Marissa, Moises and JJ

The jazz piece assigned to this group featured Marissa and JJ going after Moises, who they found out was two timing them. They danced to I'm So Sorry by Imagine Dragons. Jason said he originally worried about Moises' strength but it's showing up now. Marissa was a little offputting because she smiled but she was supposed to be mad. Nigel said both girls were strong dancers, but Moises stood his own. Moises had great technique. Paula said she appreciated the smiles from both girls because it showed the joy of them teaming up against Moises. Paula found sexiness in both girls' smirks.

Moises was in danger of leaving; the girls are safe.

We reviewed the dancers in danger and got a change to tweet to save them.

We had:
Ariana, Lily and Neptune and from Team Street
Darion, Derek and Moises from Team Stage

The street team performed to Time by Nathan Lanier. Which was a little funny because it's clearly to use up time before the Twitter votes are counted. It was cool, though, because the Christopher Scott choreographed dance incorporated see-saws. How cool!

Team Stage danced to Stabat Mater by Woodkid. It was great - very primal, as it was supposed to be. The judges went wild.

And then it was results time.

The dancers saved by the Twitter vote were Neptune and Moises. Congrats, guys!

So now we've got Ariana vs. Lily and and Darion vs. Derek. To cut the suspense a little, the show didn't cut as soon as it should have and we heard a random person talking about texting.


Sorry, Darion and Lily. All the best with your careers.

Okay, so now that she's still here, vote Ariana!!! Stop what you're doing and vote Ariana by texting 21523!!!

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