Monday, July 13, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 20 Perform - 7/13/15

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, the top 20 performed.

Everyone was introduced, with Ariana Crowder, who I'm supporting, being introduced in the first pair. Go Ariana!

We found out that Hurricane injured himself and had to leave the competition, and Asaf took his spot.

After tonight, both stage and street dancers will take on all kinds of styles, but tonight the teams will stay in their genres.

The first set of dancers a group comprised of Megz, Neptune and JJ doing choreo by Dave Scott. Nigel said it was some of the best choreography that he's seen on SYTYCD. Megz was told she looked good and brought excitement to the routine. JJ and Neptune (formerly Jessica and Eddie) also earned praise. Neptune was told to bring personality. Paula wanted to see more superhero characterization. Jason thought it was good but was a little let down by the performance.

Next up was stage group Gaby, Derek and Moises. Their dance was classical and beautiful. Everyone wore white and the stage was clouded by white smoke. Paula said that Gaby was incredible and Jason agreed. The whole panel seemed to be blown away; Jason complimented how everyone seemed to breathe as one. Nigel complimented Gaby's ability, especially given that she's a tap dancer.

Lily, Jaja, Asaf and Burim were next for team street, choreographed by Chris Scott. Their dance was awesome. They were illuminated by white spotlights and each had their own time to shine. Jason loved the performance. He said it was "beasty". Nigel said he thought team stage had it after the last number, but team street represented here. Lily and Asaf gained Nigel's praise.

Fourth was Hailee, Marissa and Alexia from team stage, choreographed by Brian Freeman. Their choreographer asked them to dance in stilettos, which would be a challenge for them. Their dance was so cool - sexy and jazzy. Hailee was told she looks like a young Madonna. Nigel said the group needed to internalize a bit because the group was too overtly sexy.

Team stage was next with Darion and Jim. Their dance was powerful. Really strong and beautiful. Their dance was choreographed by Benoit Swan Pouffer. Paula hoped the guys got better costumes, and I agree - they weren't great. But the dance was amazing. The judges agreed on that. Jason said this performance would be remembered.

Next was another street team featuring Virgil, Ariana and Yorelis. Their choreographers were Pharside and Phoenix. Virgil is at the gates of heaven, and has to decide between good and evil. Ariana was focused in rehearsal and her choreographers said she needs to break out of her shell. They performed to Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. There was one part where they did hand movements as part of their dance and it was amazing. In the end, the devil (Yorelis) won and Ariana (the angel) lost, but she had to act to show that, and she rocked it. Ariana was told that she held her own, even amongst strong personalities. Nigel expected to tell Ariana to lift it up, but he didn't have to because she rocked it. TEAM ARIANA!!! Paula said everyone has to work on what they do during their 'breathing' movements, and that was across the board for all three of them.

The final two on team stage, Edson and Kate, were next. Travis Wall choreographed their powerful number.  Nigel said it was beautiful dancing and choreography but he didn't understand it because he couldn't understand their emotion - smiling, then not, smiling, then not. Paula felt like the pair was held back emotionally.

Next up was an interview with Michelle Obama, who has an organization to fight childhood obesity. Cat Deeley asked her five quick questions. Her answers were:

Dream dance partner - Michael Jackson
What song gets you on the dance floor - Anything Beyonce
Favorite dance style - freestyle
Favorite move in Gimme 5 routine (I think - not sure if I got this right) - Any of them
Street or stage - Street

Jason Derulo performed next, and it was a great, zombie-filled, spooky routine.

Warren Carlyle choreographed a Broadway routine for team stage. It was Broadway style but contemporary. Everyone wore white. It ended with one of the male dancers doing a split.

Team street was next. Their dance was fierce. Their outfits looked like they belonged in the military...if they danced.

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