Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Match Made In Heaven: A Really Quick Review

I sort of watched Match Made in Heaven today - and by sort of watched, I mean, I tried to watch it but it's so formulaic that it feels like I'm watching every other dating show on the planet.

Here's the deal: millionaire Shawn Bullard wants to find a wife. So he's got a pastor on site to help him pick, and if that's not enough, he also has his mom. And his mom sure has a lot of opinions.

Of course, having a pastor on this WeTV dating show doesn't mean that the show features classy women. While some women seemed pretty great, others were the typical oversexed, over-confident messes that we see on all over the reality show circuit. From what I saw, there were some virgins and one girl who said she's never had sex with a man, just women, but she's ready to change that.

 A notable difference between this show and The Bachelor is that the elimination is totally in the digital age - the girls have cell phones, and get texts saying they're staying, they're going, or they need some time to talk to Shawn. He doesn't even have to present acceptance speeches or rejections to the ladies in person!

I have to say - Shawn seems like a cool guy. So hopefully he'll take the pastor's advice and picks a nice woman.

And that's about it. Another dating show. The end.

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