Friday, February 27, 2015

Sex Box: Series Premiere on WeTV

Sex Box premiered on WeTV tonight. This show takes three couples in trouble and has each couple have sex in a box, then have their relationship analyzed by experts. The goal is to save the marriage.

The experts are Fran Walfish, a relationship therapist, sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue and pastor Dr. Yvonne Capehart.

The first couple, Elle and Brandon, are still relatively newlywed. They work a lot, and Elle doesn't typically "finish" when the couple has sex. Brandon said he wants Elle to have orgasms more, but Dr. Donaghue didn't seem convinced. The panel noticed that Brandon uses jokes to avoid tough issues, and Elle was asked why she stays in a relationship of deprivation - and she said because other things work well for the couple. Elle was given the task of speaking her mind.

Brandon and Elle went into the sex box, where Brandon committed to work towards Elle's satisfaction. They were told to choose intimate apparel to wear before entering the box.

After some quick time had passed (less than the actual 17 minutes), the couple stepped out in silly, shiny pajamas. They had to write down how well they think they did. Brandon said he got an 8.8 when it comes to pleasing Elle. Elle rated the same at a 7.9. The panel was happy! And Brandon and Elle also looked happy. Elle even had the first orgasm. The therapists were happy with the quick improvement and seemed positive about the couple.

Couple two was Rebecca and Dyson. This couple had experimented sexually in many ways (threesomes and more), but Dyson kept pushing things further. The couple has young kids, leading Rebecca to be hesitant with sexual risks, and Rebecca fears that their relationship may not grow.

Dyson wants to date other people with his wife. Rebecca said she'd be okay with another woman in the house if not for their kids. Dyson said that after five years, relationships get stale and things are lacking, so he wants things to be exciting. The therapists were appalled, as Dyson and Rebecca have been together for seventeen years. Rebecca was clearly upset by things Dyson said but still defended him.

Random interruption - time for a crude joke. Dyson's like a vacuum. He wants to suck everything up. Get it - like Dyson brand vacuums? Bad, I know.

The couple went into the sex box. Their instructions were to get back to basics and focus on each other. They spent almost 27 minutes in the box. Rebecca said Dyson was attentive and sweet. Dyson says he normally doesn't do that and should do it more. Rebecca still maintained that she'd be okay with another woman in their relationship, but the therapists said her body language looked like Rebecca was trying to convince herself. Finally, Rebecca admitted that she was afraid to lose her place in her family. A therapist asked if they can agree not to bring in a third party, and Dyson said he can't guarantee that because it's a fantasy he'll always have. But he can agree to take it off the table for now. Dyson seemed to really understand Rebecca's needs at this time.

Alexia and Christopher were third. They had a good sex life until something stopped their intimacy in its tracks. Alexia, who used to initiate sex, is no longer interested. Christopher likes to take videos of the couple's intimacy. Alexia was most interested in sex while pregnant. In fact, while Alexia was having contractions while getting ready to birth her child, she called Christopher over to give him oral sex. Wow. Just wow. Now their sex life is much less frequent, post-child. Plus, Alexia doesn't associate her breasts with sex now that they're used for her son. Alexia feels as if she'd be more interested in lovemaking, not 'sex', and Christopher wants Alexia to realize she can be a mom and enjoy sex. They were tasked with finding a way of having sex that works for both of them. They lasted 31 minutes in the sex box.

Chris focused on being more loving in the sex box, and that allowed Alexia to fulfill both sides of herself - her sexual side and her maternal side. Alexia then dropped the story of her childhood - her mom had her at 14 and chose not to raise her, and Alexia wouldn't want to do that to her child. Therefore, she wants to make sure her son is cared for properly. She was told to turn to Christopher and tell him what kind of father she wants him to be. She told Christopher she needs him to be there with her and her son. Christopher assured Alexia he isn't going anywhere.

My final thoughts and review:

The show basically forces couples to talk. While sex in the box is the focus of the show, the real importance of the show is that the couples are assisted by professionals who can make their relationships more successful. The sex really just makes couples more able to talk about their personal issues.

