Monday, June 29, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - Vegas Callbacks Round 1 - 6/29/15

The dancers had a chance to prove themselves again for a second time, but this time at the Westgate in Vegas.

Melissa Melele was the first of the stage dancers to prove herself. Her stage style was great. She and the others didn't get any feedback after their performances. They were brought to the stage in groups of ten for feedback. Seven of the group were kept; three were asked to leave.

This went on, and those who made it went to learn choreography.

Then the street dancers had their chance to stay in the competition.

Tyrell Noll went first, and he was newly married to one of the stage dancers in the competition (Kelly MacCoy). His street dance looked a lot like contemporary to me. Out of his group of ten, he was the only one eliminated. Ouch. Courtney Barnes also got cut later.

The self styled queen of Detroit (per the show) named Kenya "Standing O" Sutton was the last to perform. She arrived in good spirits but didn't feel well later - she had a panic attack. I did not know what to make of her performance. I guess it was great because she was the only one from her group of ten to make it through.

61 street dancers made it through. And none so far had to prove they'd done choreography. Jamal Sims was their choreographer. He'd choreographed the Step Up movies.

The stage dancers next had to dance Travis Wall's choreography. They were performing in groups. From the first group, Kelsey was out, Antonina was in. More people made it through and others left, although some struggled to stay in the game.

The competitor who had been in a car accident didn't make it past this point, even though the judges really wanted her to do so. She was happy though - she said she accomplished her goal.

The street dancers were up next. Things looked off with the first group. People were doing different things. It didn't look cohesive. Nigel called three dancers forward to stay, but two had to go.

The second group, like the first, garnered criticism, like "What is Little B doing?" One dancer from the group was given a chance to dance on his own. Even with that, he still didn't make the cut.

Jessica Rabone's group rocked it out, and she looked awesome. If you recall from an earlier episode, she's trying to find her own way to stand out, and she truly did here. Well, she did but so did everyone else in her group - they all made it through. And the women generally did very well...the guys had struggled, though.

A girl named Samantha had a tough time, but got a pep talk from Twitch and went for it. Unfortunately, she didn't make it through.

The show brought in someone named Josh who works on Broadway to give a real Broadway audition.

One of the dancers, Alan, had an old injury flare up and was told he couldn't dance. He was later advised to come back the following year.

The first group up, which was comprised of guys and girls, included Kelly MacCoy Noll, whose husband had been eliminated. Kelly now got eliminated as well. The others made it through.

One dancer ended up on the floor with an injury, Edson, I believe. He still made it through.

Stage dancer Moises Parra was told he'd have to do his best. He got a chance to dance the stage dance in his own style. Jason Derulo said Moises was strong at first but didn't stay as strong. Still, he got a yes to continue.

36 stage dancers remained.

The next choreographer for the street team was Dave Scott, who choreographed You Got Served.

The team had more luck than street's last round, as all team members in the first dance group made it through.

We next got the emotional story of a dancer, Steven Ban, whose family had never seen him dance. He wouldn't make it through immediately but was asked to "dance for his life" - come back and dance and prove he can do it. He unfortunately didn't make it past the cut.

The episode ended with 36 stage dancers and 38 street dancers left in the game. Looking forward to next week!

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