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Link - Thirteen Secrets Reality TV Producers Won't Tell You - And My Comments

Hey reality TV fans, take a look at this link. It's got thirteen secrets reality TV producers won't tell you.

This article touches on some key things, like the fact that it takes a ton of footage to bring an hourlong episode to television, and the fact that producers can cut and splice footage as they please, so what you're hearing may not even correlate with the images you see on a screen.

You can read the article to learn what it has to say, but this got me thinking about some things I've seen with reality television.

I know of someone who was on a competition style show where the same competitors participated each week, with one or two being kicked off with each episode. Viewers played a role in who stayed and who was eliminated. The person I am talking about was given no introduction in the audition episode of the show, whereas every other finalist was given screen time. The audience never got a chance to connect with this person, and even though she did great on the show, I think the audience's lack of connection to her became a part of her downfall. It was surprising that she was denied her introduction, given that she has had a difficult past - and people love hearing about that - but she wasn't given the chance to tell her story.

Producers do not promise honesty to contestants. Do some research into the show I Wanna Marry Harry. Remember that disaster that was cancelled before it even finished airing? I remember reading that people thought the contestants were morons for thinking they were actually dating Prince Harry, but what they don't know is that producers and other staffers were whispering behind the scenes to plant these ideas in the ladies' heads. Seriously, look it up. I read about this online, you can too. I tried to find the article where I read this and can't at the moment, but if I do, I'll edit this to add it.

Things are not always as happy as they seem. I wrote a post a while back about all of the damage done by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Families were torn apart, people were forced out of their homes due to increased tax burdens and more. It's not all as pretty as it looks.

I've also read about home renovation shows where projects are left half finished and the d├ęcor is purely for the show and not permanent. I can't verify if that's true or not (we read lots of things on the internet!) but if the show has a deadline and budget that it can't meet, it's got to do something, and this option seems plausible.

These are just some things to think about as you watch your next reality TV show.

Married at First Sight Season 3 - My Thoughts On Who Will Stay Together

Having watched up to episode five of Married at First Sight season three, I have some thoughts on who will stay together and who will choose a divorce. Of course, I really have no idea, but these are my theories at this time.

Tres and Vanessa:

This couple is going to make it. And I think the producers wanted to be sure of that. After last season's disastrous marriage results, including death threats, the show wanted a couple that was a sure thing. While the couple has had their issues, MAFS makes the couple look overwhelmingly positive.

This opinion may make me unpopular, but I do think this excellent pairing was also important to producers because Tres and Vanessa are African American. This is only the second African American couple to be represented, and the first pair (Monet and Vaughn) got a divorce.

Neil and Sam:

I'm not sure about Neil and Sam. I'm leaning towards the pair getting divorced, although their dedication to the relationship could push past this. Until Sam drove on the wrong side of the road and she saw the merits of Neil's calm personality, I didn't think they stood a chance.

I think Neil's passive nature is a challenge for strong willed Sam, and although she appreciates his respect for her and willingness to compromise, she might need more from the relationship. Additionally, in this episode, she doubted Neil's sincerity, which didn't look great for their marriage. There might be more about Sam's own concerns and insecurity in this than Neil's actual actions, but we can't be sure - this is reality TV and he could be trying to protect himself and make himself look good. We don't know.

The one reason I'm doubting my assessment about the divorce is because I remember a preview in which Sam says she was worried about being the reason her marriage could be ruined, which made it seem like the couple is still together. And I'm not sure that Neil would be quick to leave Sam because he believes in arranged marriage.

David and Ashley:

I'm torn. My initial thought was that they'd get divorced, but as the season progresses, I think they're getting better and better. Unlike Tres and Vanessa's instant chemistry, their relationship seems to be progressing in the right direction. Plus, David likes being a provider, which seems to be comforting to Ashley, who is restarting her career and less financially stable.

Ashley is opening up as the season goes on, and it's getting easier to like her. I found David likeable from the get-go, but Ashley's closed-off nature didn't give viewers the same instant connection. On today's episode, Ashley's openness to David's mom was great, and while she's still stiff, she's definitely opening up.

If I recall from a preview, David reaches out to another woman at some point, but I could be remembering incorrectly. If that is the case, I think the marriage could be at risk. But if that turns out to be false, I think this pair can make it.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

90 Day Fiance Season Finale & Tell-All - 12/6/15

Here's the recap of the finale!

Mark and Nikki

The pair celebrated Nikki's birthday, although Nikki was still a little upset about the prenup. Mark made things better for Nikki by giving her a 'real' engagement ring - a diamond one. Nikki was very happy to receive that for her 20th birthday. She said it proved that Mark loves her.

The pair went to Hawaii for their wedding. Mark maintained that he still doesn't want kids. Nikki said she's hurt by it but she's giving that up because she loves him. Nikki said later that she was confused because she really wants kids.

Nikki was 40 minutes late for her wedding to Mark. She did show up, though, and Mark said she looked stunning in her dress. Mark told Nikki that he knew she was his destiny. Nikki looked genuinely happy after the wedding.

Alexei and Loren

Alexei's mom and brother came in for the wedding. Alexei was still concerned about having only 90 days to get married. His friend, Schuyler, who he met on a Birthright trip, tried to keep him calm. Loren and her mom decided to put their fight behind them. I have to say - I was underwhelmed by Loren's dress. I expected something much more glamorous.

Both Alexei and Loren looked happy at their ceremony. After the ceremony, Loren commented that they'd get to have sex that night. I guess she was waiting for marriage! Alexei made that seem like an afterthought when Loren said it - it was kind of funny.

Fernando and Carolina

Carolina struggled to adjust to life in America. Fernando's friend questioned if he really wanted to go through with the wedding. Fernando's mom had a nice moment where she welcomed Carolina as her daughter. The pair would be having a small wedding now and would save a bigger wedding for later. Her family watched the wedding via Skype. Carolina looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding. Both Fernando and Carolina looked truly happy.

Melanie and Devar

Melanie's nerves kicked in before the wedding, and her sister Bev said she doesn't trust Devar. Devar shared a nice pre-wedding moment with Hunter. Devar said he was happy that is mom approves of his relationship. Bev's face clearly showed that when Devar and Melanie joined together in the church. Devar cried while the pair shared their vows. Hunter made a cute speech and said that he's glad his mom is happy and he wants to see how Devar handles the winter. Even Bev was convinced by the end of the wedding that Mel and Devar's love is real.

Now for some highlights from the tell-all:

- Mark was really serious about Nikki putting fingerprints on the car windows. He still is, in the recap. Nikki said Mark's not controlling, but Mark couldn't let it go - he asked the host if she'd let her kids put fingerprints on the windows. Mark tried to back himself out of what he said, but it kind of failed. Basically, Nikki hasn't loosened him up.

- Melanie says she doesn't have to answer to anyone regarding why she let a guy she met on vacation shack up with her and her son.

- Mark ignores criticism from social media. He said people who say horrible things on social media have things in common - they're overweight, they're women, they're alone and they're jealous. Whooooaaaa.

- Loren said she's not the spoiled brat that people think she is. She owns the fact that she's dramatic.

- Aleksandra said she taught Josh not to think so much and be more easygoing.

- Loren looked like she was making faces every time Mark spoke.

- Devar understood the criticism he received from Melanie's family.

- Noon said she'd leave the US if it wasn't for Kyle and she has asked him to move to her country.

- Alexei wants to pursue a medical career and Loren still doesn't love it because it's dangerous. When asked how his family's doing, Alexei says they're okay and his brother is stepping up.

- It turns out that Alexei had a bachelor party in Israel and there were strippers. Loren freaked out when she found out and said she's cancelling the wedding - she'd reacted the same way Alexei did about her bachelorette party. They were over the fight about the bachelorette party, but they almost skipped the tell-all so they wouldn't have to discuss it. They hope to get married again in Israel, but Loren would never move there.

- Fernando's mom and Carolina are friends now.

- Devar says he misses his mom, and while they've only visited her once, he made it clear that it would be more frequent. Melanie felt that there is racism around her but people don't say it to her face.

- Devar backtracked about his comments about sending 9 or his 10 dollars to Jamaica. He said he was being sarcastic. He's now saying that he needs the money in the US when he can work so he and Melanie can have kids. She said that Bev still trusts Devar and they're now friends.

- Nikki feels like she can truly be herself with Mark. Mark has a comfort level with Nikki. Nikki and Elise are now friends. Mark's other kids are nice and accepting of Nikki. Mark said he was initially looking for a younger woman (although older than Nikki) because they have less baggage. Mark said American women were too independent. He thinks Filipino women want to be team players. Nikki's family had concerns about Mark but her father had a heart-to-heart with Mark which cleared it up. Mark had to promise to treat Nikki like a daughter, but it's supposed to mean Mark should take care of her.

- Nikki cried talking about how she misses her family. As Nikki tried to talk about it, Mark talked over her.

