Thursday, January 29, 2015

Exclusive: Expect a New Boy Band Show This Spring

Less Than Reality has gained an exclusive scoop on a show that's going to be shopped to networks. It features a bunch of guys living in a house competing to be in a boy band. Expect drama, drinking and heartbreak as the guys are told their songwriting and singing aren't up to par.

This show isn't a guarantee as it hasn't been selected by a network, but it'll be nice to bring back a show that reminds us of the Making The Band era of shows.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Child Genius: A Child and His Religion

Last night on Child Genius, Graham struggled with his astronomy studies, not because he wasn't capable (he definitely was), but because his family is so religious that he felt the need to tell us and the judges that he's Christian and doesn't believe in the big bang theory.

In my opinion, everyone is entitled to their beliefs, as long as they live their lives morally and ethically. And in this case, I can't argue with Graham's family's morals and ethics - they seem like great people and his parents are certainly less crazy than Ryan's tiger parents - but I did take issue with the fact that Graham had to feel so torn between his beliefs and his learnings, to the point that he may have had to sacrifice a trivia question for the sake of religion.

I also was concerned with the fact that, if I recall correctly, Graham seemed 100% convinced that the big bang theory is false. The big bang theory is just that - a THEORY - and by no means does anyone have to subscribe to it, but is it really healthy to instill this value so strongly in a child who's too young to truly make a decision about religion? There should be a balance between faith (or lack of, in some cases) and science. I think Graham could be missing out on a big part of his potential by not being allowed to explore certain scientific theories.

It was crazy that Graham felt the need to tell the judges that he's a Christian before the round began. Again, everyone is entitled to religion, and I'm sure this was played up for the cameras, but religion and secular competitions are just that - separate. Did you see the look on the judges' faces when Graham made his religious announcement? I could practically see them saying, "Ooooohhhh-kay" in their heads. And while Graham is entitled to his opinion, I don't think it's something that needs to be advertised. Graham can learn about the big bang theory without believing in it. He can answer a question about it. He can be knowledgeable without subscribing to every scientific theory that has come up through the years.

What's my point? People are entitled to their faiths, but please do not stunt your kids' development or hold back opportunities because of beliefs. Graham could change the world one day for the better, but if not taught about different things, an opportunity could be missed.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrity Apprentice Quick Recap - 1/19/15

On this episode of Celebrity Apprentice, we had a visit from Joan Rivers, a previous Celebrity Apprentice winner. She was Donald's advisor. The team stood in the showroom for Ivanka Trump's fashion collections. She'd be an advisor and make any decisions that she may want.

She told the teams that they'd be creating a marketing event using a mobile boutique for Ivanka's line of shoes, which are sold at Nordstrom. Ivanka and a Nordstrom exec would be judges.

Because nobody volunteered to be project manager, Vivica A. Fox volunteered for her team Vortex, although not without throwing shade at Shawn Johnson for not trying. The team gave out coffee to attendees. Sig Hansen worried that their boutique looked like it was just a cafe. Their concept was 'I am', showing all of the things that women are.

Kenya Moore took on the role for her team, Infinity. She alienated her team members throughout the challenge. Leeza fretted about meeting deadlines. The team gave out cleaning green juice to attendees. They made sure to make their boutique look like a Nordstom store would, and their slogan was "Powering up your sole." (Ian would later say it was "Power up your sole", which sounds better.) Ivanka preferred this slogan to the "I am" concept.

Kenya said that Brandi worked well with others - this is a huge compliment coming from Kenya, who normally hates her.

Vivica said she got resistance from Shawn and Kate during the project. Kate agreed that there was tension due to lack of delegation.

The criticism for the Vivica's team is that the focus was too much on the coffee. The criticism that Kenya got is that her team didn't resonate with millennials and her presentation (and the foot massage concept) was off brand.

In the end, Kenya's team won money for her charity, the Detroit public school system.

