Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Walk of Shame Shuttle - Series Premiere - Booooring.

Walk of Shame Shuttle is a show that is based on a premise by a girl named Kellyann. She picked up her drunk friends after parties in exchange for breakfast or money. And now her concept is a show.

While the crazy concept sounds great, the show falls short. After a few minutes of watching people talking about weird stuff, like a guy who locks his penis in a cage and bad Tinder dates, I was bored. We did learn a lot about hair though. At least that was interesting.

The trainwreck of the week was the only redeeming segment. That's when they show us the crazy person of the week. This week, we had a woman who sang "we at the hotel, motel, Howard Johnson" in the style of that Pitbull song and said her friends party HAM - hard as a motherf****er.

I cannot watch this show. There is not much that is entertaining or redeeming about it. The people and are just talking about bad dates. Which is fine, but I can talk to people about that in real life. And this was just...bad. Then again, I've seen very little promotion for the show and this is probably why.

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