- Nikki was asked if she is okay not having kids, and Mark tried to answer for her. When the host asked Nikki to answer, she said she still has a little hope. Mark said the chances may go up a bit. Nikki said she doesn't think about the prenup anymore and was relaxed after she signed it. She insisted she and Mark are both happy and she prays that they'll remain happy.

- Aleksandra knew her lifestyle needed help when she was a party girl and missionaries helped her to change. Josh said when he met Aleksanda, she was a good person but she didn't believe in God. She was willing to change.

- Kyle was raised to be independent, and he moved out of his dad's house at 16. Kyle's mom called during the reception but Kyle was clearly hurt that she didn't make it to the wedding. Noon fills the voids left by Kyle's absent parents. He thanked her for caring.

- Josh and Aleksanda said there wedding night was perfect.

- Josh is now able to see the good in people the way he couldn't before.

- There was a pop quiz. When it comes to marriages, Kyle and Noon say Kyle's in charge. Alexei and Loren say both, Carolina and Fernando, as well as Melanie and Devar, both voted for themselves. Nikki said Mark but Mark said he aims to please. Josh said Aleksandra, Aleksandra said both.

- Which one is more likely to initiate sex - Loren and Alexei said Alexei. (Did Loren spell spell Alexei as Alexey?) Josh and Aleksandra didn't really answer, saying I don't know (Aleksandra) and I plead the fifth (Josh). Noon and Kyle said Kyle. Fernando and Carolina each chose themselves. Melanie chose Devar, Devar left it blank. Mark says it stays in the bedroom, Nikki said 50/50.

And for a surprise...Aleksandra is pregnant! This shouldn't be a surprise but it is! Aleksandra insinuated that she was surprised but they are happy.

The other couples plan to wait before pursuing kids, aside from Nikki, who still is being told that she can't.

Season four of 90 Day Fiance will be back next year. YEA!

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90 Day Fiance Recap - 11/29/15

Alexei and Loren

Loren prepared to celebrate her bachelorette party. Her friend Sarah came in and did not get a great impression of Alexei. He warned that he didn't want any strippers. There were, of course, strippers, because Sarah stuck with her plan. Loren was nervous but excited. Loren was announced to be a virgin (not sure if that's true!) and got a lap dance. Alexei texted her, she got upset and Sarah called Alexei to tell him to relax. He did not take it well.

The next morning, Loren wasn't back and Alexei was still upset. Loren's dad Bryan said he spoke to Loren and she insisted it was innocent. Alexei said he doesn't know where they stand and now there's a trust issue. Bryan said they both have to learn how to move on. There needs to be trust for the marriage to work.

Alexei went out for the day that Loren came home. Loren's mom said the things she's concerned about are coming true. Loren's mom asked how Loren was going into a marriage where Alexei won't talk to her. She said there's a problem here and unless Loren and Alexei fix it, there won't be a wedding. Loren lashed out and said that her mom and dad are miserable, which her mom denied. She then said her mom gets involved where she shouldn't.

Okay, so, some commentary on the event that happened above - some people will call Loren ungrateful and spoiled, or maybe call her mom over-involved. But I will tell you, I understand the culture that she comes from, and this relationship can be very normal. It doesn't mean Loren and her mom don't love each other; it's the culture that Loren grew up with. I'm not defending it, but that's the way some families interact. Some mothers can have strong opinions, and in this case, the feelings she has are not without merit. As for Loren, she knows her family better than any of us do, so give her a break - she lashed out because of emotion. Anyway, back to the recap...

Loren and Alexei were both home finally and Alexei would barely speak to Loren. Loren said she's confused but Alexei said he wasn't. Alexei asked Loren to step outside. Loren said she's concerned that Alexei doesn't trust her. It turns out that Alexei blamed Loren for going along with the plan to go to the strip club, even though she didn't plan it. Alexei felt disrespected even though Loren said she behaved. They talked in circles for a while. Alexei said he looked at flights to go home. Loren was floored. Loren said she still wants to marry Alexei but he has to figure out if he wants to marry her.

What this looks like to me is Alexei getting caught up in his emotions. He's never seemed 100% sure about his decision to come to America, and this was his way of finding a way out if he wants it. It's about Loren, sure, but it's also about Alexei's insecurity in his decision and him looking for an out if he wants it. And when Loren told him to make a decision, he had to really decide what he wanted. He said that he does want to marry her, otherwise he would have left. He said he chose to move on from the incident and he wants to get married. Loren expressed concern that Alexei would want to run back to Israel every time they fight, and Alexei wished they had more than 90 days to get married.

Kyle and Noon

Kyle and Noon went to see Kyle's mom, who he hadn't seen in ten years and who has a drinking problem. They met at Kyle's aunt Missy's place. Kyle and his mom, Lisa, seemed to get along superficially at first, although Kyle didn't tell Noon about his mom's problem. That being said, Noon sensed that something was wrong. Kyle immediately wanted to leave.

Later, Lisa was acting out of line - she asked Noon if she was only with Kyle to be in America, citing offensive examples of people who had done that. It seemed as if Lisa was drinking a lot before and during this exchange. Kyle was disappointed that his mom couldn't control herself; Noon was disappointed that Kyle hadn't disclosed his mom's problems to her.

The couple's wedding day arrived. They were having it at a Thai Buddhist temple. Noon was wearing a traditional Thai wedding dress. Kyle tried to stay calm as Noon got ready. He hoped his mom would show up, despite their differences. Unfortunately, she did not.

It was a beautiful wedding, full of Kyle's family and friends. Noon felt happy and welcomed into her new culture. The pair was so happy.

Mark and Nikki

Nikki looked online and found an $8 wedding dress. Mark encouraged her to buy a couple of dresses. He also asked her questions about where she'd like to be married. She was sad that her family couldn't attend the wedding.

Mark wanted to keep Nikki happy so he took her wedding dress shopping in New York. Nikki found a dress she loved but was shocked by the $2,300 price tag. She was concerned about Mark wanting to pay for it. Mark gave some excuses against the dress, saying they are having a beach wedding. I loved how the salesperson said, "The dress is only $2,300." Nice semantics. Mark said the dress was too much money for a wedding that nobody was invited to. Nikki clearly was sad and Mark said that Nikki has to think about it. She looked down sadly. The bridal consultant said she doesn't know if Nikki wants to marry Mark.

This is such a tricky couple - Nikki sometimes seems wise beyond her years, saying Mark should keep the past in the past, but sometimes so young (which she is) - not knowing if she can live a life without kids and things of the sort. She seems to be controlled by Mark in many ways, even though he says she's welcome to leave.

Mark brought up that he wants a prenup and Nikki got upset. She said Mark is doing this because of his past. He said Nikki would need a lawyer to review it and that she has to sign it or they wouldn't get married.

The lawyer met with Nikki, and he questioned their age difference. He also said the prenup is a dagger in Nikki's back and she can't sign it. It leaves her with nothing. It gives Mark all the power and leaves no money or anything to Nikki. The lawyer advised Nikki to tell Mark it is too one sided to sign, and otherwise she won't get married. Nikki said she didn't think Mark would make any changes.

Nikki talked to Mark about the attorney meeting. Mark disagreed with the attorney's assessment, saying that money that Nikki makes will be hers. Nikki said there's no reward for her staying married to Mark. Mark said her reward is the fact that Mark is supporting her and providing a roof over her head. Mark said that Nikki can sign the prenup and they'll move forward. If Nikki refused, she'd have to go home. Mark pressed on Nikki, saying that she agreed to a prenup on their first date. She said she didn't understand what it was at the time. Nikki asked why Mark can't trust her; he made it clear Nikki has no choice. Nikki gave in and signed the paper.

Mark was so controlling in this situation - I understand that he has to protect himself, but he's being very unfair to Nikki - at least make sure she won't be out on the streets if they get separated!

Fernando and Carolina

Fernando made Carolina a nice breakfast after the less-than-perfect first meal with his mom. Carolina seemed concerned about sharing the house with Fernando's parents but was willing to try. Carolina referenced that Fernando has cheated before and she's looking around to make sure he's not cheating anymore. She came across women's underwear and confronted Fernando. He insisted they were from the past and he didn't remember where they came from.

The pair went to meet Fernando's friends. He worried that they'd put ideas in Carolina's head. The friends were concerned about Carolina's age and if she knew about Fernando's past.

Carolina struggled to get along with Fernando's mom but it wasn't easy. His mom said she expected Carolina to clean, and insulted her cleaning, saying she cleans like a baby. His mom seemed upset to have to deal with it, and accidentally closed Carolina's finger in the shower door. Carolina asked what is expected of her, and Fernando's mom expected her to be nice and for her and Fernando to get along well. She asked if Carolina's ready to be married, and Carolina said she's scared because of all of the changes in her life. Fernando's mom said said it's too soon, which is valid, but did seem biased because she clearly doesn't want Carolina around. Seriously, though, she wasn't making it easy for Carolina!