Vivica brought back Kate and Shawn to possibly be fired. When asked, Geraldo asked the who the strongest of the three is, and he said Vivica. Vivica said that Shawn is the weaker of Shawn and Kate. Vivica said Shawn is easily influenced. Shawn disagreed - she said she understands mind games. Donald said that it could be criticized that Shawn didn't step up as project manager. Shawn said that marketing is foreign to her so she didn't feel comfortable. Ivanka said her youth could have worked in her favor as a project manager in this challenge. Shawn said she did contribute a lot to the ideas of every challenge so far.

Donald said Shawn didn't step up when she should have, and then she was fired.

The second challenge was to create a viral video to promote Chock Full O' Nuts new single serve products using Go Pro cameras. They'd be judged on creativity, brand messaging and entertainment value.

Leeza Gibbons and Lorenzo Lamas were project managers. The winner would get $40,000 for their charity, half from Donald and half from Chock Full O' Nuts.

Geraldo was signing the jingle as he entered the war room, and Lorenzo said that will have to be part of the video. The team talked about doing a hip hop video. They decided to go through time in the video, from old in black and white to new.

Leeza's team talked about a having a gorilla on the Empire State Building, but Leeza shot it down because it's not good for a viral video. Leeza asked if the Kenya / Brandi conflict could be something that can be used in the video. They'd fight and the guys would envision the scenario in the way they want to see it. (Hint: it's a lot sexier than the actual scenario.)

Kate looked great for her team's video but took forever to get ready, putting her team in a time crunch.

Team Infinity's video was good - two guys watched as Brandi and Kenya fought, then fantasized about it with them all in bed together. The end was "That's, that's Chock Full O' Nuts."

Vortex started with Kate Gosselin and Geraldo singing an old school Chock Full O'Nuts jingle during a black and white video. Then the song cut to a more modern song shown in color.

Leeza was asked how her team was, and she said it was great and there were no weak links. She said Brandi and Kenya used their feud in a positive way.

Vivica said Kate was the weakest player on her team because of time management.

In the end, Leeza's team was considered much better and won - Donald said it wasn't even close.

Vivica then said Kate should be fired because she took too long getting ready.

Lorenzo, in the end, refused to bring two people back to be fired and was let go himself.

And that was the end of tonight's episode.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Very Quick Recap of Celebrity Apprentice - 1/12/15

If you had two hours to watch Celebrity Apprentice, you'd be doing that instead of reading a recap. So here's a quick synopsis.

The teams were tasked with creating a four page editorial for Cosmopolitan that focuses on health and fitness, along with something for the Cosmo app.

Jamie Anderson was the project manager for the women. The team talked about having the two Olympians on their team be the stars because they know about fitness. The girls posed wearing American flags.

Johnny Damon was the project manager for the guys. Geraldo Rivera talked about selfies and came up with something like, "Love yourselfie naked." Oh my goodness. Johnny wanted to bring in his wife to star in the editorial with him. Geraldo, in some kind of display of being sexy, pretended he was Johnny's wife in some poses, which was very, VERY awkward because, you know, it's Geraldo.

The guys won and the girls lost. Jamie brought back Kenya and Kate to possibly be fired. Kenya convinced Jamie that she made the wrong choice with who she brought back. Jamie told Donald that she made the wrong decision. Therefore, Jamie got fired.

The second challenge was to run a boutique to sell wedding dresses. The teams could sell to anyone, and the winner is based on who makes the most.

The teams were shaken up and became:

Vivica, Shawn, Kate, Johnny, Ian, Terrell, who chose project manager Ian.

The remainder of the players were on the second team with project manager Geraldo.

Geraldo wanted to beat Ian, Ian wanted to beat Geraldo.

Kate Gosselin said she could bring in $50,000. If you recall, she pledged $25,000 last time from a donor but none came in.

 Brandi had a panic attack and went back to her hotel, but she said she'd raise a bunch of money.

The teams together raised almost $600,000. There was only a $2,500 difference between the teams. So Donald gave the two PMs a choice - do they split the cash or try to get all of it for their team if they win. Geraldo spoke first - he said he is sure his team won but he's good with each team keeping the money they raised for charity. It turns out Geraldo was right - his team did win.

