Monday, January 12, 2015

A Very Quick Recap of Celebrity Apprentice - 1/12/15

If you had two hours to watch Celebrity Apprentice, you'd be doing that instead of reading a recap. So here's a quick synopsis.

The teams were tasked with creating a four page editorial for Cosmopolitan that focuses on health and fitness, along with something for the Cosmo app.

Jamie Anderson was the project manager for the women. The team talked about having the two Olympians on their team be the stars because they know about fitness. The girls posed wearing American flags.

Johnny Damon was the project manager for the guys. Geraldo Rivera talked about selfies and came up with something like, "Love yourselfie naked." Oh my goodness. Johnny wanted to bring in his wife to star in the editorial with him. Geraldo, in some kind of display of being sexy, pretended he was Johnny's wife in some poses, which was very, VERY awkward because, you know, it's Geraldo.

The guys won and the girls lost. Jamie brought back Kenya and Kate to possibly be fired. Kenya convinced Jamie that she made the wrong choice with who she brought back. Jamie told Donald that she made the wrong decision. Therefore, Jamie got fired.

The second challenge was to run a boutique to sell wedding dresses. The teams could sell to anyone, and the winner is based on who makes the most.

The teams were shaken up and became:

Vivica, Shawn, Kate, Johnny, Ian, Terrell, who chose project manager Ian.

The remainder of the players were on the second team with project manager Geraldo.

Geraldo wanted to beat Ian, Ian wanted to beat Geraldo.

Kate Gosselin said she could bring in $50,000. If you recall, she pledged $25,000 last time from a donor but none came in.

 Brandi had a panic attack and went back to her hotel, but she said she'd raise a bunch of money.

The teams together raised almost $600,000. There was only a $2,500 difference between the teams. So Donald gave the two PMs a choice - do they split the cash or try to get all of it for their team if they win. Geraldo spoke first - he said he is sure his team won but he's good with each team keeping the money they raised for charity. It turns out Geraldo was right - his team did win.

Ian brought Johnny and Terrell to the boardroom.
Terrell was fired.

And that was all for today's Celebrity Apprentice.

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