Fernando tried to make Carolina feel at home but she missed her life in Colombia. The pair discussed their wedding - either have a big one or a small one because Carolina's parents can't attend. The topic made her upset. She truly missed her family back home. Fernando feared that she'd want to go back to her country.

Josh and Aleksandra

Aleksandra took her mom to see her wedding dress to alleviate some of her concerns. Her mom was concerned that the conservative dress would be ugly but was proven wrong

Josh had his bachelor party (which consisted of pizza and video games) while the women had the bridal shower. Aleksandra noted that they don't have bridal showers in Russia. Aleksandra was given a "little pink nightgown" for her wedding night - it was not little by any means - it was so conservative!

Aleksandra told her mom she's not 100% ready for the wedding but she thinks she'll get more used to things soon. Her mom gave her a pep talk about Josh is a great guy. Aleksandra hoped for a happy future.

Josh and Aleksandra got married! To thank her parents for their support, the ceremony would be in Russian. After the wedding, Aleksandra seemed thrilled and sure of her decision. They had their first dance, and Josh was nervous because Aleksandra's a good dancer. I'm wondering if their song was changed for TV because they were dancing a bachata and the song was absolutely not a bachata.

Melanie and Devar

At first, I trusted Devar but as the show went on, that became less and less. However, he did seem to be at least somewhat truly involved, especially when it came to Melanie's son Hunter. Hunter was really excited to have Devar as a stepdad.

Melanie's sister Bev said that Melanie should do what she wants and she supports her. However, she still didn't trust Devar based on stories she's read online about people coming over from Jamaica to send to send money to their families back home.

Next week is the 90 Day Fiance season finale! Let's see what happens!

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Sears Shop Your Way Rewards Down - 11/27/15

Yes, this is a reality TV blog, and yes, this is off topic. But if you are trying to shop today, Black Friday 2015, you may be incredibly disappointed if you go to Sears.

I shopped at Sears today, only to find out that Shop Your Way rewards were not working. So what did that mean? That meant that the store couldn't look up my rewards points, couldn't give me rewards points and couldn't give me proper sale prices. So if you purchased anything today, check your receipt - we got screwed and had to get back in the eternal line for price adjustments.

Coupons also weren't printing out until our final purchase (we made three) so we couldn't even use them today. We would have used them to buy more but we did not.

Here's what went down. We bought a bunch of stuff, and I noticed that the Star Wars tank top I was buying as a gift rang up at $11.99 instead of the $8.99 advertised sale price. (Side note - if you like Star Wars, they literally have everything Star, everything.) So I went to check the price and saw it was supposed to be $8.99. I got a price adjustment. Then I tried to buy some sweaters (we had gift card money left over that I wanted to use) and realized again, the sale price wasn't ringing up. Then it hits me - the price was $15.99 but marked down to $13.99 for Shop Your Way members. Since Shop Your Way was down, nobody was getting the sales prices. Sears screwed people over on Black Friday and the employees - and probably customers - didn't realize it!

So if you shopped at Sears today, check your receipts carefully. You may have been cheated out of savings owed to you.

My husband thinks that this was done intentionally by Sears so people wouldn't call in to claim their reward points and Sears wouldn't have to honor their sales. I'm not convinced of this, but I don't think Sears was in a rush to fix the problem.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Watch Philadelphia's Dunkin Donuts Parade Online and See Up and Coming Dance Star David Suarez

Tomorrow, on Thanksgiving 2015, turn on your computer from 8:30 AM - 12 PM to watch the Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day parade to see David Suarez, up and coming hip-hop dancer, perform.

You can watch the parade here:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Belief - I'm Not Loving Their Use of Religion

While I usually write about unscripted (or pseudo-unscripted) television, I need to talk about tonight's Girl Meets World episode. Ultimately, I did not like it.

As I watched Girl Meets Belief, I was happy with it - it showed kids who had belief in a higher power and those who didn't. It was fair and balanced - some did, some didn't. Farkle aired on the side of science and Maya was rightfully cynical. Riley and Lucas, who are similar in many ways, both had belief in a higher power.

My problem came later in the episode when Corey, the authority figure (Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas' teacher, and also Riley's father), shared his belief in a higher power with the kids. Between his convincing and Riley's, Maya seemed to become at least somewhat of a believer, which was evident when she told Riley that she prayed at the end of the episode.

I realize this is a TV show and Corey told the kids why he believes in God outside of the classroom, so I'm not sure it breaks any laws, but:
- This sets a dangerous precedent for the rights of students and teachers in public school classrooms. Pushing one's own religion is not allowed in the classroom, and rightfully so. People have, and are entitled to, their own beliefs. Teachers are not legally able to project their beliefs to their students in public schools because everyone is entitled to freedom of religion. Even though Corey shared his beliefs outside of the classroom, he did so to several students from his class.
- This episode gave the impression that it's okay to try to convert non-believers into believers. It is absolutely 100% okay to discuss religion with others, but it can lead to unethical behaviors when you're teaching kids that talking about religion (or lack of) can lead to the conversion of non-believers to believers.

Don't get me wrong - I believe strongly in religious freedom. People are entitled to believe in whatever they believe in. Whether people are religious or non-religious, that's perfectly fine. But the episode gave the impression that non-belief is the less correct option, and I think that's a dangerous message for children. The show aimed to portray that it's okay to have differing beliefs (which it is) but gave a different twist at the end.

One other thing - I didn't like how the show implied that believers are better people than non-believers, like how Riley, as a believer, does the right thing because she believes in a higher power, whereas Maya doesn't because 'nobody is watching her'. It creates a strong link between ethics and religion, and that isn't fair - there are plenty of wonderful non-believers in the world.

What are your thoughts?

Project Runway Junior - Did The Concept Work?

Today, I watched the first episode of Project Runway Junior. I was initially skeptical of the show, as spinoffs of this type don't always work, but I am so glad I gave it a chance. It was great!

Project Runway Junior was so much fun to watch. Why? Because it was fun, interesting and positive. The participants are talented and likable. They've got varied design aesthetics and backgrounds. And they seem like cool people! I can't believe the maturity and stylistic knowledge that these kids have, and the youngest is only 13 years old.

I had my favorite participants right from the get-go. First is Maya, who at thirteen years old, is wise and talented beyond her years. She seems so driven and confident - and she's humble, too - she admitted when Tim Gunn used a word she didn't understand. I also think Matt is fantastic because, well, he just is. He seems like he's so much fun, and his style matches his personality.

There certainly were cringeworthy moments. One of the participants. Sami, said she's making a dress for an older woman, like one in her thirties. Ouch. To be young and think that your thirties are old!

If you're skipping this show because you think it'll be a watered down version of Project Runway, please understand that this is not the case. The first challenge was just as difficult as a challenge given to the kids' adult counterparts, and they have to do the exact same work.

We learned that the winner of the show would get a scholarship to FIDM, $25,000 to launch their line and some other stuff. Success would be judged by former PR contestant Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne and fashion director Aya Kanai. Tim Gunn isn't a judge, but he will have a save to keep a contestant of his choice.

As the designs came down the runway, you could hear the kids reacting positively to the outfits. It was so nice to hear the support.

Sami, Maya, Zach, Samantha, Victoria and Jaxson were called forward at the end. Everyone else was safe.

Jaxson designed an outfit with buildings on the back in fun colors, and the judges ate it up. The judges loved that it was literal.

Zach was advised to be careful of his pleating and that his outfit looked dated.

Samantha was inspired by the casual vs. work looks in New York. She was told that her outfit looked expensive. The simplicity won her points.

Victoria was criticized for not including the details on her skirt all the way around.

Maya got complimented for the movement of her look.

Sami was inspired by taxis and that inspired the back of her dress. She had construction issues with her dress, and was criticized for adding volume to a woman's waist, where she won't want it.

In the end, Samatha took the win for a chic, modern and cool design, and we said goodbye to Sami, the first casualty of Project Runway Junior.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

90 Day Fiance - 11/8/15

Alexei and Loren

Alexei and Loren got settled into her parents' three bedroom condo. Loren's dad made it clear that he didn't want to hear any of their private moments. Loren struggled to fit Alexei's stuff into her room.

Loren's sister, Rebecca, came to visit on her college break. They Skyped with Alexei's family, who he missed a lot. The family made it clear that things hadn't been great since Alexei left, and Alexei let us know that he'd done a lot to support his family when he was there. Loren was upset after the Skype conversation. She locked herself in the bedroom. Her father thought she was feeling guilty, even though she shouldn't - Alexei said he made his own decision to come to America. Alexei took it in stride until Loren talked about it, but then he got upset too.

Josh and Aleksandra

Because she missed dancing, Josh took Aleksandra salsa dancing. She was incredibly disappointed by the dancing and atmosphere. More and more, she realized she missed her life in Prague. She called her dance partner from Prague and cried about how much she missed her old life. Her friend told her she'd be fine, but she was concerned about marrying so young.