Ian brought Johnny and Terrell to the boardroom.
Terrell was fired.

And that was all for today's Celebrity Apprentice.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Husband's Not Gay: Recap & Review

Tonight, My Husband's Not Gay premiered on TLC. The show focuses on married men who are attracted to other males, but do not act on the feelings due to their Mormon religion. They maintain successful heterosexual relationships.

First we met Jeff and Tanya, married nine years with one son. Jeff experiences what he called "SSA" - Same Sex Attraction. Tanya explains it this way - it's someone who is attracted to the same sex but wants a heterosexual relationship. Tanya said when she first heard from Jeff that he was attracted to men, she was devastated. But after reading books that Jeff gave her, she moved past it. She said that many of her friends are in a similar situation, and they are not oppressed

Pret and Megan were next. They have been married for eight years. They met at the age of fifteen, and Megan was always interested although Pret was not. After dating on and off, Pret let Megan know about his SSA. Megan said her first thought upon hearing about Pret's SSA was wondering if Pret would be attracted to her. Megan said she knew there were periods in her marriage when the attraction wasn't there, but in the show, it seems evident that Pret is attracted to Megan at this time.

Curtis and Tera have been married for twenty years, but Tera has only known for four years that Curtis experiences same sex attraction. He'd never spoken to anyone about it before, but he knew it was time to share. He explained it to Tera in way that made sense to them - Curtis has sexual attraction to men, but doesn't want to act on them. He doesn't identify as bisexual; he stated that sexuality is fluid.

All of the couples share a prayer group, which includes SSA couples as well as those who are not SSA.

Pret told the confessional that nine or ten years ago, if his religion allowed, he may have acted on his same sex attraction. But now, that's not what he would want.

Some of the SSA guys met to play basketball. One of the guys said he plays to get in touch with the masculine side he feels that he's not embraced previously. One of the guys said he does notice the guys in a sexual way.

The guys discussed the danger scale of attraction:
1 - You notice
2 - You look again
3 - You'd be tempted to keep looking again and again
4 - You're require restraint

The women visited their guys at basketball. They said they like to see their husbands, along with any other eye candy (their words, not mine) at the park.

The guys grilled one of the basketball players named Tom, a 34 year old that's never kissed anyone - a guy or a girl -  about who they can set him up with. He's interested in guys but not interested in acting on that attraction. He wants to be with a woman.

Tanya, the other SSA wives and some women that were not aware of the SSA situation went for a hike. The women talked about how the guys come back from their guy time (like the basketball games) even more committed to their relationships. Inevitably (because this is a TV show), the whole SSA topic came up. The women spilled their stories, including the fact that they strongly support that their husbands are not gay. Tanya said she and her husband have a great sex life, and their relationship is great because they know how to discuss difficult topics.

Tanya seems to really love her husband's SSA - she asked how high on the danger scale any guy has been and if women can be on the danger scale too, to which the answer is yes, but infrequently.

Pret and Megan touched on a serious subject - the fact that Megan had recently given birth to a baby who lived for only twenty minutes. Megan announced that she's pregnant again but said they haven't told anyone.  On the show, they announced the pregnancy to their daughter Lily. Pret and Megan thought Lily would be more excited about the pregnancy, but all she said is that she wants a sister. She also said she loves Stella (her sister who passed) - it was so sweet and sad.

The guys took Tom shopping for his date. His typical style, in his words, is basketball shorts. Again, Tom explained how he's attracted to men but wants the typical straight lifestyle. A key point came up - it can be unsettling that nothing seems to quite fit completely because being gay goes against the church, but it can be painful to leave the church.

Tanya got defensive when her husband said he was going to go camping with his friends and some guys he doesn't know well. She was concerned, though, because some guys had slept over in the past and things had gotten out of hand. It's not that she doesn't trust him, she says, it's that she doesn't trust others not to try something.

