Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Series Premiere - Twinning on VH1

Tonight, VH1 premiered Twinning, a show in which twins compete to see which set of twins have the strongest connection. They'll be eliminated week by week until one set remains, and they'll win $22,222.22.

The twins are Roxanne and Nicole, blond girls. There's also AnnaMarie and GinaMarie, other blond girls. Tre and Torian seem cool, and Skyler and Spencer have never spent more than 12 hours apart and dress alike; they are virgins. Josh and Chris don't look alike, and their goal is to break people down. Claire and Shawn were almost born as conjoined twins but split. Key and Meme seemed to be in tune. Taylor and Dylan were frontrunners in the first challenge. Kamila and Kristina are Ukranian girls who say they have hot heads. Adam and Corey looked strong. Ji and Le didn't get much screen time. Bennett and Winston...I don't even remember seeing them.

The twins were advised that they wouldn't be living together, because the best way to test their connection was to separate them. They'd be living in mirror images of a home.

The twins faced he first double down challenge. The twins, as pairs, would be competing together but with no communication and a wall between them. The four winning sets of twins will get to vote for twins who will be up for elimination, and will be reunited with their twins and can move between the two houses for a whole day.

The twins had to hang tiles in different categories on hangers. The twins had to match eight tiles to be considered winners. For example, they'd have to pick an animal, a food, etc.

Taylor and Dylan were the first winners.
AnnaMarie and GinaMarie were second.
Shawn and Claire were next.
Chris and Josh were the last set of winners.

We then learned what the twin-off is - it's a competition in which the bottom sets of twins has to compete to stay in the house.

AnnaMarie and GinaMarie, annoyed people with their outgoing personalities in the green house. Kamila butted heads with them. and Key found them annoying. Josh and Chris, in the blue house, made fun of Skylar and Spencer.

The teams gathered in their living rooms and the winning teams voted the twins they wanted into the twin-off.

Gina and Anna voted for Meme and Key, as well as Kristina and Kamila. Chris and Josh chose Spencer and Skylar. We didn't see the other details.

 Meme and Key were one of the pairs sent to the twin-off, and they're against Skyler and Spencer. Meme and Key were sent because they're seen as competition. Meme and Key acted out, while Spencer and Skyler were calmer and more reserved. The guys reviewed cards given to them by their moms.

The twins took their spots at their podiums, separated by walls, with Spencer and Skyler wearing the same outfits. They got to greet each other briefly before being asked questions

They were asked:

What is the sexiest foreign accent? Neither got it, but Spencer and Skyler said Spainsh and Itilian, justifying this by saying they aren't spellers.

If you were to buy a lottery ticket tonight, which number would you be sure to include? The guys got this one.

What one word best describes your taste in fashion? The girls got this.

In one word, what is the biggest deal breaker for you in a relationship? The guys got this one.

If you were only allowed to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? The guys got it.

You both have a flight to catch. How many minutes early do you arrive at the airport? The girls got this one.

If you both had to wake up at the same time each day, what time would you chose? Point for the guys.

If you were able to stop aging at any point in your life, what age would you choose? The girls took this one.

The host took a break from the trivia and asked the twins what they'd do with their money. The girls said they would spend it on their families, but the guys would help their mom and a charity.

Then it was time for the potential last question, as the guys had four out of the needed five questions correct. The question was - If you could travel to any country to find love, where would you go? The guys got it right, even though one spelled Italy and Itily. They stayed in the game, sending the girls home.

It looks like this season will bring a ton of drama and fighting...should be interesting!


This show is great. It really is. It's trash TV at its finest. Why? Because twins are fascinating, and competition reality shows are fun. The challenges seem to be totally fluffy and superficial, which is nice because you get to turn your brain off while watching this show. And some of the twins are strong personalities, and because they're not on their own, feel as if they can be extra assertive. This is a fun show to watch!

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