Monday, July 27, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 18 Perform and Elimination - 7/27/15

The So You Think You Can Dance contestants began tonight's episode by dancing to Let The Groove Get In by Justin Timberlake.

Like last week, the dancers picked their styles from a hat.

Alexa, Derek and Jaja got together for a contemporary routine, choreographed by Stacey Tookey. The dance is about bravery, and Jaja was lauded for her bravery. Each person had to play a character, and Stacey said they'd be successful if they truly felt and portrayed their characters. They danced to All Waters by Perfume Genius. Nigel was all compliments, saying Alexa danced like she was six feet tall, per Stacey's notes. Paula said Jaja is morphing each week into a more accomplished dancer. Jason said everyone danced beautifully.

After last week's votes, Alexa, Jaja and Derek were all safe.

Megz, Moises and Jim and did a hip hop routine about saying 'whatever' to the haters, choreographed by Jaquel Knight. It was about tapping into the performance. They danced to Whuteva by Remy Ma. Paula was confusing in her review - she said Megz gave it her all, and said something about how the guys brought it all but have to take it to the next level. It was confusing. Jason said this wasn't his favorite performance. Nigel said it didn't work for him and he doesn't think Moises can be mean and cruel but has to find it in his dancing.

Jim and Megz are safe, Moises was up for elimination.

Tavares Wilson choreographed JJ, Edson and Yorelis in a jazz routine. They danced to Restart by Sam Smith. Jason said that there was too much looking ahead - part of the dance is looking at your fellow dancers. Nigel said the girls were great. Edson was told to feel his sexuality. Paula told JJ to watch her technique.

JJ and Yorelis were safe, Edson was in danger this week.

Jean Marc Generaux choreographed Asaf and Marissa doing a club cha cha. Their song was +1 by Martin Solveig. Nigel said the dance didn't feel like a cha cha. He thought Marissa did everything that was required of her but didn't use Asaf, who she's supposed to be all about in the dance. Nigel said he heard how hard Asaf worked that week, and wanted him to remember that even the ugliest old caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, although this was not a good routine for him.

Marissa was safe, but Asaf was in danger of elimination.

Gaby, Burim and Ariana were with Sean Cheesman for an African jazz dance. They were portraying slithering animals. Gaby was complimented for getting into character. Ariana was complimented for taking to the dance like a fish to water, and we were told that this dance could show why she was saved. They danced to Gorilla by Lord KraVen. They looked like spiders, then scary monsters. It was oh-my-gosh amazing when the girls used each others' bodies to flip around. They were fierce. FIERCE. Terrifying, in the moment, tribal and fierce. Paula said it was a strong routine. Paula said she loved watching Burim's package, meaning his videotape. She was called out for saying that because it sounded like she was talking about another meaning for that word. She said she knew the ladies were strong before this, but in this dance, they were fierce and precise. Jason said it was one of the best numbers but there were little things here and there to fix. Ariana was told she was powerful. Nigel made a joke about liking Burim's package as well.

Ariana and Burim were in danger, Gaby was safe.

Justin Giles created a contemporary routine for Kate and Neptune. It was about a husband and a wife saying goodbye before the husband leaves for a dangerous job. They danced to Promise by Ben Howard. They were complimented for a great routine with a good show of chemistry between the pair. Paula thought the dance was "really, really nice".

Neptune was safe, but Kate was in danger.

Pharside and Pheonix had Hailee and Virgil, who they'd turn into robots from outer space. It was a hip-hop dance. Hailee was complimented for how well she took to the dance. They took to the stage and performed to Runnin' by Noahplause, and stayed in their characters even during the judging. They earned a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel said these two are the best characters on the show. Jason was equally impressed.

Both Hailee and Virgil were safe.

This means Asaf, Ariana, Burim (street) and Edson, Moises and Kate (stage) were in danger of leaving, and viewers had five minutes to vote on Twitter to save them.

We saw a group dance from Team Stage to For My Help by Hayden Calnin. Team Street then danced to Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes.

Twitter saved Ariana and Kate. YESSSSS! Team Ariana!!!!!

The judges saved Asaf and Edson.

This means that Burim and Moises left. Sorry, guys!

But seriously, we are Team Ariana on Less Than Reality. So please text ARIANA to 21523!

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