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So You Think You Can Dance - New York Auditions - 6/22/15

Welcome to another So You Think You Can Dance recap!

First up was Virgil Gadson, a 27 year old street dancer from Philly. If I heard correctly, he'd won a Tony for his dancing on Broadway. His movements were crazy - so smooth, so robotic, so creative. He legitimately glided across the dance floor. And, he could lift himself in and out of a split. His fun demeanor was exactly what Nigel and Paula said they wanted. He was given a pass to Vegas with no exceptions.

Alexia Meyer, a stage dancer, was next. The Utah native thinks stage dancers have an edge, and in her case, I'll give her that. Her dramatic movement and understanding of music was incredible. She had the edge of a street dancer with the grace of a stage dancer. Paula wasn't as convinced - she said Alexia had a connection, then lost it, then got it back. She won Jason and Nigel over fully though, and easily went through.

The next street dancer, Korey Clevelend, came from Missouri. He's hip hop, but everything but break dance. (His words.) He had a tough life - his dad wasn't around and his mom used crack cocaine. He also struggled with his own addiction and was incarcerated. His style was truly creative - some of the robotic stuff we've seen, but with incredibly quick arm movement and a lot of passion. He was given is ticket.

The next guy was out to represent tap and hoofing. Justin Ballasy was a street dancer who was definitely different than the ones we've recently seen! Watching him was kind of like a hyperactive tap dancer. It wasn't really going with the music part of the time. He certainly was talented though. I didn't love it. He was talented but it wasn't my style. It was fast and clean (as Paula said) but his dance didn't go with the time signature of the music. They sent him through based on talent, even though he's got to learn about musicality.

Next up was Mr. Hollywood (Thomas Condello), a nickname he got from his mom's friend. He shreds papers for a living, but he aspires to be an entertainer. An entertainer he was - lots of funny faces and slow motion movement. The whole thing looked like a big joke, and when this overweight guy finished dancing, he was thirsty beyond belief. Everyone said he was a born entertainer, but it was determined that he wasn't right for the competition.

Next up were a pair of girls dancing together. Their names were Angela (Angel) and Angely (Cookie). Angel could make movements and show drama like very few dancers I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the judges weren't as enthralled with Cookie as they were with Angel, and Angel went through and Cookie was held back.

Allison Wilcox from Vegas was next. She dances in a show in Vegas, and says "like" a whole lot in her sentences. She made up for the likes, though, with her dancing. She had an amazing ability to stretch and show drama in her movement. She mixed ballet with emotion and stretching in a really amazing way. Allison made it, but Nigel made a joke that she didn't need a ticket because she already lives there.

Next up was a guy who had to leave his mom in Haiti when he was young to move to America. His mom was sad, but she knew she was giving him a better life. He goes by Hurricane. His full name is Alain Lauture. His style is locking, and he rocks it! He even did a jump off the stage. He was clearly having a ton of fun, and that was noticed by the judges. He got his ticket to Vegas.

A pair came on stage next. The female was Kenya Welch, and she was with Connor Bermingham. They were advised if they fail as a team, they won't get a chance to dance solo. Dancing together was absolutely the right choice. They were so in sync - so matched - so incredible and technical. They did a sad song and you could feel the emotion through their movement and their facial expressions. Wow. That was amazing. The real question is whether they can stand as strongly on their own as they can in a pair. Nigel said their dance was one of the best thing they'd seen that day, and Connor pleasantly surprised them.

The next segment was the second day of auditions, and it started with Ryan Raffloer from Brooklyn. He danced Latin ballroom without a partner. Interesting!!! He said he had never done solos before, but had been dancing since he was 7. He began when his mom forced him to go. His mom said she wanted to keep him off the streets. Mom was so funny - she said she was punishing him but is now proud of her work. This boy could dance ballroom, even without a partner! He had emotion, drama, foot movement - whoa! He was definitely singing the lyrics as he danced, but it worked. The judges' thoughts were that it was over the top, and Jason wished he had a partner, but he made it through, and rightfully so.

Bobby "Anime" Major was the next street dancer. He had that glide move that I love where he moves across the floor without it looking like his feet are moving. He did a funny move where he pulled his pants partway down and then back up. He moved so well in slow motion. He was given a ticket instantly, and that's absolutely what he deserved.

The next dancer lived in a shelter for ten years as a kid, and turned to dancing to stay out of trouble. Eliazer Chapman was SO GREAT. He could balance and turn on one and. And flip. And backflip. And other absolutely crazy amazing stuff! This is pure, raw talent. He was a yes across the board.

Breaker ballet was the dance style of the next dancer. He's a mix of stage and street. Ian Williams' dancing did combine the two, I guess, but it definitely wasn't my style. The judges agreed with me and he wasn't given a pass. He was told that he should come back, but it needs to be a lot stronger. He then ran out of the building and into the snowy outdoors.

Darius Drooh was nervous about dancing in front of Paula because he loves her. He danced barefoot.  It was very tribal and intense. It looked like it was inspired by battle. Whatever it was, it was inspired and it was great. He then danced with someone else and it was also awesome. He went through. It was well deserved.

Alyssa Guerrieri was last, and she was supported by her grandmother, also a dancer. This contemporary dancer was very technically proficient but her style didn't seem quite right to me. Her flip was absolutely incredible, though. The judges didn't quite agree with me - they loved everything about it. They called her a little ray of sunshine and sent her on her way to Vegas.

And that was it for auditions - off to Vegas on next week's episode!

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