Mark and Nikki

Mark said he's been busy since Nikki's arrival. He hadn't dedicated much time to them being together. Nikki decided to clean to help Mark. She decided to arrange the books from large to small. Mark was upset because he had the books in categories of his own. Mark said he'd have to talk to Nikki about things having a sense of order; Nikki said she needed some room to do things her way.

The pair sat down and talked, and Nikki shared her concerns about Mark working a lot and not showing her enough affection. Mark said Nikki should appreciate what he does because he does it for her. Mark said Nikki has to figure out if she's happy.

Melanie and Devar

While Melanie worked, Devar called home. He was concerned about his sisters paying their bills and said he'd help to pay them when he gets a job. He noted to the confessional that Melanie doesn't know about this plan.

The pair had dinner with Melanie's sisters, Bev and Sherry. This was Sherry's first meeting with Devar. Sherry asked a lot of questions, including how many girlfriends Devar had - he said one. What? He also said he hadn't had one night stands. When questioned, Devar said he felt awful that he couldn't work because he wants to help support Melanie and Hunter. When asked, Devar said he'd be sending money back home - 9/10s of it! Melanie was shocked and said she's now be considering a prenup. Devar later told the confessional that he would send the money whether Melanie likes it or not. Melanie did not take it well. She told him she busted her butt to get him to America and it's not cool that he'll be giving up the income he brings in.

Carolina talked about how her parents thought Fernando was faking that the visa was taking so long, so to show them she was serious, she went wedding dress shopping with her family. They were clearly devastated about her leaving.

Fernando taught Carolina how to speak English. Fernando said her English wasn't good, but she definitely tried. Fernando told Carolina he has to go back to the US soon. Carolina wasn't happy and was concerned about Fernando cheating when they're apart. Fernando accused her of being a jealous girlfriend, but to be fair, she had reason to be - Fernando had hardly been faithful in the past!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Show on TLC - Coach Charming

TLC gave us a new show tonight called Coach Charming. It's about Bill Alverson, a divorced lawyer who is a world class pageant coach.

Bill is an intense coach. He noted that it's tough to switch from teen pageants to miss pageants, and proved this by asking a girl, Lexi Collins, who was trying to convert to the miss pageant circuit about politics. When she stumbled on her answers, he told her she's got a lot to learn.

Bill has a larger than life personality. His kids seemed somewhat horrified by his self tanning habits and his desire to exercise by the pool. They were also shocked by his idea for a family portrait before his grandchild is born - everybody jumping into the pool in their bathing suits.

I have to admit that Bill knows what he's talking about. When he saw Lexi tap dance, he ripped her dancing apart, although nicely. He told Lexi that her dancing was too childish, yet she made things too sexy.

Bill gave us some insight into some of the contestants he's worked with - they don't always the most talent, but he makes sure they draw you in; they've got to find their it factor and they can be winners.

My opinion on this show? I love it. It's funny, it's awkward, it's ridiculous. It's got a grown man showing young ladies how to pivot and rock out a pageant stage. It features someone who's larger-than-life, his more reserved family and the women who he makes into pageant stars. If there's one thing TLC knows how to do, it's pageant-related television, and this show is a winner for TLC. Is it the best show ever? Not by any stretch. But it's a heck of a lot better than TLC's other new show, Ballroom Blitz, and it does feature a guy trying to talk to his daughter-in-law about kegel exercises. Awkward!

Monday, October 19, 2015

90 Day Fiance - 10/17/15

Here's a recap of the 10/17/15 episode of 90 Day Fiance:

Alexei & Loren

Alexei & Loren met with her parents, who seemed happy for them but concerned about the situation. Living with each other, and her parents, could cause quite a strain.

Later, Alexei stated that he'd like the pair to get their own place. Alexei seemed concerned about his adjustment, especially living with Loren's parents. At this point, Alexei hadn't even been approved for his visa.

Mark & Nikki

Mark made a big deal about Nikki touching the window of his car. She joked about it, but he was very serious about that being a big deal. Mark said he might find out that Nikki's not as well rounded as he thought, and somewhat immature. Well yeah, she's 19! He said he'd want her to be close with Elise, his daughter.

Mark showed Nikki the beautiful view from the window of his home. Nikki approved of the home. He offered a Nikki a room of her own, but she preferred to share his room. Nikki noticed a picture of Mark and his ex-wife, and said it made her feel sad. She seemed to genuinely be smitten with Mark, despite the age difference.

Mark changed the pictures from his ex-wife's to pictures of Nikki. The pair prepared to spend time with Mark's daughter. Nikki said it's important for Elise to like her, and it'll be hard to stay if Elise doesn't accept her.

Kyle & Noon

Kyle, 28 and Noon, 25 were next. He's a bartender from New Orleans, she's from Thailand. Kyle lives in a messy home with his best friend. He was ready to step it up for this woman that he'd met on social media.

Privacy would be an issue because his roommate Bryan likes to walk around naked, and you have to walk through one bedroom to get to another.

Kyle went to pick up Noon from the airport. The pair embraced, and both were clearly happy. Noon was honest - she didn't want to live in America, but she's here to be with Kyle. He will do whatever it takes to make her happy.

Josh & Aleksandra

Aleksandra would be staying with Josh's grandma since they have to live separately before marriage. The houses are close by, so that's good. But she'll have a curfew.

Aleksandra's birthday had just passed, so Josh planned a family birthday party for her. She was asked how Russian weddings work. She said they drink a lot of alcohol, which didn't sit well with Josh's family. Hopefully that didn't reflect badly on Aleksandra, who was concerned about making a good impression.

The pair spent the next day at a restaurant. Aleksandra tried to pick an outfit but had to try to find one that was conservative, since many of her clothes were from when she was a dancer. Aleksandra, though Mormon now, felt insecure about her past, which she felt was on the wrong path. Fortunately, she is now committed to changing and wants Josh's family to like her.

Melanie & Devar

Melanie flew to Jamaica to help Devar pack. He said he'd miss his family a lot, but he seemed excited to becoming to the US. However, he seemed surprised that there was no beach near where he'd live and he could spear fish in the lake. He had concerns about Melanie's family, including her son Hunter, liking him.

They arrived at Melanie's house to meet Melanie's mom, friends and son. Devar got a very warm welcome. Hunter gave him a football (he didn't recognize what it was!) and the pair embraced. Devar said he would be Hunter's mentor. Devar noted that he didn't have hot water at home, so the showers in America will be a nice change!

That was the end of the episode...I can't wait for next week!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

90 Day Fiance - 10/11/15 - Meeting the New Couples!

Below are the couples from the season premiere of 90 Day Fiance.

First we met Alexei from Israel and Loren from New York, both 27 years old. Loren, a bubbly executive assistant, loves to shop. She met Alexei on a Birthright trip to Israel, and he proposed while she was there. In order to save money, Loren and Alexei will move into her parents' three bedroom condo in Florida. Loren wants Alexei to meet her parents, so they'll all meet in Canada.

Loren and her parents talked, and they made it clear they were nervous about their daughter's decision because talking to someone from afar is not the same as being with them. They were concerned about Alexei and the fact that he might just want a green card.

Loren met Alexei at the airport. They both seemed happy to see each other. Alexei seemed a little quiet, but that could have been due to the fact that he was tired from traveling, or maybe that's his personality.

Mark from Baltimore is 58, and Nikki is 19 from the Philippines. Mark lives to be happy. He has previously been married to a woman from the Philippines, who he brought over on a K1 visa. They had kids, but she wanted a change. Mark raised his family and then wanted a new lifestyle. He met Nikki on a free dating site. They met in the Philippines, they had chemistry and Mark proposed. Mark was nervous about Nikki being younger than his kids.

Mark's sister was nervous about Mark repeating the mistake he made with his first wife, but he was quick to shoot that down.

Mark asked his daughter to move into the guest house so he could have some privacy. Mark was giving Nikki a room of her own in case she wasn't ready to share a room. Surprisingly, Mark's daughter Elise seemed to accept that Nikki was coming, although she drew the line with Nikki wearing Elise's clothes. Elise wasn't so sure about how much control Nikki could have, concerns about Nikki's age and concern that Nikki is walking into a great lifestyle. Mark wants Nikki and Elise to be cordial, and Elise didn't seem to resistant, but she wasn't too open to friendship.

Aleksandra, 21, from Russia and Josh, 22, from Idaho, were next. Josh is Mormon and has a big family. He does not believe in premarital sex. They met when Josh was a missionary in Prague, although they couldn't date until his mission ended. Aleksandra was a dancer in a club before getting together with Josh, but she's changed to fit his lifestyle.

Josh and his family arrived at the airport to pick up Aleksandra. The pair seemed really happy to see each other.