The big dinner party / blind date got started. Tom worried about being attracted to his blind date. He was told that her name is Emily and she's Mormon. Emily was not advised in advance about Tom's SSA. Tom didn't want it brought up during the date. Tom was advised that he shouldn't wait too long to mention it, because some of the other guys felt they waited too long. When Emily entered, Tom thought she was cute. Emily thought Tom was shy. Emily asked Tom how he knew the group, and he clammed up and made up some excuse. Emily saw right through that because of his reaction and inside jokes between the group members. Tom, deciding the awkwardness was too much or something, and deciding he liked Emily, gave in and told Emily about his SSA. Emily responded with "Thanks for telling me," which is a completely appropriate response for a woman on TV who will be judged by viewers. She told the confessional that she thinks Tom is brave, and when asked by Tom, she said she'd be down to go out again.

My rating: This show gets a C. It's not that exciting - really, it's just like there's some guys who are attracted both men and women, but are in committed relationships, so it doesn't matter if they're attracted to anyone other than their spouses because they are not going to cheat. I think these guys are welcome to any lifestyle they want - they probably do face a crazy amount of pressure between the church not supporting homosexuality, their attractions to men and their attractions to their wives - but that doesn't make their stories that interesting.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Child Genius on Lifetime - A Review of the Premiere

Tonight, January 6th, Child Genius appeared on Lifetime. The show follows brilliant kids as they prepare for an eight week child genius competition, in which they can win a $100,000 college fund.

We got a glimpse of kids preparing for the competition, and we also saw the competition. This week we first saw the math portion. It was absolutely amazing seeing the kids do complicated math problems really quickly. Some of the kids kicked butt (Katherine got seven questions and Ryan got 11 right) and some didn't do as well, with one of the kids only getting one question right.

Next was geography. The results of this portion really matter for the underperformers in the math round because only fifteen of the twenty competitors would move on. Like with the math round, results were mixed - but really, how the heck would the kids know some of these things? This involves a lot of memorization.

The competitors with the highest combined scores were Vanya (23 correct), Jason (24 correct) and Ryan (25 correct, but a whole lot of pressure on him from his mom).

The five kids who didn't move to the next round were Liam, Eden, Christopher, John and Izzy.

I have mixed feelings about this show. On the positive side, it's nice to see kids who are smart and proud of it. Often in America, being smart isn't cool, so it's nice to see kids who are proud of their academic abilities.

Seeing the kids on the show is fun. You want to really root for these kids. There's a girl with a ton of energy, a girl who's won a national spelling bee, a ten year old college freshman and a lot of MENSA members. What's really cool about this show is the diversity of the kids - girls, boys, different backgrounds, different parenting styles, different geographical locations, some kids homeschooled and others in public schools - and all of the kids come off as likeable.

Izzy, one of the kids, was hilarious. She was bouncing all over the place during her segments, and when she was asked a math question, she told the judges that kind of question wasn't on the example sheet. Her parents hid their heads in their could see them being like, "Really, Izzy? Are you really calling the judges out on things?"

This gives us a cool look inside the lives of child geniuses and their families. One parent's lament was that his daughter would have to learn about humility if she wins this contest because it'll go to her head.

On the negative side, some of the parents are very intense, although this is a show so that may be played up for the cameras. There's one mom who told us that her kids must be Christians above all else, and a parent who insists she's not a "tiger mommy" but clearly is.

What was heartbreaking was to see the kids look so sad when they didn't win, and to see parents pushing their kids so hard. I understand this is part of life, but these kids are so smart - I hope none of them give up on their dreams because of a televised competition.

My rating for this show would be somewhere around a B+. It's entertaining and it has a primarily positive message. But watching these kids work so hard and seeing overbearing parents is tough. Kids should be allowed to be kids...even if they are smarter than most adults.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Celebrity Apprentice - 1/5/15

To open the episode, Kate Gosselin harped on how she was called lazy in the boardroom. Brandi Glanville said Kate may be organized at home, but she's not a businesswoman. She wondered what Kate does for money, other than reality TV. (Note that these words were spoken by a reality TV star.)