Is this show entertaining? Sure. Is it crazy/amazing/revolutionary like the previews wanted us to believe? Absolutely not. I did enjoy hearing about the problems between Dyson and Rebecca. And there's a lot of takeaways that can be learned on this show - listen to your partner. Voice your concerns. Understand that there can be different sides of you. Apparently, this experience works because we were told that the couples are all doing well. Christopher and Alexia are actually expecting another baby. Congratulations!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebrity Apprentice 2/16/15 - And the winner is....

First and foremost, Leeza Gibbons won the final Celebrity Apprentice challenge.

But does that mean she won the game? It was, after all, Leeza, who'd never been called to the boardroom, versus Geraldo Rivera, who was controversial and in the boardroom frequently.

The winner of the show was...wait for it...Leeza Gibbons!

Do you think the right person won?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Did Vivica Fox Make the Right Choice on Celebrity Apprentice?

After Donald Trump fired several people on last week's Celebrity Apprentice and surprised us, Vivica Fox surprised us this week.

Donald Trump asked Vivica if she or Leeza Gibbons was a stronger competitor. He expected her to say she was, but she said she has to be honest and chose Leeza as a stronger competitor. She then said Leeza is a great leader but Geraldo Rivera would be best at raising money.

While Trump seemed to be impressed with Vivica's honesty, he fired her. Do you think he should have? Do you think Vivica made the right choice? Should she have stuck up for herself, or did she do the right thing?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Match Made In Heaven: A Really Quick Review

I sort of watched Match Made in Heaven today - and by sort of watched, I mean, I tried to watch it but it's so formulaic that it feels like I'm watching every other dating show on the planet.

Here's the deal: millionaire Shawn Bullard wants to find a wife. So he's got a pastor on site to help him pick, and if that's not enough, he also has his mom. And his mom sure has a lot of opinions.

Of course, having a pastor on this WeTV dating show doesn't mean that the show features classy women. While some women seemed pretty great, others were the typical oversexed, over-confident messes that we see on all over the reality show circuit. From what I saw, there were some virgins and one girl who said she's never had sex with a man, just women, but she's ready to change that.

 A notable difference between this show and The Bachelor is that the elimination is totally in the digital age - the girls have cell phones, and get texts saying they're staying, they're going, or they need some time to talk to Shawn. He doesn't even have to present acceptance speeches or rejections to the ladies in person!

I have to say - Shawn seems like a cool guy. So hopefully he'll take the pastor's advice and picks a nice woman.

And that's about it. Another dating show. The end.

Kody and Meri Brown Divorced - Robyn Steps Right In

Recently, the news broke that Kody Brown and "official" wife Meri Brown secretly divorced, and Kody's now married to fourth wife Robyn.

The story being spun by the family is that Kody and Robyn need to be married in order to get benefits for Robyn's kids, or so Kody can legally adopt them. While I don't doubt that Kody would absolutely adopt Robyn's kids, I call BS on this reasoning. Also, as the linked article points out, Kody is self-employed so he doesn't get benefits from an employer.

We all know that Meri's been unhappy in her relationship for a while. I would say that this is her first step to leaving the family. She may stay in the cul-de-sac house after she and Kody are separated, and I think she will after how much she fought for all of the amenities in her home, but she and Kody will probably discontinue any kind of romantic relationship. She'll stick around for a while so Mariah can visit her siblings and so she can remain close with her sister wives and their kids. But in a few years, I see her moving away to pursue her own life.

Of course, this is just speculation, but can you really imagine Meri giving up her right as the first and only 'real' wife to Robyn? Either Meri wants out or Robyn has her totally brainwashed. She seems to be close to Robyn and all, but I can't imagine a happily married Meri giving up her marriage for this. Plus, this means Robyn can no longer file her taxes as a single mother, so she'll lose a bunch of tax deductions, right? Again, I'm not buying into the strategy they're giving us.

This has to be tough on Jenelle and Christine, because there's supposed to be an order to things, at least from what I understand. This completely bypasses them! If I were one of them, I'd be pretty upset about all of this. Then again, I can't truly understand their perspective because I'm not in a polygamist relationship.

I wish all the best to all of the Browns, but they've put their lives on TV - it's crazy to expect privacy in matters such as this one (and feed us lies or at least half-truths) when the rest of their lives are public.

Here's some info that may help you decide what happened in this saga.