Melanie, 33, from Pennsylvania and Devar, 28, from Jamaica were the final pair. She has her son, Hunter, 11, on the weekends. She was married at 21 and divorced at 26. Hunter will remain Melanie's priority once Devar arrives. She'd met Devar on vacation (he was working as a lifeguard) and was attracted to his physical fitness. Devar and Hunter communicate via Skype, and the pair seem to like each other, but it'll be a tough transition for Devar to go from his fun lifestyle to the life of a father figure.

Melanie met with her friends before flying to Jamaica to pick up Devar. Melanie's friends worried about Devar's intentions. They also wondered how people would react to their interracial relationship, being that they live in a small town. Her family worried about Melanie getting engaged so soon and if Devar just wanted a green card.

Melanie noted that things would be hard for Devar's family because he was leaving the home he shared with his sisters, and they'd have to make things work without Devar's income.

We saw some clips from future episodes, and it looks like Loren and Alexei have problems, Devar is sending money home to his family and Aleksandra struggles to deal with her past.

And that was it for tonight! Can't wait for next week!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

90 Day Fiance - Where Are They Now

Jason and Cassia

Jason said he and Cassia are doing okay but he didn't sound convinced when he said it. Cassia said both she and Jason are difficult to deal with. Cassia feels like she made a big sacrifice to move and Jason doesn't appreciate that.

They started a mail order snack business that is doing well. Cassia wants to use the money they make to move to Tampa; Jason's not convinced. It seems that Jason's dad is agreeing with Cassia these days - he was saying he regrets not doing more with his wife and Jason should do more for Cassia.

Cassia feared that she might be pregnant. She wasn't and the pair was happy, although I think Jason was a little disappointed.

Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle reminded us that Mohamed left for five days after the wedding. The pair are still married. Danielle insisted that the pair is intimate (kissing and hugging) but they do it in private. They've had ups and downs. Mohamed has brought up divorce during fights, but they decide to give it more changes. Danielle's family disapproves of the marriage because of how Mohamed treats her. Mohamed has traveled and women on social media claim to have affairs with him. One woman even says she's pregnant. ( Danielle isn't sure whether to believe things or not. She feels pulled in different directions.

Mohamed is able to work and got a physical job. Danielle took her kids to play mini golf to ask how they're feeling about Mohamed. They basically ignore him - they say they try with him but he won't make changes. The kids are suspicious that Mohamed says he travels for job interviews but never comes back with a job.

Danielle's son Corey had threatened Mohamed after the wedding. This led to a court case and Corey isn't allowed around Mohamed. Also, Danielle and her sister are still not speaking. Danielle and her sister Sarah met up and Sarah tried to convince Danielle that her relationship is a mess. Danielle stood behind the fact that she doesn't have proof Mohamed cheated, and Sarah made the point that they aren't happy regardless of the cheating.

When Mohamed and Danielle spoke, Mohamed said he isn't happy with many things and that Danielle is so absorbed with the social media rumors. Danielle was upset that she wasn't going on Mohamed's trips but he said he never said she couldn't go. Mohamed says all the online rumors of cheating are people wanting to mess with Danielle because she's weak. Mohamed said if Danielle doesn't trust him, they shouldn't be married. It sounds a lot like he's sending her on a guilt trip but only they know the truth.

Chelsea and Yamir

These two seem happy! They have an apartment in the middle of town. They share a twin bed. Chelsea works during the day, and Yamir learns English and looks for a job. Yamir is also pursuing his music career. Yamir was working on the video for his first single, Party Love. He asked Chelsea to be the star of the video. Chelsea struggled being on camera but was committed to helping Yamir succeed.

Danny and Amy

Danny and Amy seem truly happy. They have their own apartment. They said they had a lot to learn about sex when they first started, but they've improved. (TMI, but okay!) They announced their pregnancy. (By the way, the child has been born -  he's named Jedediah John.) Amy struggled not having her mom around, but overall, she seemed to be doing great.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who Won Twinning? The Twinners Are...

The winners of Twinning are....

Claire and Shawn!!!

Congrats on beating Tre and Torian in the finals!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Twinning - 9/9/15

Here's a quick recap of Twinning:

The teams had to get seven balls from the blue side to the green side and vice versa. It had to go up a ramp and through a hole. Then it had to get to the receptacle. Balls that hit the floor are out. Two sets of twins would win.

Tre and Torian won first.
Shawn and Claire won second.

GinaMarie was told by Kristina that she may be put in the twin-off by Torian, and she wasn't happy. Ji and Skyler discussed how lonely Ji is. Skyler tried to cheer her up.

Claire and Shawn said they'd go for those who put them in the twin off. From what we saw, this included Le and Ji. It seemed as if the guys voted for them too.

It ended up being a showdown between Li and Je and AnnaMarie and GinaMarie. The rationale was to ensure Ji and Le don't come back. Which is valid because they are strong. GinaMarie got really upset and said something about how she's glamorous and blonde but still has feelings.

AnnaMarie handled it much better and realized her time without her twin allowed her to get in touch with how she handles things. It also made her more appreciative of her twin.

Shawn ended up hooking up with Torian. She said it was a bad choice. The other girls felt like Torian had used her.

The first twin off question was low - who's the most annoying that's left. The Maries got a match with Torian; Le and Ji didn't match.

AnnaMarie said she didn't like what the house had done to her twin. She was clearly off her game. The girls got combative with each other.

Ultimately, Ji and Le won. AnnaMarie made it seem like she'd given up because she needed to. In a way, I kind of believe her. The Maries' hearts weren't really in the game anymore.

And with that, the Marie girls were gone. They said they were feeling at peace, though.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Twinning - 9/2/15

Skyler and Spencer were bummed upon their return to the house, as they'd sent home Corey and Adam, guys they considered their friends. The blue houses threw parties to cheer the guys up, and these involved lap dances.

Bennett, unfortunately, was too sick to party. But he did compete.

The twins had to stand on inclined podiums with footholes. They started on the easiest level, then the second, then third. If they fall, they can run over to balls and frisbees and try to knock others off. The last three remaining win.

Skyler and Spencer were out first. They targeted Tre and Torian b/c they'd put them in the twin off against Adam and Corey. Claire and Shawn were out next, followed by Tre and Torian. Torian threw balls at Ji. AnnaMarie and GinaMarie fell next, leaving Bennett and Winston, and Li and Je and Kamila and Kristina. Kamila said she'd go after Claire and Shawn. Claire cried because she let Shawn down. She said she didn't realize how much she needed to win.

There was drama over Tre and Torian going to the twin off, with only Kamila and Kristina against it.

Kamila and Kristina got mad because Winston didn't defend them, which led to a fight between Winston and Bennett because Bennett threw Winston under the bus.

It ended up with Claire and Shawn against Tre and Torian in the twin off.

Before the twin off began, the hostess said something had to be discussed. She said there was no twin off. This is because Bennett was too sick to continue, and he and Winston would be leaving instead. There were a lot of tears, and Winston and Kamila parted on good terms.

And that was it for the episode.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Massanutten Resort in McGaheysville, VA - The Good, The Bad and the Lying

I realize this is off topic for a reality TV blog, but I want to share my experience at Massanutten Resort in Virginia.

Before I embarked on a journey to Massanutten, I'd not-so-affectionately nicknamed it 'mass of nothing'. The trip was less than voluntary (family vacation) so I was hardly looking forward to it. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised in many ways, but wasn't thrilled about many others.

The good:

There are lots of activities for kids. There were a lot of parks, and there were several pools. One of the pools had a kiddie pool attached to the adult pool, which was nice because you could go between the two. Kids were allowed in both the adult and kid pools, which was nice, although I think if I'd gone without kids, I wouldn't love that.

The Massanutten water park is pretty great. I don't necessarily enjoy water slides, but I do like wave pools, hot tubs and lazy rivers, so this was cool. Plus, all of the kid attractions allow adults to join the kids, so those were nice, not-too-scary water slides. There was also a nice area for little kids.

There are a lot of activities on the resort, so you can spend a lot of time doing things. Many were geared towards kids, but if you like to golf or swim, you can definitely do that.

The spa was nice. My family member thought it was overpriced, but because I'm from an area where things tend to be overpriced, it didn't bug me too much. It's a resort spa - I thought it was fair. A massage or facial will run you about $95 each, on average.

Mini golf was enjoyable. They have two courses to keep from getting too busy. That's cool.

Luray Caverns are nearby and are nice. I recommend that if you plan to go offsite. That's good for kids, unless they enjoy screaming in enclosed areas. Note: that happened a lot while we were there.

The bad:

You cannot properly utilize this resort without a car. To get to the rec center (which has arcade games from the 80s, half of which are broken), it was a two mile drive from our site. The ski lift, mini golf and family adventure parks took a while to drive to, as well. There are no shuttle buses, so if you plan to go to pretty much anything, you need a car.

Everything is expensive. The pools and gym are included with the price of your stay (including a water aerobics class), but activities cost a bunch. Golf cost $70 per person, a tie dye class is $15, Zumba is $5. The water park was $40-something. The shows all have fees, too. This can really add up. You can pay $99 for an activity card, which will give you discounts, but unless you do a lot of stuff, it's not worth it.

