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Celebrity Apprentice Season Premiere 1/4/15

Celebrity Apprentice was back tonight on NBC! Here's a recap of what went down on the 2015 season premiere.

The cast is as follows:

Geraldo Rivera - journalist and talk show host
Johnny Damon - World Series champion
Ian Zeiring - television star from Beverly Hills 90210
Kevin Jonas - musician (Jonas Brothers)
Terrell Owens - NFL player
Sig Hansen - star of Deadliest Catch
Gilbert Gottfried - comedian
Lorenzo Lamas - actor
Vivica A. Fox - movie star
Shawn Johnson - Olympic gymnast
Kate Gosselin - reality star from Jon and Kate Plus Eight
Keshia Knight Pulliam - Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show
Brandi Glanville - star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Jamie Anderson - Olympic snowboarder
Kenya Moore - star of Real Housewives of Atlanta
Leeza Gibbons - talk show host

Here's the recap:

The teams, men vs. women, had to give themselves team names, choose a project manager and had to create their own celebrity pies - a savory and a sweet. To top it off, the Cake Boss would be choosing the best pies.

The women chose the name Infinity. Keshia was the first project manager.
The men chose the name Vortex. Geraldo was the first project manager.

Believe it or not, the guys brought the first piece of drama. Ian Ziering and Kevin Jonas both said Geraldo was overbearing and wouldn't give up until he got his way. When Ivanka came into the room, she said it seemed like the guys genuinely seemed to like each other and supported Geraldo, so either they're good actors or they got over their resentment of Geraldo.

The guys focused on social media and promotion, while the women seemed to jump more quickly into the kitchen. They (and by they, I mean Kate Gosselin primarily) argued over whether to call their savory pie a taco pie or enchilada pie. Kate emphasized to us that she cooks for a family of 8 so she knows how to cook in large quantities.

While the women didn't have set roles, the guys had that more under control. Kevin Jonas led the sweet pie effort with a pudding based ice box pie. Lorenzo Lamas made the savory pie - a low calorie chicken pot pie. The guys hit a snag because they overcooked and had to trash some pie crusts.

Keshia Knight Pulliam talked about the great morals she got from Bill Cosby, which would have been way less awkward if the negative press about Cosby didn't come out after the show was filmed.

Gilbert Gottfried got some weird entertainment for the guys' event - a guy who swallows fire and a Howard Stern lookalike. He also decorated the tops of pies. He seemed to be very popular amongst the group.

Shawn Johnson was happy to be in charge of social media for the women's team. When she and others tried to work on it, Kate got upset because more people were needed in the kitchen. Kenya agreed that too much focus was put on social media - she said Keshia wasn't focusing enough on big donors who would bring in the money.

Oddly, Keshia did not reach out to Bill Cosby, and she made all kinds of excuses not to call him for a donation, like that she wants people who can donate quickly or something. It was strange and not met with kindness from her teammates.

Geraldo was dismissive of Gilbert and sent him to "supervise the balloons" - I guess that was a ploy to get him out of his way. When the guys opened their store, they were starting with a bang. Bill O'Reilly donated $10,000. Sean Hannity gave $10,000. Young women showed up to get a glimpse of Kevin Jonas. Kevin, unfortunately, took issue with Geraldo standing in the middle of the room and emceeing the event as it occurred.

Keshia came under fire from her team for taking money from people, rather than managing the event. Unlike the guys, the women earned more first from people buying pies, rather than big donors, which came later. Kate also came under fire for talking to people but not actually adding value.

Kenya brought in Claudia Jordan, who said she'd donate a lot of money, but only if she could throw a cake in Kenya's face. This turned into a cake fight - Kenya threw cake into Brandi Glanville's face. They hugged afterwards but there was clearly some rivalry behind it. Brandi made a comment, saying she doesn't like to be sticky unless she's with a super hot guy. Um, gross. Overshare, Brandi, overshare.

The Cake Boss, Buddy, arrived at the guys' store. Lorenzo Lamas was worried about their pie winning because women cook. Well then! The guys' pies got some criticism - their savory pie was udnersalted and their other pie was overcooked. The women were told there were too many flavors in their savory pie, but they nailed the sweet pie.

The women threw Keshia under the bus when talking to their mentor, Piers Morgan. They said they were strong as a team, but weren't given clear leadership and are only as strong as their leader.

The guys continued to rack up donations. Kevin Jonas brought in $23,000 through his own donors. However, he noted that Lorenzo didn't bring in any money, although he said Lorenzo did work very hard.

Kate Gosselin noted that she had a big donor, but the person couldn't make it, so she brought in no money. She was beyond stressed about that.

