Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Married at First Sight - Did They Stay Married?

Tonight on Married at First Sight, we found out whether the couples stayed married. So did they? Well, here we go!

Sean and Davina: Both chose divorce. Davina said that their relationship was more platonic; Sean said he and Davina aren't right for each other.

Ryan D and Jessica: Both chose marriage!

Ryan R and Jaclyn: Both chose marriage!

The end of the episode showed Davina and Sean separating, and Davina saying she felt betrayed because of what Sean said in front of the experts. She felt blindsided by Sean, even though he felt as if he'd tried to say things, but sometimes hadn't felt strong enough to say it.

Hopefully all of the couples will find their way, whether together or separate.

Update: Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro are not living in paradise! And it sounds as if Jaclyn and her Ryan are divorcing as well.

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