The lying:

A family member decided that instead of paying for four water park tickets, we should go to the sales pitch and get the talk in exchange for the free passes. Here's where things started to break down.

When booking the sales pitch, the family member was told that it would take 2 hours.

During the way-too-early reminder call, the family member was again told this would take two hours.

When we arrived at the absoutely average free breakfast (you can also choose lunch), we noted the two hours, and the guide said upfront, I think this will take more than two hours. At this point, my family member was livid, so we told this person that she'll make sure it stays under two hours. We fill out a long questionnaire. I ask about pricing and she says the manager will handle that; she's just here to show us around.

We toured a couple of resort properties (apparently we were listed as timeshare owners, even though we were using a friend's timeshare, so we saw pricey places), then went to the meetup area, where we neared our two hour limit. Our guide (who had walked really slowly through all of the housing areas) said the next step was to find a manager because he had to sign off on our visit. We waited. And waited. The two hour mark came and went. She spoke briefly to another salesperson and, as she said, texted a manager to come over. We wait and wait...she says there's a long wait because this is the time everyone wants to see a manager. Bad planning. She gives us a talk about how Massanutten has some of the lowest maintenance fees in the industry, and shows us a pricing sheet for buying a place. The quote we see is $45,000, and we're told those units are sold out. So wait - you can't tell us about pricing, but you really can? And why are you showing me something sold out, anyway? Then we were told something about how you can become a diamond member and get first priority over others, even if they want the same vacation time you do. And after that, we learned about weeks versus the end, I understood nothing about timeshares except that they make no sense.

Note that the resort talked about having the lowest fees, yet when I did some research, it seems like their timeshares are way more expensive than others. Anyway, back to the story.

The manager comes by and signs off on our papers, but not before stepping aside with our sales rep and probably talking about what snarky people we are. I got that impression when another sales rep walked by and made the 'cut the throat' motion to our salesperson...maybe he had a difficult group too. The point is, I saw it...and I probably wasn't supposed to.

Our guy signs off and we're escorted to another woman who asks us what the lowest price we were quoted was. UM, HELLO? Are you blatantly telling me you're quoting people different prices? She gave us some weird quote of $4,500 - which I guess is a week once versus buying long term - I have no idea - and walked us to a final person, who we stood around for until she handed us the water park tickets. After all was said and done, we were there for 2.5 hours, and we made our salesperson rush like crazy.

So yeah, that was my experience. Have you tried Massanutten? What did you think?

Twinning - 8/26/15

This is a quick recap of Twinning from 8/26/15.

Adam and Corey are the WORST. The way they are using Skyler and Spencer...not cool. I hope Skyler and Spencer see through them but it's unlikely.

Bennett was sick and was trying to survive.

Li and Je wanted to win the challenge so they could send Karissa and Kristina home.

The challenge showed each twin pictures of body parts - theirs, their twin's, and those of a stranger. They had to put them in the correct category. The twins with the most win.

In third place were Winston and Bennett, then Claire and Shawn in second, and Tre and Torian with a perfect score. Bennett would want Kristina and Kamila in the twin off, Winston wouldn't.

Corey thought he had Claire in his pocket by hooking up with her, yet he advised Torian about his actions with Kristina. Torian said Corey's a snake, and Corey asked for specific reasons. This led to a big argument.

Bennett ended up in the ER, which forfeited his vote for the twin off. Winston was happy because it helped keep Kristina and Kamila.

The twin off ended up being Spencer and Skyler vs. Adam and Corey. Of course, Spencer and Skyler felt bad because they thought that Adam and Corey were their friends, even though they were awful. Adam actually felt bad when Skyler was upset about it...he actually has emotions, shockingly!

Skyler and Spencer won! YEA! Congratulations, guys! Adam and Corey, you didn't play nice and you lost. And that's it for the episode.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some Lessons Learned This Week

Here's a few lessons learned from reality TV and similar things this week:

Twinning: Do not vote for yourself for elimination. Just don't. I mean, it may seem like a good idea to learn about what it's like in the elimination battle, but there's a problem - you can lose. And they did! So Taylor and Dylan, sorry to see you go. Kamila and Kristina, nice work with your twintuition. It kept you in the game.

Catfish: Don't try to fake your story on Catfish! It will fall apart and the person who you try to make look bad ends up looking better than you do. It's a way to come out, yeah, but really, there's a better way than to end up looking like a jerk. The premise was that Hundra wanted to be a role model for her culture and come out, but instead her friend Melanie's ex-girlfriend Geralyn ratted her out, and things got nasty. There are more positive ways to be yourself.

Josh Duggar: Don't admit more than you have to! It turns out that Josh Duggar had an account on, a site for cheaters. While I think it was 100% wrong for hackers to release the site users' personal information, this was definitely interesting. Josh ended up admitting that he was on the site, had affairs and had a porn addiction. Wait, what? A porn addiction? Oh my gosh, Josh, nobody was accusing you of that! Why did you tell us? He has since retracted that part of his apology, but the internet is a thing, so it's already been reported on multiple news sources. We'll see what happens with Josh's marriage after all this. My guess is that Anna will stand by her man, but who knows.

That's all for now!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Really Quick Recap of So You Think You Can Dance 8/17/15

The show opened with the song Earth Intruders by Bjork.

J. Lo announced that someone from SYTYCD would be dancing with her on her Vegas tour.

Virgil danced to Conqueror by the Empire cast. (Lots of songs were from the Empire cast.)

Hailee danced a Broadway routine to It Don't Mean a Thing by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Neptune danced to Power of the Empire by the Empire cast.

Derek had a jazz routine to Got It by Marian Hill.

Gaby danced tap to Can't Truss 'Em by the Empire cast.

JJ was injured and couldn't dance. This automatically put her into the bottom for next week.

Virgil danced to Just My Imagination by The Temptations.

Jaja danced to Keep It Movin' by the Empire cast.

Megz danced to Canned Heat by Jamiroquai.

Jim had You're So Beautiful by the Empire cast.

Edson danced to Your Day Will Come by Son Lux.

Hailee danced to Nothing To Lose by the Empire cast.

Neptune had Milk Was a Bad Choice by Ultron.

Jim danced to Heal by Tom Odell.

Derek danced to Drip Drop by the Empire cast.

Megz had No Apologies by the Empire cast.

Jaja danced Bollywood to Nacho Re from the Jai Ho soundtrack.

Edson had I Wanna Love You by the Empire cast.

Gaby danced to I'm Really Hot by Missy Elliott.

Derek, JJ, Edson and Megz were in danger of elimination.

Edson and JJ were ultimately kicked off. Good luck in your futures.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Twinning - 8/12/15

This week on Twinning, everyone acknowledged that they're onto Cory's game. And Li and Je talked about how much they missed each other.

Tre and Torian decided to switch identities. This led to some making out between Torian (masquerading as Tre) and Shawn.

Before the challenge, the host announced that Tre and Torian had switched houses. She said they can't just let it go. In retaliation, the show had them switch houses. Torian acknowledged that this puts a target on his back.

The twins had to sort through keys to unlock blocks. They have to pull the rope of keys through the wall to unlock the blocks. When finished, they had to lock in to win.

The winners were:
Claire / Shawn
Tre / Torian
Ji / Le

Li and Je were thrilled to see each other, since they'd been apart for the whole competition.

Dylan suggested that he and his brother Taylor go into the twin off so they can learn about it against weak competitors. Nobody thought that was a good idea.

AnnaMarie cried because the pressure was getting to her.

In the voting booth, Li and Je made it clear that they'd vote in Kamila and Kristina.

It turns out that Dylan and Taylor were up against Kamila and Kristina. Kamila seemed genuinely surprised. She became very combative with Le. Kristina panicked on the other side of the door, but producers wouldn't let her in. Then Li and Je ended up in the same house, and a fight broke out. Then the episode ended. It ended! Cliffhanger! Not cool, show, not cool!

We'll be tuned in next week, for sure.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - 8/10/15

Before we begin recapping So You Think You Can Dance, let's discuss what went on. I was absolutely appalled by the way Ariana Crowder's dance was handled.

First and foremost, this song was awful. Awful. Not creative. Not kitschy. Just...weird. Nigel criticized Ariana's smiling during the number, and I get it, but really, how was she supposed to feel anything in that song? I didn't get the emotion from the song, I can't imagine that she truly could either. And when Nigel called her Adriana....I wasn't feeling that.

Jason's comment was that the women didn't look comfortable in their dance, but really, why should they? The dance was awkward; it was almost like they were being set up to fail. It would be outside of the comfort zone for almost any dancer to do that style of dance. Yes, there were flaws in the style and execution, absolutely. But really, with that style of dance, I'm not sure even the most skilled dancer would know what to do.

Ariana wasn't the only one to get criticism this week - it sounds like the judges got meaner towards almost everyone.

