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Celebrity Apprentice - 1/5/15

To open the episode, Kate Gosselin harped on how she was called lazy in the boardroom. Brandi Glanville said Kate may be organized at home, but she's not a businesswoman. She wondered what Kate does for money, other than reality TV. (Note that these words were spoken by a reality TV star.)

The teams were told they'd be working with a company called Neat. Neat helps people get organized with scanners. Their task was to create a commercial that highlights Neat's products and services.

The teams had to pick project managers. Kevin Jonas took the role for the guys. Kate Gosselin took it for the women because nobody - herself included - wanted it.

Kevin Jonas sprung into action by creating timelines for his team. He let us know that he knows he has a leg up on his team because he understands the terminology that Neat uses. He kept Ian and Lorenzo as his A team.

Kevin called Geraldo, who immediately suggested a slogan - Neat, sweet. Kevin was not amused. Kevin would continue to be unamused as Geraldo maintained a strong personality throughout the creative process.

The women were less organized - Brandi noted that she felt like they didn't even have a project manager. Kate wasn't claim a concept for a while, even with Leeza tracking them. Ultimately, Shawn's concept was chosen - take a disheveled woman, give her Neat products  Kate seemed to flounder as time went on.

Kevin put people who were good at their roles in charge of their roles. Geraldo got script, Gilbert was a comedian, Ian was the producer and Lorenzo was the director.

Time continued and Kate struggled to see the vision for their commercial. Kate claimed Brandi was buckling under pressure. Shawn complimented Leeza's ability to work with the commercial's cast and crew.

The guys secured an outsider to do a voiceover, but Geraldo was upset because he felt like he could do it better. They ended up having Geraldo do the voiceover as a backup to make him feel better.

The guys watched their video, and Geraldo had a suggestion. Kevin dismissed it. Geraldo got mad. You know, the usual.

Kenya had been out at a prior engagement, and she arrived just as the women's team finished up. The women felt good about their presentation, which from what I saw, looked pretty good, whereas the guys' looked a bit like a bad 90s commercial.

We saw the full version of the women's commercial, which did end up being a little silly, but it was good. The guys' was also good, although it still seemed a little dated. However, that was probably because it starred Gilbert Gottfried, and he reminds me a bit more of the past than the present.

In the boardroom, Kevin was asked to name someone who didn't pull their weight, and he refused to. He said everyone worked as a team.

Kate didn't seem confident in her team's win and said if anyone should be cancelled, it should be Brandi because she panicked.

The Neat team liked that the women focused on where Neat is going in their commercial. However, they didn't cover a diverse group in their commercial - they focused on women. The men's team got props for using Gilbert in their commercial. They liked the team that was shown. However, they didn't focus enough on the company's cloud service.

It turns out that the women won! As of episode two, it's guys one vs. women one. I think Kate got lucky with this one because I believe she'd be out the door if they lost.

 Kevin turned towards his distaste for Geraldo. He said he couldn't focus when Geraldo kept interrupting him, and that Geraldo said all the product discussion was covered. Geraldo claimed he was responsible for using Gilbert in the starring role, and the others disputed that. Ian was asked who should be fired, and he said Geraldo slowed down the process. Terrell said he can't name anyone, but it starts with the project manager and works its way down.

Kevin picked Ian and Geraldo to possibly be cut. He said he was bringing Ian because they have a unified front and both feel negatively towards Geraldo. Risky!!! But really, it means that either Kevin or Geraldo will be out the door.

Donald asked why Lorenzo wasn't brought to the boardroom because he was the director...valid. That could possibly be a way to save Kevin because it does not seem like Donald wants to get rid of Geraldo.

The Ian issue was brought up again, and Kevin was asked if Ian should be fired over him. He said yes. Ian was asked if he should be fired for falling into Kevin's hands. He said he didn't have a choice in the matter. Donald said he should fight harder for himself. He still said Geraldo should be fired.

Donald said Kevin tried to outthink him by bringing Ian back, and nobody outthinks Donald. Ouch. And with that, Kevin Jonas was fired.

Next, the teams worked with Luvo, a company that creates meals that taste great and are wholesome and convenient. The teams had to create a bistro with a product tasting. It needed to have a slogan and tasting menu.

Vivica became the project manager for the women and Terrell became the PM for the guys.

The women talked about created vignettes with different characters to show how Luvo is good for different demographics.

The guys let Geraldo talk more this time, but they did complain about it. When Geraldo suggested something in the test kitchen, the guys just gave him a silent strange look.

Kate and Shawn were out getting stuff, and they were planning to be back later than Vivica wanted. Vivica said that's the only point where she almost lost her cool.

The guys' team's presentation wasn't too memorable, aside from Gilbert - he went on a rant about how it's amazing that a woman had sex with him. Okay then! And the fact that their slogan was way too long.

The women had a snag when their pasta wasn't ready on time, so Vivica had to go out to entertain the guests. There was a significant delay between courses.

Kenya started having an attitude problem, which did not go over well.

In the boardroom, Terrell said he thinks his team won, but he (and everyone) started laughing when they were asked if Gilbert is good. Sig was asked who was the weakest on the team, he said everyone did well. He was asked if Geraldo did well and he said Geraldo always does well. Vivica was asked if she'd like Geraldo on her team as a trade for someone else. Vivica said she'd like to replace Shawn because she got her period and had checked out on the challenge. Shawn said she may not have felt well, but she did a lot. Kate defended Shawn and said she worked hard. Kenya agreed that Shawn did check out, and there is no excuse for women to check out. Jamie was asked what she brought to the table, and she said she kept the peace when there was unnecessary drama involving Kenya. She said Kenya was unnecessarily rude and mean. Kenya defended herself, stating that she made one comment to Jamie and that she apologized. But then when Jamie tried to speak, Kenya cut her off. Jamie said Kenya's apology was insincere.

So what did the Luvo team think? They liked that the women got the message, but the execution of the serving was off. They wanted more focus on the product detail. The guys got different feedback - they liked their professional service and that they took it slow. They liked that they represented their own personalities and tied them in with the brand. They didn't like the slogan because the claims are hard to substantiate, and they didn't emphasize the lifestyle. They didn't love Gilbert's humor for a family brand.

Donald announced the winning team - the women! So that means two wins for the women, one for the guys.

Gilbert was asked if he blamed himself for the loss and he said no - he said nobody has ever died from an off color joke, and it's more important to get a laugh than anything else.

Geraldo was asked what's worse - off color jokes or a bad slogan. He said he can't answer that question because of his involvement.

Sig was asked who to fire. He said he wished he knew what the judges disliked more, the humor or slogan. If the humor, Gilbert. If slogan, Geraldo or Terrell. Ian again said Geraldo should go. Terrell decided to bring back Geraldo and Gilbert to possibly be fired.

Gilbert, in the end, was fired. Sorry Gilbert.

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