The teams were told they'd be working with a company called Neat. Neat helps people get organized with scanners. Their task was to create a commercial that highlights Neat's products and services.

The teams had to pick project managers. Kevin Jonas took the role for the guys. Kate Gosselin took it for the women because nobody - herself included - wanted it.

Kevin Jonas sprung into action by creating timelines for his team. He let us know that he knows he has a leg up on his team because he understands the terminology that Neat uses. He kept Ian and Lorenzo as his A team.

Kevin called Geraldo, who immediately suggested a slogan - Neat, sweet. Kevin was not amused. Kevin would continue to be unamused as Geraldo maintained a strong personality throughout the creative process.

The women were less organized - Brandi noted that she felt like they didn't even have a project manager. Kate wasn't claim a concept for a while, even with Leeza tracking them. Ultimately, Shawn's concept was chosen - take a disheveled woman, give her Neat products  Kate seemed to flounder as time went on.

Kevin put people who were good at their roles in charge of their roles. Geraldo got script, Gilbert was a comedian, Ian was the producer and Lorenzo was the director.

Time continued and Kate struggled to see the vision for their commercial. Kate claimed Brandi was buckling under pressure. Shawn complimented Leeza's ability to work with the commercial's cast and crew.

The guys secured an outsider to do a voiceover, but Geraldo was upset because he felt like he could do it better. They ended up having Geraldo do the voiceover as a backup to make him feel better.

The guys watched their video, and Geraldo had a suggestion. Kevin dismissed it. Geraldo got mad. You know, the usual.

Kenya had been out at a prior engagement, and she arrived just as the women's team finished up. The women felt good about their presentation, which from what I saw, looked pretty good, whereas the guys' looked a bit like a bad 90s commercial.

We saw the full version of the women's commercial, which did end up being a little silly, but it was good. The guys' was also good, although it still seemed a little dated. However, that was probably because it starred Gilbert Gottfried, and he reminds me a bit more of the past than the present.

In the boardroom, Kevin was asked to name someone who didn't pull their weight, and he refused to. He said everyone worked as a team.

Kate didn't seem confident in her team's win and said if anyone should be cancelled, it should be Brandi because she panicked.

The Neat team liked that the women focused on where Neat is going in their commercial. However, they didn't cover a diverse group in their commercial - they focused on women. The men's team got props for using Gilbert in their commercial. They liked the team that was shown. However, they didn't focus enough on the company's cloud service.

It turns out that the women won! As of episode two, it's guys one vs. women one. I think Kate got lucky with this one because I believe she'd be out the door if they lost.

 Kevin turned towards his distaste for Geraldo. He said he couldn't focus when Geraldo kept interrupting him, and that Geraldo said all the product discussion was covered. Geraldo claimed he was responsible for using Gilbert in the starring role, and the others disputed that. Ian was asked who should be fired, and he said Geraldo slowed down the process. Terrell said he can't name anyone, but it starts with the project manager and works its way down.

Kevin picked Ian and Geraldo to possibly be cut. He said he was bringing Ian because they have a unified front and both feel negatively towards Geraldo. Risky!!! But really, it means that either Kevin or Geraldo will be out the door.

Donald asked why Lorenzo wasn't brought to the boardroom because he was the director...valid. That could possibly be a way to save Kevin because it does not seem like Donald wants to get rid of Geraldo.

The Ian issue was brought up again, and Kevin was asked if Ian should be fired over him. He said yes. Ian was asked if he should be fired for falling into Kevin's hands. He said he didn't have a choice in the matter. Donald said he should fight harder for himself. He still said Geraldo should be fired.

Donald said Kevin tried to outthink him by bringing Ian back, and nobody outthinks Donald. Ouch. And with that, Kevin Jonas was fired.

Next, the teams worked with Luvo, a company that creates meals that taste great and are wholesome and convenient. The teams had to create a bistro with a product tasting. It needed to have a slogan and tasting menu.

Vivica became the project manager for the women and Terrell became the PM for the guys.