Now, for the show:

The show opened up to a dance to Crystal Waters' 100% Pure Love, which continues to be an awesome song even years after it was released.

Jim and Yorelis danced first to Asht by Nebulo. Yorelis shined in this contemporary dance, per Nigel. Paula said she signed as a superstar. Jason was impressed with both Jim and Yorelis.

Yorelis was in danger; Jim was safe.

The next pair was Jaja and Edson. They danced to She Came To Give It To You by Usher feat. Nicki Minaj. Paula praised their attention to detail. Jason felt it was a basic performance with no special moments. Nigel was also underwhelmed.

Both were safe and made the top ten.

Virgil and Hailee were third. Their contemporary dance was to the song Cellophane by Sia.

Jason complimented the choices the pair made within their choreography. Nigel loved the characters they played. Per Paula, Virgil did well, although it's tough to dance with someone with as much technique as Hailee.

Hailee and Virgil both remained in the game.

Alexia and Ariana were the next pair. Their Tracy Phillips and Dominic Carbone choreographed song had the girls dancing as sexy fish. What? Alexia wasn't sure about the piece before the performance. Their song was Circus Fish by Vermillion Lies.

Nigel said the style was new and interesting. It missed the mark for him and wasn't as dark as he liked. He saw smiles that he didn't want to see. He called Ariana a dead fish on a slab. Paula wished they could have channeled Bette Midler for a mix of campiness and sexiness. Jason said it was rough for him. Alexia and Ariana didn't look like they were into the dance, and that translated for Jason.

Both were in the bottom and had the potential to be eliminated.

Megz and Derek were next, and their dance was meant to be reminiscent of a jazz club. They danced to Worth It by Fifth Harmony.

Paula said this wasn't her favorite routine. Derek needed to loosen up. Megz was told to watch her face. Paula also criticized for holding a trumpet when the instrument in the song was a saxophone. Jason said this wasn't Megz' best or worst performance. Nigel wasn't impressed with Derek.

Derek was automatically in the bottom because of his injury last week, but Megz was safe.

The next song featured Gaby and Neptune dancing to Take My Hand, Precious Lord by Ledisi (Selma soundtrack). Jason loved it. He said they lived the performance. Nigel said Gaby shined and was his favorite stage dancer this season.

Neptune was not safe; Gaby was.

JJ and Kate were the last pair to dance, and they danced to A Different Beat by Little Mix.

Nigel said this brought out their personalities but didn't show what they were capable of as dancers. Paula and Jason said the dance seemed adolescent.

JJ was safe; Kate was in danger.

The stage dancers danced to Lift Me by The Bengsons, although Jim was absent due to injury.

The street team danced to Dragula by Rob Zombie.

Yorelis, Ariana and Neptune from Team Street and Alexa, Derek and Kate came to the front of the stage to see who'd be eliminated.

The two people saved on Twitter were Derek and Neptune. That meant that we said goodbye to Alexa, Kate, Yorelis and Ariana.

You gave it a good run, ladies. All the best with your future careers.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Blaze Pizza - It's a Game Changer

I know this is off topic for a reality TV blog, but this is too good not to share. I finally got a chance to try Blaze Pizza, a new create-your-own fast pizza place. Think Subway or Chipotle, but with the best food ever - pizza!

Last night, I ventured out to try Blaze Pizza. The concept is this - you get on line and you watch as the first employee uses a machine to flatten out perfectly portioned personal pizzas. As he makes the dough, you travel to a greeter, who asks your name, which he writes down, and what kind of pizza you'd like. I believe there are three pricing tiers - plain, one topping and create your own (or the fancy ones they have pre-listed). You choose your basic option (like saying Art Lovers, which features artichokes and ricotta, or Create Your Own) and travel to the next station. Don't be afraid to choose a pre-planned flavor; you can always customize after that.

Your pizza dough is loaded onto the paper on which the greeter writes your name. You slide over to the sauce station, where you can choose from a few options, including a red sauce, a spicy red sauce and some kind of cream sauce. Next up is cheese, which includes ovalini mozzarella, regular mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, goat cheese and feta.

Next up are the meats, which I was told are good - the person I went with had a buffalo chicken type pizza - but I skipped over those in favor of veggie toppings, including artichokes, kalamata olives, mushrooms and basil. I then accepted the employee's offer of sea salt and seasoning on top. The pizza, which is given a number on a metal stand that matches the number written on your paper sheet, goes into an open oven. You get to actually watch as your pizza gets cooked! I paid, then chatted with the friendly staff as the pizza was heated (the sign says it takes 180 seconds, which seemed about right) and stared with excitement as my pizza was removed from the oven. I opted for a pesto drizzle and arugula on top, and took my pizza on a tray to eat in store. You can also choose a to go box, if you prefer.

So how was it?

At this point, it's judgment time. The pizza looked amazing, but would it taste good? The answer is yes, it was AWESOME. With a price point just under $8, I got as many toppings as I wanted, which was amazing, and the taste was absolutely perfect. The thin crust was right up my alley, the sauce was delicious and the cheese and toppings were great. The employees were very generous with toppings; I could taste them in almost every bite.

The only concern was that the store was out of certain toppings, but because the store is new, I can see that happening. They haven't yet mastered the supply and demand that will be coming through. I think that will clear up with time. Also, I think a topping they should add is sundried tomatoes - they don't have that one at all.

Some additional notes:

For those with diet restrictions, I believe there was gluten free pizza dough and vegan cheese available. That's a great option for those who need it! Plus, you can see the calorie counts for what you're ordering, so if you can decide how healthy or indulgent you want to be for your meal. There also appeared to be salad options, but I didn't look much at those because I was there for the pizza.

If you do the math on this pizza versus ordering a traditional pie, this wins hands down. I've paid upwards of $16 for a large pie with sauce, fresh mozzarella and one topping elsewhere, so this actually comes out to be less expensive, given the extensive amounts of toppings I chose. Plus, a group can go together and get what they want. There's no need to compromise about who likes mushrooms and who likes pepperoni. And, if you eat a small snack beforehand, this pizza can last you for at least two meals.

The organization of the store was top notch. The employees were communicating well, everyone looked professional, and the team worked well together, even though things were chaotic since they'd only recently opened. The one person I spoke to most at the pizza baking station was so nice and friendly. He had great customer service skills. The staff was generally young, but whoever did the hiring did great, because all the employees were nice, kind people.

Last thing - you can order this pizza online and pick it up. Bonus points for convenience!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Listen to Ariana Crowder Talk About the Upcoming Double Elimination on SYTYCD and More!

Here's a new video from So You Think You Can Dance finalist Ariana Crowder!

Ariana speaks about the upcoming double elimination show on Monday, what it was like growing up, when she started dancing, and how she grew to love herself and how you too can have more self love.

Watch it below:

Wednesday Night Reality Recap - 8/5/15

Here's a recap of last night's reality TV shows.


Andria and David have been talking online for ten years, since Andria was very young - 12. They've also talked online and via phone. It turns out both sides of this relationship had been lying (at least a little, on Andria's part), and Christina (the female who was pretending to be David) had tried to come clean in the past. In the end, they had to admit that they were both at blame for staying in this for so long; a lot of lies and pretending had gone into this. This wasn't one of the more exciting episodes, but it was interesting to see Christina twist her story around and around and show manipulative tactics. Christina refused to show remorse when the pair met on the show, but Christina later apologized via text. Andria was no longer taking it.

Job or No Job:

In this series premiere, a woman, Gabrielle McBay, went from her hometown of Dallas, Texas to Chicago, Illinois, to find a job in a restaurant before she eventually opens her own restaurant. She was set up with three job interviews, and was coached by Jane Buckingham, a brand expert and author throughout the process. The point is to show people what they can and can't do on job interviews.

I wasn't particularly enthralled with this ABC Family show, but it does teach a good lesson about how people should be have on job interviews. Gabrielle got real criticism about her behavior - she can come off as impatient, especially regarding her future. That caused her to lose an opportunity at a job. She ended up with one out of three offers.

Dating Naked:

Kerri struggled with her date being 21 years old, which was tough because she worried about his youth. Still, she let Mason (the 21 year old) stay in the house for another week. Chris kept Fallon again, even though she's clearly manipulative and set up her competitors to fail.

Kerri also struggled with her lingering feelings for Chris, and Chris had a date with a girl who seemed cool until Fallon got her drunk, and a second date with a stripper. This girl was interesting. She came off as shy and ditzy, but then she said she'd grown up on a nudist colony and is a stripper.


The competition involved being up in the air and holding onto a rope. GinaMarie and AnnaMarie fell first. Skyler and Spencer gave up next, but it was okay because they were finally finding their stride in the house. Third out Roxanne and Nicole. Shawn and Claire were out next, followed by Torian and Tre.

The winners were:
1 - Cory and Adam
2 - Taylor and Dylan
3 - Kamila and Kristina
4 - Winston and Bennett

Drama went down between Kamila and Kristina and Li and Je. That's not surprising.

