Friday, June 5, 2015

The Kelly File - Megyn Kelly's Interview With Jill and Jessa Duggar

I watched the interview with Megyn Kelly and Jill and Jessa Duggar. It was interesting - they were on the attack. They said that what Josh did was wrong, but they do not see Josh as a rapist, pedophile or a child molester.

Yes, the girls were sad - they said they'd forgiven Josh and they'd moved on. But they felt like they were victimized by this and their story wasn't being told. The victims are the only ones who can speak for themselves, but the story has been warped. They felt as if they've dealt with this and they've moved on. They admitted that they can't speak for the others and their feelings, but they can say all of the siblings are angry that the records were leaked and they've forgiven Josh. They feel that people are taking this story, twisting it and using it for their own purposes. They feel helpless.

Megyn Kelly said that in many cases, people are concerned about children in cases like these, but in this case the care was not there for these girls. Jessa said that people that don't like the Duggar family

Jill said that 2/3 of families report that things happen like this, and those are only the ones who are reported. Can someone verify this statistic? I'm not sure it is true. Then she continued and said she feels sorry that other people are living in bad situations that aren't improved like her parents improved theirs. It was a very convoluted statement.

Megyn asked if they think charges should have been pressed against Josh, and they said by the time the police report was written, Josh had changed and they'd forgiven him. This is interesting because does this mean they would have felt differently if they'd gone to police sooner?

The girls said the most difficult part of all of this so far is everything - the last two weeks have been very difficult. The girls asked how they thought about the show possibly going off the air, and they said life goes on. They're not a TV family, they're a family that happens to be on TV. They don't know what will happen.

They also said there are no other secrets that will come out, and this is bringing their family even closer together.

Megyn Kelly talked to another reporter about the ethical implications of what In Touch Weekly did - they made victims of young women who were already victims once. They touched on the fact that this family isn't always popular, and that made them targets, but these women became collateral damage. This is true. This is harmful for them. And that really isn't fair. But the family was in the spotlight, and that makes them targers.

It is questionable to me at this point whether the record was really sealed - depending on what you read, they were sealed, and in other places, they say the records were not. Still, this is horrible for the victims involved. Megyn Kelly made a great point - victims are promised confidentiality if they come forward, and this violates that. This could make people stay quiet when they shouldn't have to do so.

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