The women talked about created vignettes with different characters to show how Luvo is good for different demographics.

The guys let Geraldo talk more this time, but they did complain about it. When Geraldo suggested something in the test kitchen, the guys just gave him a silent strange look.

Kate and Shawn were out getting stuff, and they were planning to be back later than Vivica wanted. Vivica said that's the only point where she almost lost her cool.

The guys' team's presentation wasn't too memorable, aside from Gilbert - he went on a rant about how it's amazing that a woman had sex with him. Okay then! And the fact that their slogan was way too long.

The women had a snag when their pasta wasn't ready on time, so Vivica had to go out to entertain the guests. There was a significant delay between courses.

Kenya started having an attitude problem, which did not go over well.

In the boardroom, Terrell said he thinks his team won, but he (and everyone) started laughing when they were asked if Gilbert is good. Sig was asked who was the weakest on the team, he said everyone did well. He was asked if Geraldo did well and he said Geraldo always does well. Vivica was asked if she'd like Geraldo on her team as a trade for someone else. Vivica said she'd like to replace Shawn because she got her period and had checked out on the challenge. Shawn said she may not have felt well, but she did a lot. Kate defended Shawn and said she worked hard. Kenya agreed that Shawn did check out, and there is no excuse for women to check out. Jamie was asked what she brought to the table, and she said she kept the peace when there was unnecessary drama involving Kenya. She said Kenya was unnecessarily rude and mean. Kenya defended herself, stating that she made one comment to Jamie and that she apologized. But then when Jamie tried to speak, Kenya cut her off. Jamie said Kenya's apology was insincere.

So what did the Luvo team think? They liked that the women got the message, but the execution of the serving was off. They wanted more focus on the product detail. The guys got different feedback - they liked their professional service and that they took it slow. They liked that they represented their own personalities and tied them in with the brand. They didn't like the slogan because the claims are hard to substantiate, and they didn't emphasize the lifestyle. They didn't love Gilbert's humor for a family brand.

Donald announced the winning team - the women! So that means two wins for the women, one for the guys.

Gilbert was asked if he blamed himself for the loss and he said no - he said nobody has ever died from an off color joke, and it's more important to get a laugh than anything else.

Geraldo was asked what's worse - off color jokes or a bad slogan. He said he can't answer that question because of his involvement.

Sig was asked who to fire. He said he wished he knew what the judges disliked more, the humor or slogan. If the humor, Gilbert. If slogan, Geraldo or Terrell. Ian again said Geraldo should go. Terrell decided to bring back Geraldo and Gilbert to possibly be fired.

Gilbert, in the end, was fired. Sorry Gilbert.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Celebrity Apprentice Season Premiere 1/4/15

Celebrity Apprentice was back tonight on NBC! Here's a recap of what went down on the 2015 season premiere.

The cast is as follows:

Geraldo Rivera - journalist and talk show host
Johnny Damon - World Series champion
Ian Zeiring - television star from Beverly Hills 90210
Kevin Jonas - musician (Jonas Brothers)
Terrell Owens - NFL player
Sig Hansen - star of Deadliest Catch
Gilbert Gottfried - comedian
Lorenzo Lamas - actor
Vivica A. Fox - movie star
Shawn Johnson - Olympic gymnast
Kate Gosselin - reality star from Jon and Kate Plus Eight
Keshia Knight Pulliam - Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show
Brandi Glanville - star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Jamie Anderson - Olympic snowboarder
Kenya Moore - star of Real Housewives of Atlanta
Leeza Gibbons - talk show host

Here's the recap:

The teams, men vs. women, had to give themselves team names, choose a project manager and had to create their own celebrity pies - a savory and a sweet. To top it off, the Cake Boss would be choosing the best pies.

The women chose the name Infinity. Keshia was the first project manager.
The men chose the name Vortex. Geraldo was the first project manager.

