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So You Think You Can Dance - 7/6/15

So You Think You Can Dance started tonight with 38 street dancers and 36 stage dancers.

Everyone was called onstage at 9 PM on the second day, and they were told they'd be broken into groups and work through the night to choreograph dances. Someone would be a team leader for each group. They were advised to take chances.

As to be expected, some teams did great and some didn't fare as well in rehearsal.

The groups met again on day 3 after very limited sleep to finish their dances.

The first street group was Jessica Rabone, Lily, Ariana Crowder, Tyrus and Virgil. They were called Party of Five and hit it off right away. They were awesome. They moved great together and their solo moves showed off their individual styles. They got great reviews, and Virgil was told that he shined. They were told they interpreted the song right. Ariana got a strange compliment - she was told that she didn't look bad with such great dancers, which means she looked great.

We next saw stage group were Thomas, Edson, Alyssa, Marissa Milele and Ekaterina Fedosova. In the morning when they reconvened, Thomas was missing. He did make it though, and the dance went well. The acrobatics went well. Paula said her own problem was that it looked like a lot of effort went into it, and they were also told that the execution wasn't as great as it could be. Nigel said it was the worst group from the morning.

The following street group taped their mouths shut, and was comprised of Bdash, Little Boy, Brittany, Angyil and Ladia. They called themselves Blackout. Ladia was the leader of the group. The tape made the statement that they were speaking through their bodies, not their mouths. Their dance was to very dramatic music. I honestly didn't love their dance the way I liked Party of Five. The judges agreed - the back tucks didn't land equally. Ladia didn't give enough from her presence in the middle. The tape didn't go over well. The movement wasn't strong enough. Ouch - the judges did not love it. Nigel was disappointed because nobody was highlighted and they didn't give their best dancing. Angyil was called forward and was sent home. Bdash and Little Boy were called forward next, but told they could stay. Brittany was next. She stayed. Ladia was last, and she was asked to dance for her life to stay on the show.

We had a montage, in which Kenya was told that she was better than what she showed, but earned the opportunity to stay. Zeus was let go.

At 11:30, one stage group was left. Gaby, Hailee, Denys, Natalie and Jim made up this group. They were known as Bloodline. They were told they were the best group of the day.

Ladia danced for her life and was told she did well. Nigel said the negative was that there was no substance, although she draws people in. She was allowed to stay in the competition.

While the street dancers relaxed, the stage dancers met their next choreographer, Sonya Tayeh.

The first group of guys made it through, including Denys. But Brandon Armstrong, a fellow ballroom dancer, didn't make it. And Ekaterina was cut, too. Kevin Morales was cut, as well. Dani and Christina were called forward and stayed in the game. Jacqueline (I think) was sent home. Antonina was told she'd been a good student, but she was done.

We went through Gaby's journey to being successful, and it was noted that she's out of her element in this group dance. Fortunately, she and her whole team made it through.

The street team had their choreography next. This included Mary Poppins, Christy Doyle and Frankie Freeman. (I am not sure if I got these names right.) All of them made it through.

Corey "Mission" Whitfield
 made it clear he wasn't going home. Unfortunately, he and Anime did lose their spots.

Ultimately, five street dancers lost their places in this round.

Burim Jusufi danced for his life. And he rocked it. End of story. Asaf Goren was next and he made it through, but there was some argument regarding him being a dancer versus an entertainer.

At this point, there were 24 stage dancers and 23 street dancers left. They would soon find out who will make the top ten on their respective teams.

First up for the stage team was Marissa. She made it through.

Asaf was next. He didn't make it through. Latia was also sent home. Bdash didn't make it either.

Edson was next. He made it. Moses, Kate and Hailee made it through. Alan (I believe) also made it to the next round.

Jessica Rabone was next. She made it through. Lily made it through, followed by Ariana Crowder. Watch out for Ariana - she looks fierce!

Denys was bummed after girlfriend Antonina was kicked off, and it apparently got to him. He was going to get a pass, and he said he wanted to quit because there wasn't enough ballroom. It sounded like a lie - he clearly felt guilty or something about Antonina. He denied it, saying it was a gut feeling. He was allowed to go but told the judges had wasted their time on him.

Virgil made it through to the next round. Kenya did not. Alexa Meier and Derek made it through.

Gaby made it through with her tap skills. That meant Christine Shepard did not.

Here's the top 20:


Surprise, though - someone got injured and was replaced. We'll find out who it is next week.

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