Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrity Apprentice Quick Recap - 1/19/15

On this episode of Celebrity Apprentice, we had a visit from Joan Rivers, a previous Celebrity Apprentice winner. She was Donald's advisor. The team stood in the showroom for Ivanka Trump's fashion collections. She'd be an advisor and make any decisions that she may want.

She told the teams that they'd be creating a marketing event using a mobile boutique for Ivanka's line of shoes, which are sold at Nordstrom. Ivanka and a Nordstrom exec would be judges.

Because nobody volunteered to be project manager, Vivica A. Fox volunteered for her team Vortex, although not without throwing shade at Shawn Johnson for not trying. The team gave out coffee to attendees. Sig Hansen worried that their boutique looked like it was just a cafe. Their concept was 'I am', showing all of the things that women are.

Kenya Moore took on the role for her team, Infinity. She alienated her team members throughout the challenge. Leeza fretted about meeting deadlines. The team gave out cleaning green juice to attendees. They made sure to make their boutique look like a Nordstom store would, and their slogan was "Powering up your sole." (Ian would later say it was "Power up your sole", which sounds better.) Ivanka preferred this slogan to the "I am" concept.

Kenya said that Brandi worked well with others - this is a huge compliment coming from Kenya, who normally hates her.

Vivica said she got resistance from Shawn and Kate during the project. Kate agreed that there was tension due to lack of delegation.

The criticism for the Vivica's team is that the focus was too much on the coffee. The criticism that Kenya got is that her team didn't resonate with millennials and her presentation (and the foot massage concept) was off brand.

In the end, Kenya's team won money for her charity, the Detroit public school system.

Vivica brought back Kate and Shawn to possibly be fired. When asked, Geraldo asked the who the strongest of the three is, and he said Vivica. Vivica said that Shawn is the weaker of Shawn and Kate. Vivica said Shawn is easily influenced. Shawn disagreed - she said she understands mind games. Donald said that it could be criticized that Shawn didn't step up as project manager. Shawn said that marketing is foreign to her so she didn't feel comfortable. Ivanka said her youth could have worked in her favor as a project manager in this challenge. Shawn said she did contribute a lot to the ideas of every challenge so far.

Donald said Shawn didn't step up when she should have, and then she was fired.

The second challenge was to create a viral video to promote Chock Full O' Nuts new single serve products using Go Pro cameras. They'd be judged on creativity, brand messaging and entertainment value.

Leeza Gibbons and Lorenzo Lamas were project managers. The winner would get $40,000 for their charity, half from Donald and half from Chock Full O' Nuts.

Geraldo was signing the jingle as he entered the war room, and Lorenzo said that will have to be part of the video. The team talked about doing a hip hop video. They decided to go through time in the video, from old in black and white to new.

Leeza's team talked about a having a gorilla on the Empire State Building, but Leeza shot it down because it's not good for a viral video. Leeza asked if the Kenya / Brandi conflict could be something that can be used in the video. They'd fight and the guys would envision the scenario in the way they want to see it. (Hint: it's a lot sexier than the actual scenario.)

Kate looked great for her team's video but took forever to get ready, putting her team in a time crunch.

Team Infinity's video was good - two guys watched as Brandi and Kenya fought, then fantasized about it with them all in bed together. The end was "That's, that's Chock Full O' Nuts."

Vortex started with Kate Gosselin and Geraldo singing an old school Chock Full O'Nuts jingle during a black and white video. Then the song cut to a more modern song shown in color.

Leeza was asked how her team was, and she said it was great and there were no weak links. She said Brandi and Kenya used their feud in a positive way.

Vivica said Kate was the weakest player on her team because of time management.

In the end, Leeza's team was considered much better and won - Donald said it wasn't even close.

Vivica then said Kate should be fired because she took too long getting ready.

Lorenzo, in the end, refused to bring two people back to be fired and was let go himself.

And that was the end of tonight's episode.

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