Thursday, March 12, 2015

Truce: A Powerful New Show

On the new show Truce on MTV, Nev from Catfish and Angel Haze step in to try to reconcile family conflicts.

On last night's special, Nev and Angel Haze set out to help Briyonza, from Las Vegas, NV, who has a girlfriend named Advani. She considers herself pansexual, but her family doesn't believe in that and has broken up the family relationship with Briyonza because of it.

Chaquina (mom) and Ethel (grandma) are totally against homosexuality, and during the family's last discussion about sexuality at a restaurant, a huge fight occurred.

Briyonza knew had she'd felt since her youth, but things fell apart once she came out to her parents in high school. Her mom insisted it wasn't real, because, you know, that somehow changes it. (Sarcasm.) Her uncle also got involved in an argument about Bri's sexuality, and he got up in Bri's face and insinuating that she had to listen to them, and she wasn't raised to be gay.

Angel Haze shared her story - her religious mom doesn't understand her lifestyle either. In fact, her mom told her that she'd get AIDS and go to hell! How horrible!

Even after these horrible things, Briyonza missed having her mom as her best friend and wants to reconcile.

Nev came up with a plan to go first to talk to Bri's mom, with Angel Haze bringing Bri and Advani later. Nev called Chaquina and asked if he could go meet her in person to discuss the relationships in play. Chaquina agreed, but made it clear that she'd never agree to the situation with Bri's sexuality.

Nev and Angel talked, and Angel talked about an open conflict of her own regarding a guy, Rick, she'd taken into her home. He stole Angel's stuff and was removed by the cops.

Right before meeting Chaquina, Angel texted Nev to make sure that Quaquina feels heard because that's important in this scenario.

Chaquina (who has a beautiful home) said her opposition to homosexuality stems from religious beliefs. She thinks men who are gay were molested as kids and women like to experiment.

Nev advised Chaquina that she could lose Bri from her life if she doesn't accept her lifestyle. Her mom seemed to believe that would never happen. And with that, Bri and Advani were told that they could come see her mom, but her mom said there'd be no hugging and the like. The girls did not agree. Chiquina seemed to believe that because she's the mom, she should have the final say in this and everything. Bri gave in to her mom's requests as long as it could be addressed upon their meeting.

Everyone met and Brionya articulately and wonderfully explained how the restaurant incident affected her. Brionya's mom acted out when Bri said she'd bisexual, saying that's not how she raised her. Bri's mom asked Advani why she's okay with being with Bri if she's also into guys, saying she's settling or something else that was confusing to listen to. Then Bri came out with the big question - do you think my sexuality is a failure on her behalf? And her mom said yes....which pretty much said it all, to me. This isn't even about Bri. It's about her mom and her religion and how Bri dating a woman makes her look bad. But this is not about her!

Bri said she thinks this will affect her relationship with her mom, and her mom acted out and said she'd cut her off financially and things.

Angel Haze stepped in to talk to Chaquina and made valid arguments. She said Bri didn't want her mom to feel bad when she cried and shared her feelings, she just had to get it all out. Angel said she hadn't talked to her family in five years because of her sexuality, and Chaquina blamed Angel for that, even though it wasn't her fault that her family rejected her because of her sexuality!

A producer went in to get Bri's grandma into the conversation. Grandma came in and said she thought this was a phase. Bri said no, not a phase. Then Chaquina stepped in with a different point of view than her previous one - she said Bri has to make herself happy, and she hugged Bri and Advani. It was a lovely moment.

Just when we thought it was all over, Angel was advised that the producers had reached out to her former friend Rick (mentioned above) and he wanted to meet. The pair met and Angel Haze asked why Rick couldn't have asked her before taking her stuff. Rick said he felt like he couldn't ask anymore and Angel knew his situation. Angel cried and said Rick's the only family she has left. Rick apologized and hoped they could get past it. Angel said she didn't know, but Nev pointed out that the pair clearly misses each other. At the end of the conversation, it seems as if the pair will be able to move forward.

We flipped back to Briyonza and Advani, and we saw them go to Chaquina's for a family meal. Everyone had a great time.

At the end, we learned that Chaquina, Bri and Advani all went on vacation together, and Angel and Rick are regaining their friendship.

My take on the episode / show:

First and foremost, how much do we love Bri and Advani? They are strong, intelligent women. I am so proud of them - it took a lot of courage to do what they did on the show.

Second, Angel Haze is great in this role. She brings string, powerful insight to situations such as this one.

Third, the show is good. Like Catfish, I'm sure it's not 100% real* (although based on real situations), but it has a powerful message. It can drag a bit, like Catfish, but it's overall very good and enjoyable to watch.

* A story I read said that a lot of the time, the Catfish reaches out to the show and the story is switched around to make it look like the person being catfished reached out. And before the show films, people have to consent to being on camera so it can't truly be as random as some of it seems.

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