Believe it or not, the guys brought the first piece of drama. Ian Ziering and Kevin Jonas both said Geraldo was overbearing and wouldn't give up until he got his way. When Ivanka came into the room, she said it seemed like the guys genuinely seemed to like each other and supported Geraldo, so either they're good actors or they got over their resentment of Geraldo.

The guys focused on social media and promotion, while the women seemed to jump more quickly into the kitchen. They (and by they, I mean Kate Gosselin primarily) argued over whether to call their savory pie a taco pie or enchilada pie. Kate emphasized to us that she cooks for a family of 8 so she knows how to cook in large quantities.

While the women didn't have set roles, the guys had that more under control. Kevin Jonas led the sweet pie effort with a pudding based ice box pie. Lorenzo Lamas made the savory pie - a low calorie chicken pot pie. The guys hit a snag because they overcooked and had to trash some pie crusts.

Keshia Knight Pulliam talked about the great morals she got from Bill Cosby, which would have been way less awkward if the negative press about Cosby didn't come out after the show was filmed.

Gilbert Gottfried got some weird entertainment for the guys' event - a guy who swallows fire and a Howard Stern lookalike. He also decorated the tops of pies. He seemed to be very popular amongst the group.

Shawn Johnson was happy to be in charge of social media for the women's team. When she and others tried to work on it, Kate got upset because more people were needed in the kitchen. Kenya agreed that too much focus was put on social media - she said Keshia wasn't focusing enough on big donors who would bring in the money.

Oddly, Keshia did not reach out to Bill Cosby, and she made all kinds of excuses not to call him for a donation, like that she wants people who can donate quickly or something. It was strange and not met with kindness from her teammates.

Geraldo was dismissive of Gilbert and sent him to "supervise the balloons" - I guess that was a ploy to get him out of his way. When the guys opened their store, they were starting with a bang. Bill O'Reilly donated $10,000. Sean Hannity gave $10,000. Young women showed up to get a glimpse of Kevin Jonas. Kevin, unfortunately, took issue with Geraldo standing in the middle of the room and emceeing the event as it occurred.

Keshia came under fire from her team for taking money from people, rather than managing the event. Unlike the guys, the women earned more first from people buying pies, rather than big donors, which came later. Kate also came under fire for talking to people but not actually adding value.

Kenya brought in Claudia Jordan, who said she'd donate a lot of money, but only if she could throw a cake in Kenya's face. This turned into a cake fight - Kenya threw cake into Brandi Glanville's face. They hugged afterwards but there was clearly some rivalry behind it. Brandi made a comment, saying she doesn't like to be sticky unless she's with a super hot guy. Um, gross. Overshare, Brandi, overshare.

The Cake Boss, Buddy, arrived at the guys' store. Lorenzo Lamas was worried about their pie winning because women cook. Well then! The guys' pies got some criticism - their savory pie was udnersalted and their other pie was overcooked. The women were told there were too many flavors in their savory pie, but they nailed the sweet pie.

The women threw Keshia under the bus when talking to their mentor, Piers Morgan. They said they were strong as a team, but weren't given clear leadership and are only as strong as their leader.

The guys continued to rack up donations. Kevin Jonas brought in $23,000 through his own donors. However, he noted that Lorenzo didn't bring in any money, although he said Lorenzo did work very hard.

Kate Gosselin noted that she had a big donor, but the person couldn't make it, so she brought in no money. She was beyond stressed about that.

It was time for the boardroom. Keshia was asked if she thought her team won, and she was willing to say her team did their best but did not seem confident that they won. Donald Trump talked about how he hates firing people unless they're cheating or stealing. When asked who the star of the team is, Keshia said Leeza in terms of fundraising. Jamie, Kate and Shawn were named as stars when it came to making the pies. She said tasting was a group effort.

When asked, Shawn said there was a bit of chaos with roles and she didn't think the women's team won. She thought the guys brought in more money, too. Vivica disagreed and said the women worked hard and can win. Kenya was asked who the weakest player is, and she said the project manager. She said she was enthusiastic and took control, but they didn't have clear goals and didn't focus enough on fundraising, and after all, the team that wins is the team that raised the most money.

