Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dating Naked Season 2, Episode 1

For season two, Dating Naked got a makeover. Instead of different people dating each week, the show will now feature one guy and one girl throughout the whole season. They'll date a bunch of others who come in and out of the game. How does this work? Each week, they'll embark on two dates. The one they like best will be called a keeper, and that person will stay on the island until the connection falters. The goal is to find their soulmates.

This show features Kerri, who had a relationship that ended badly. She dated a guy who she said had no game. She dared him to get a girl's number. He did, and subsequently cheated with her, ending the relationship.

It also featured Chris, a guy who is the oldest of four siblings - all boys. He moved to San Diego to avoid the cold weather of home. He dated a girl for five years who left him heartbroken.

Kerri and Chris had their first dates with each other. Kerri told us that she went for college to five years until she was hit by a car while rollerblading. She couldn't finish college, but she did make a full recovery.

Together, they created messages in bottles. Kerri noted that she's turned on by Chris' eyes. She also said she noticed Chris' privates...I just noticed his tan lines! Kerri wanted a kiss, but Chris was not providing it. Chris said he knew there was more to come and he didn't want to create something big right off the bat. He did feel the connection, but there were a lot of dates remaining.

Chris met his next date, and he was into her. Her name was Jenny from LA, and she feels like "a 13 year old boy in a tittie suit" (her words, not mine). She dresses as Wonder Woman for Comic Con.

Kerri got Norman, a fitness trainer who was raised around women, and says that he's single because he doesn't take the time to get to know people. Kerri said he was wearing a ring on his privates - I thought she meant a piercing, but it later seemed like it was a sex toy - Norman referenced it increasing sexual pleasure. Kerri didn't feel as comfortable with him as she did with Chris. Norman seemed like he was in this just to hook up with random people - he said he's in this to experiment. He asked Kerri to stretch because he wanted to get her flexible and see how flexible she can be. Wow, classy.

Everyone went back to the house and met up. Kerri was intimidated by the situation at that point because she realized she'd be competing with other women who are attracted to Chris. When Jenny got really crazy, Kerri was thrilled because Chris pulled her aside for some alone time. Jenny and Norman weren't worried - they were spending time together. Both Kerri and Chris had thoughts during the day about how they'd rather be spending time together. Then they kissed, and sparks flew.

The next dates entered the scene. Angie from Texas was there for Chris and the very muscular Louie from Brooklyn arrived for Kerri. Louie fit the Brooklyn stereotype perfectly. Angie made a joke (I think about) being ready to get married and start a life together to the confessional - she was all in!

While Louie and Kerri made drinks, Louie told Kerri all about his Italian lifestyle. She was giving him a chance, but she was still into Chris. Louie said he's overprotective of the girls he dates, and Kerri told the confessional that she's not into overprotective guys, so this wasn't happening. They did connect over their shared hatred of cheating, and that created a stronger connection.

Back at the house, Kerri and Louie's connection grew, and Chris and Angie were connecting as well, although Chris still had Kerri on his mind. Kerri and Chris spent time together and they still had a connection, as well.

Kerri and Chris had to decide which date to keep (the strongest connection they had) and who to get rid of. Louie was wearing clothes at the ceremony because he hurt his privates in the sand or something. It was weird.

Kerri kept Louie, sending Norman home.
Chris picked Angie, sending Jenny home. He had a tough time making the choice. Jenny did not take it well, saying she would have gone home, even if chosen. This made Chris happy with his decision. Angie was surprised since Chris had been reserved.

Jenny let us know that she and Norman were feeling each other and would likely have sex. Okay, then!

Chris said no matter what, he and Kerri would be going through this together, and the episode ended.

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