Saturday, March 14, 2015

She's Just a Kid! Gia Giudice Stands Up for Dad Joe Giudice.

Okay, believe what you want, and there plenty of media stories claiming that Joe Giudice cheated on Teresa Giudice, but something about this article is very not cool.

Allow me to clarify - the article is fine - the truth is, I feel sad for Gia Giudice. Sure, she starred in an oversexed music video with her band of "best friends". And yeah, she's been thrust into the spotlight since she was young. But this girl should not have to stand up for her family on social media. She is a child. She may think she's all kinds of grown up (didn't we all at 14?) but she should be enjoying cheerleading and school, not having to defend her father on Twitter.

Per the article:

It is "honestly hilarious how people go out of their way to make my family looks bad," Gia tweeted Thursday. "I need a break from all this... a new beginning."

Gia was responding to an In Touch Weekly report that claimed Joe, 42, had "business meetings" with an attractive blonde named Jamie Jackson in Atlantic City, NJ, where they were allegedly spotted making out at a restaurant inside the Tropicana Casino Resort and spending "20 minutes" alone together in a hotel suite later on.

I understand we live in a world where social media is everything. But if Joe is cheating, shouldn't be at least be discreet about it, and at the very least and encourage his daughter to NOT become part of the media circus? A fourteen year old girl should not have to know about her parents' intimate relationships, and in this case, shouldn't be forced to comment on them. I mean, I don't even believe she thinks Joe is innocent - it feels like she's putting on a show for her family to save face. She never actually denies the cheating - she just sounds like a young girl whose life has been way to affected by negative fame. And yeah, we all need a break sometimes, but Gia's desire for a new beginning shouldn't be because she has to be involved in public drama surrounding her family.

What's my point? The whole Giudice situation is totally bonkers. But it's not Gia and her sisters who should suffer because of it.

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