Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: It's Good. Really Good.

Let's take a break from reality TV news to discuss the show that I just binge watched on Netflix. And that show is The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The show, created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, brings us into the life of Kimmy Schmidt, a girl who was trapped in an underground bunker with three other women by a religious fanatic. We meet her as she escapes from the underground trap and decides to live her life in New York.

The show has a fun, yet dry, sense of humor that goes from laugh out loud funny to sarcastic and biting. Ellie Kemper shines as the unstoppable Kimmy, and Jane Krakowski and Tituss Burgess, along with the rest of the cast, shine in their supporting roles.

The show, originally slated for NBC, is a perfect fit for Netflix, in my opinion. I think it allows the show to be a little raunchier (hello penis jokes!), and allows the show to stand on its own, rather than part of a nightly lineup. I believe I read that the show didn't fit well with any other shows in the NBC lineup, and I totally understand why. Although I'm pretty sure this would outshine them all.

If you plan to watch this show, watch the first few episodes before making a decision. The first episode was good, but it gets even better as it goes on. Some key moments (spoiler alerts) are:

- Hearing Kimmy's stepdad say "Keeeemie" repeatedly. I don't know why, but that was hilarious.
- Jacqueline sounding confident about her knowledge of buffalo, only for us to realize a second later that she was looking at a deer.
- Kimmy standing up for herself in so many situations. That character has confidence!
- Everything with Cyndee - you can't tell if you want to love her or hate her. Or maybe both.
- Gretchen's realization at the end of season one.
- The mystery crank. Oh my gosh, the mystery crank.

I can't wait to see what season two will bring, because I believe this show has enough longevity to last at least a few seasons.

Oh yeah, and for those who are curious - I've read some blogs from people who have escaped from cults, and they seem to appreciate the realness of Kimmy's personality. Not that Kimmy's not over the top, but after escaping a negative situation, Kimmy does display familiar personality traits, like a strong thirst to enjoy life. I'm not speaking firsthand here - just from other people's blogs - but it does seem like the research team did great work in finding a mix of reality and situated comedy.

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