Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seven Year Switch - Epside 1: Switch Therapy - Recap and Review

The show Seven Year Switch features couples who 'switch' to different spouses for X weeks to save their struggling marriages.

First we got to know Rachel, an artist, and CW, a workaholic. They'd been together 4 years. Rachel seemed to be very emotional, whereas CW was very rational. Rachel made it clear that they wouldn't drink in their new relationships, as they barely do that together, and it's only for special occasions. From

Their goal as a result of this experiment is to have a more peaceful and cohesive relationship, have better communication, devote more time and energy to each other’s needs and to once again enjoy their lives together.

Neal and Leah, married seven years, were next. They'd both faced infidelity in their pasts. Per

Their goal is to gain more respect and appreciation for each other as a result of the experiment. Neal wants to learn how to forgive Leah and both partners are hopeful that when they reunite, they will reconnect and their marriage will be strengthened.

Eric and Danielle were also together seven years. Danielle fretted about what Eric would share with his new partner. Eric, nicknamed the man-child on screen, got emotional before the switch. From

Their goal is to come out of this experiment as a strong, united couple who are able to see eye-to eye on minor day to day issues and learn how to make time for each other despite their busy schedules and individual interests.

Last was Houston and Aleshia. The experts noted that Houston seems to take Alicia for granted. Per

Through this experiment, the couple hopes to become more respectful of each other and Houston wants to learn how to become less self-centered and take care of his wife the way she deserves. They dream of having a baby but realize that their issues must be resolved before they start a family of their own.

The couples would separate for two weeks and be separated from the grid. They'd live in an experimental home with their 'new' spouse and have no contact with their spouse or unscheduled visitors. The homes would fit their personalities and make it as if the participants lived an alternate life. Included in this is the fact that there's only one bed in the house. Danielle freaked out over this, as she was thinking about Eric sleeping in a bed with someone else.

The new pairs were:

Neal and Aleshia, who are fun but need to work on acceptance.
Houston and Leah, who are strong and opinionated.

These pairs were a couple switch. The other pair, in turn, was also a switch.

CW (short for Christopher Wayne, in case you were wondering) and Danielle, who are workaholics.
Eric and Rachel, who want to have fun.

The general first response we heard from everyone is that they find their spouse attractive, or at least not "fugly" (their words, not mine).

During the season, the pairs will meat each others' spouses, face challenges like possible cheating (it sounds like that might happen), and wonder if they improperly chose their spouse.

My review:

This show plays on the "is the grass greener on the other side?" concept. The premiere was okay at best - it was somewhat choppy and not terribly interesting. I do think the show will get better as time goes on and we get to potential cheating, the meeting of the spouses, etc.

The best part about the show is that it angered the Parents Television Council because it promotes adultery. Good, let the PTC get mad about more things that it hates, which is pretty much everything ever. Being picky about stuff like this ruins their credibility even more. This show, though misguided, is about saving marriages, so the PTC should be all about that!

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