It was time for the boardroom. Keshia was asked if she thought her team won, and she was willing to say her team did their best but did not seem confident that they won. Donald Trump talked about how he hates firing people unless they're cheating or stealing. When asked who the star of the team is, Keshia said Leeza in terms of fundraising. Jamie, Kate and Shawn were named as stars when it came to making the pies. She said tasting was a group effort.

When asked, Shawn said there was a bit of chaos with roles and she didn't think the women's team won. She thought the guys brought in more money, too. Vivica disagreed and said the women worked hard and can win. Kenya was asked who the weakest player is, and she said the project manager. She said she was enthusiastic and took control, but they didn't have clear goals and didn't focus enough on fundraising, and after all, the team that wins is the team that raised the most money.

Geraldo, on the other hand, was convinced that his team won. Gilbert said he thought Geraldo did a good job unless Trump thinks they didn't, and then he agrees with Trump. (Always a comedian.) Geraldo said Gilbert really did his part.

Geraldo was asked why he chose to be project manager, and he said it's because the guys chose the name he suggested for their team, and he's a native New Yorker. He was asked if anyone didn't support his effort, and he didn't give a clear answer. Lorenzo was confronted about bringing in money, and it came out that he raised $100. Lorenzo argued that it was more because people came in to see him. Geraldo was asked if he thinks Lorenzo was holding back money from the team. Geraldo had a good answer to back up Lorenzo - he said he doesn't think Lorenzo has access to a lot of money. Terrell said he only brought in $900. Geraldo was asked if he loses, who should be fired. He then had to say Lorenzo, then Ian because of lack of money brought in. Ian said he brought in more than Terrell. Kevin Jonas spoke up, saying that it's surprising that Geraldo doesn't know who brought in how much. Ouch, Kevin - way to be outspoken.

The woman won the $25,000 prize for having the best pie. The team was asked who put in the most effort for the sweet pie, and the answer was Jamie. Jamie said even with this, she is not confident that her team brought in the most money. Keshia was questioned as to why her team focused so much on social media when Kevin Jonas has more followers than they can reach. Keshia was asked if she asked everyone how much money they can bring in, and she gave excuses because no, she did not.

The women's team ended up with a total $93,862 raised, including their bonus.
The men's team raised $185,322. Well done, men's team!

The guys left and the women were left in the boardroom. Keshia was asked if anyone didn't step it up economically. She said Jamie, Kate and Shawn. Kate was asked how much she brought in, which was nothing. She was asked if she should be fired for that. Kate said no because she tried to raise money, even though it didn't come in. Kate was asked who should be fired. She said Keshia was well intended but didn't play to people's strengths...or something like that. She talked a lot, partially about how Keshia lectured them for ten minutes before the opening. Keshia, of course, disagreed. Things got more interesting when Brandi was asked to talk. She said Kate was lazy - she stood around talking when others were working. Others stuck up for Kate, saying they did not get that impression.

Vivica was asked her thoughts, and she got emotional defending Keshia. Kate Gosselin tried to interrupt but she was stopped so Vivica could talk. Kate cut in to say she agreed. The key topic regarding fundraising came up again - Keshia should have called Bill Cosby for money. Keshia said she hasn't talked to Bill on the phone for five years, so it felt wrong to reach out to him. Arguing continued, and Keshia said she raised only $7,000. She said she had other checks that did not make it - she believed she could have raised $30,000 if all money came through. She accepted the project manager role to show what she can do. Keshia was asked to name two people to be put on the chopping block with her. She chose Jamie and Kate for raising the least amount of money.

Keshia was asked why she brought Jamie in to be fired when she was responsible for the pie that won the team $25,000. She said she can't give all of the credit to Jamie and that Jamie brought in no other money. She said she'd only credit Jamie with $5,000 of the $25,000 because the pie creation was a team effort. Jamie was asked how she felt and she said she was surprised because she took initiative to create the pie. It was noted that Keshia's answer was smart because it would make Jamie raise less than she did. Jamie was asked who should be fired out of Kate and Keshia, and she had trouble answering because (in her words) she's too nice. She was advised that she needs to be able to destroy her opponents. Kate was asked if Jamie should have been brought back to be fired, and she said no. She right away said she'd fire Keshia for not giving proper roles to the team members. Some back-and-forth ensued about the reasons money didn't come in.

Donald Trump gave Keshia's charity $25,000 out of pocket...and then he fired her. Sorry, Keshia! I believe Keshia really did give it her all as far as effort went, but when she didn't bring in cash, yet called to others to be fired for not bringing in cash, she failed.

And that concludes the first episode of the 2015 Celebrity Apprentice season. This is sure to be a great season with lots of outspoken people saying lots of outrageous things.

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