Geraldo, on the other hand, was convinced that his team won. Gilbert said he thought Geraldo did a good job unless Trump thinks they didn't, and then he agrees with Trump. (Always a comedian.) Geraldo said Gilbert really did his part.

Geraldo was asked why he chose to be project manager, and he said it's because the guys chose the name he suggested for their team, and he's a native New Yorker. He was asked if anyone didn't support his effort, and he didn't give a clear answer. Lorenzo was confronted about bringing in money, and it came out that he raised $100. Lorenzo argued that it was more because people came in to see him. Geraldo was asked if he thinks Lorenzo was holding back money from the team. Geraldo had a good answer to back up Lorenzo - he said he doesn't think Lorenzo has access to a lot of money. Terrell said he only brought in $900. Geraldo was asked if he loses, who should be fired. He then had to say Lorenzo, then Ian because of lack of money brought in. Ian said he brought in more than Terrell. Kevin Jonas spoke up, saying that it's surprising that Geraldo doesn't know who brought in how much. Ouch, Kevin - way to be outspoken.

The woman won the $25,000 prize for having the best pie. The team was asked who put in the most effort for the sweet pie, and the answer was Jamie. Jamie said even with this, she is not confident that her team brought in the most money. Keshia was questioned as to why her team focused so much on social media when Kevin Jonas has more followers than they can reach. Keshia was asked if she asked everyone how much money they can bring in, and she gave excuses because no, she did not.

The women's team ended up with a total $93,862 raised, including their bonus.
The men's team raised $185,322. Well done, men's team!

The guys left and the women were left in the boardroom. Keshia was asked if anyone didn't step it up economically. She said Jamie, Kate and Shawn. Kate was asked how much she brought in, which was nothing. She was asked if she should be fired for that. Kate said no because she tried to raise money, even though it didn't come in. Kate was asked who should be fired. She said Keshia was well intended but didn't play to people's strengths...or something like that. She talked a lot, partially about how Keshia lectured them for ten minutes before the opening. Keshia, of course, disagreed. Things got more interesting when Brandi was asked to talk. She said Kate was lazy - she stood around talking when others were working. Others stuck up for Kate, saying they did not get that impression.

Vivica was asked her thoughts, and she got emotional defending Keshia. Kate Gosselin tried to interrupt but she was stopped so Vivica could talk. Kate cut in to say she agreed. The key topic regarding fundraising came up again - Keshia should have called Bill Cosby for money. Keshia said she hasn't talked to Bill on the phone for five years, so it felt wrong to reach out to him. Arguing continued, and Keshia said she raised only $7,000. She said she had other checks that did not make it - she believed she could have raised $30,000 if all money came through. She accepted the project manager role to show what she can do. Keshia was asked to name two people to be put on the chopping block with her. She chose Jamie and Kate for raising the least amount of money.

Keshia was asked why she brought Jamie in to be fired when she was responsible for the pie that won the team $25,000. She said she can't give all of the credit to Jamie and that Jamie brought in no other money. She said she'd only credit Jamie with $5,000 of the $25,000 because the pie creation was a team effort. Jamie was asked how she felt and she said she was surprised because she took initiative to create the pie. It was noted that Keshia's answer was smart because it would make Jamie raise less than she did. Jamie was asked who should be fired out of Kate and Keshia, and she had trouble answering because (in her words) she's too nice. She was advised that she needs to be able to destroy her opponents. Kate was asked if Jamie should have been brought back to be fired, and she said no. She right away said she'd fire Keshia for not giving proper roles to the team members. Some back-and-forth ensued about the reasons money didn't come in.

Donald Trump gave Keshia's charity $25,000 out of pocket...and then he fired her. Sorry, Keshia! I believe Keshia really did give it her all as far as effort went, but when she didn't bring in cash, yet called to others to be fired for not bringing in cash, she failed.

And that concludes the first episode of the 2015 Celebrity Apprentice season. This is sure to be a great season with lots of outspoken people saying lots of outrageous things.