The pairs in the twin-off were GinaMarie & AnnaMarie and Roxanne & Nicole. The Maries were victorious, remaining for another week.

Escaping Polygamy:

I'm not sure if this was actually on last night (8/5) but I watched it last night. This episode showed Priscilla, a 17 year old, escape the order. The tricky part about this is that Priscilla, being a minor, could be returned to her family if she stayed in Utah. Priscilla had a tough life (she's been sent away to become a better order member in the past) and wanted to get out. The team helped her get over the border to Nevada to a safe space. Priscilla was so strong - she knew she'd be okay after she left. It was amazing considering how quickly she escaped; she was set to be married soon and had to get out before that happened. She got a text after leaving from a family member saying she wasn't welcome back home, which is great because she had no intention of returning, and it showed that her family wouldn't be going after her. She's in the clear!

Monday, August 3, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - 8/3/15

The show opened with a dance to Love Is Free by Robyn.

Each dancer was given the chance to tell us about themselves. Jaja shared that she's engaged to her boyfriend Robbie, also a dancer. Hailee is not a natural blonde.

The girls danced a piece about female empowerment to Endangered Species by Dianne Reeves. Nigel told Hailee she's a sensation. Jaja was told she's interesting and she's growing in technique. Paula said Hailee's radiant. Jason told Jaja to continue to stretch, and told Hailee she's coming out of her shell.

Both were safe from elimination.

Neptune's fact is that he's a dad. Alexia has a blind toy poodle.

Dave Scott choreographed their dance to Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh) by Rich Homie Quan. Paula said it was a fun routine and the dancers were committed. Jason said Alexia's improving each week. Nigel said Neptune is building each week.

Both were safe from elimination.

Derek is adopted. He was fostered by his now adoptive parents at 6 months old and adopted at two years old. JJ loves her top knot hairstyle.

During rehearsal, Derek went to a doctor and found out he hurt a muscle by his spine, and he'd have to take the rest of the week off. JJ danced with her choreographer, Leonardo to Duo De Amor by Astor Piazzola. Jason told her she brought sexy back with her Argentine Tango. JJ was told she's a credit to her team.

Both were in danger of elimination.

Ariana and Jim were next with a song choreographed by Jim Cheesman. Ariana said if she wasn't a dancer, she'd be a special effects makeup artist. Jim loves therapeutic bubble baths.

They danced to Everybody Wants to Rule The World by Lorde. Nigel felt both dancers strongly portrayed the message of the dance, suffering from depression. Paula said this was one of the best routines to showcase the pair. Ariana was complimented for keeping up with Jim step by step.

Jim was safe. Ariana was in danger again. AGAIN. Stop it, people! Keep her in the game!

Virgil and Gaby were choreographed by Al Blackstone. Virgil's fact is that he has a jazz band. Gaby would a chef on a Food Network show if she wasn't a dancer, but the problem is, she can't cook.

The pair danced to Where or When by Sammy Davis. Jr. Paula said they both make her happy. Jason said Virgil breathes life into every performance. Gaby was told her smile lights up a room.

Both were safe from elimination.

Asaf and Kate joined Sean Cheesman in a jazz routine. Asaf enjoyed donuts and peanut butter as a newcomer to America six months ago. Kate was almost kidnapped by a famous serial killer when she was four years old. Her dad was a district attorney and put someone behind bars, and Kate became a target for kidnapping. She had to have heavy security after that.

They danced an attitude driven dance to Braveheart by Neon Jungle. Jason said he didn't regret saving Asaf last week, but he's still in the danger zone. Nigel said this was much better than last week's performance, and he lived up to his name this week and danced his "asaf (ass off)". Paula said Kate looked lovely and there was no more fear. The pair worked well together.

Both were in danger of elimination.

Marissa and Yorelis were up next with a hip-hop dance by Christopher Scott. Marissa was a power tumbler, headed for the Junior Olympics. Yorelis is a go-go dancer. They danced to Let Go by Kezwik feat. Mimi Page. Nigel complimented Marissa and said it's as if Yorelis' whole body moves to music. Paula complimented both women as well. She said the choreography was very clever. Jason was slightly less impressed.

Marissa was in danger of elimination, and Yorelis was safe.

Edson and Megz were with doing a contemporary dance. Edson is a cheerleader and is now a coach. Megz has a shoe fetish, and owns 378 pairs of shoes. Their routine is about temptation. Their song was You There by Aquilo. Paula said this gave her goosebumps. She said Megz is truly amazing. Jason said it was on the best performances of the night. Nigel said this is the first time a shirt has come off on the show for a good reason. Edson was complimented on releasing his emotions.

Both dancers were safe.

And with that, we got to tweet to save JJ, Ariana, Asaf (street) Derek, Kate or Marissa (stage).

The street dancers danced to Commas by Future. The stage dancers danced to Beautiful Friends by Helen Money.

Twitter saved JJ and Derek.

The judges saved Kate and let Marissa go. They then saved Ariana and let Asaf go.

Congrats to those who made it for another week!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Twinning - 7/29/15

Twinning, Season one episode two, was more of the same drama. Spencer and Skyler got hated on, as did GinaMarie and AnnaMarie.

The competition entailed the twins being on separate sides of a wall and putting together puzzles while being tied to each other. That meant one had to get a piece while the other waited. Tre and Torian did great, unlike last week, while Li and Je didn't do well. Tre and Torian finished first. Taylor and Dylan and Claire and Shawn followed. (Claire and Shawn last week as well.) Spencer and Skyler, who narrowly avoided elimination last week, took the final spot.

Corey and Adam were shady. Not cool. Especially towards 

Tre and Torian were happy because they got to spend their birthday together. The houses spend the night partying. Torian spent the night trying to see Kristina. Kristina said she's not here for a boyfriend, but she sees this as an advantage.

Nicole confronted GinaMarie about how she always brags about money. When Nicole told her to go to bed, GinaMarie freaked out and yelled at her. She was confronted by the group and told "you think you're hot sh*t but you're cold diarrhea". Interesting!

There was a tie in the voting booth about who to send to competition, and since Tre and Torian were the first winners, they got to vote again in a tie-breaker. Their choices were Chris and Josh and Kristina and Kamila. Since Torian was into Kristina, she and her sister got to stay, and the twins forced to compete were GinaMarie and Anna Marie, as well as Chris and Josh.

Like last week, the twins had to match five answers first to win. Also like last week, the twins were given a minute to see each other.

The twins bickered, then it was time to compete.

They were asked what night of the week is the best. The guys won (Monday for wrestling) and the girls disagreed on Saturday and Sunday.

In what word, what is your favorite part of your own body? Both teams got points. The guys said penis, the girls said eyes.

If you could learn to play a musical instrument, what instrument would you choose? The girls said guitar and got points, the guys said piano and keyboard.

What one word best describes your bedroom as home? The girls said messy, the guys said horror - both got points.

Which of your senses would you least like to give up for a year? The girls matched on eyesight; the guys messed up on hearing / vision.

If you and your twin could travel back in time, to what year would you go? The guys said 1996 and 2014. The girls won with 1969 and stayed in the game to brag more about their wealth. They wanted to be in that year to be hippie flower children. Josh and Chris, with that, were gone. But not before insulting GinaMarie and AnnaMarie's intellect.

Monday, July 27, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 18 Perform and Elimination - 7/27/15

The So You Think You Can Dance contestants began tonight's episode by dancing to Let The Groove Get In by Justin Timberlake.

Like last week, the dancers picked their styles from a hat.

Alexa, Derek and Jaja got together for a contemporary routine, choreographed by Stacey Tookey. The dance is about bravery, and Jaja was lauded for her bravery. Each person had to play a character, and Stacey said they'd be successful if they truly felt and portrayed their characters. They danced to All Waters by Perfume Genius. Nigel was all compliments, saying Alexa danced like she was six feet tall, per Stacey's notes. Paula said Jaja is morphing each week into a more accomplished dancer. Jason said everyone danced beautifully.

After last week's votes, Alexa, Jaja and Derek were all safe.

Megz, Moises and Jim and did a hip hop routine about saying 'whatever' to the haters, choreographed by Jaquel Knight. It was about tapping into the performance. They danced to Whuteva by Remy Ma. Paula was confusing in her review - she said Megz gave it her all, and said something about how the guys brought it all but have to take it to the next level. It was confusing. Jason said this wasn't his favorite performance. Nigel said it didn't work for him and he doesn't think Moises can be mean and cruel but has to find it in his dancing.

Jim and Megz are safe, Moises was up for elimination.

Tavares Wilson choreographed JJ, Edson and Yorelis in a jazz routine. They danced to Restart by Sam Smith. Jason said that there was too much looking ahead - part of the dance is looking at your fellow dancers. Nigel said the girls were great. Edson was told to feel his sexuality. Paula told JJ to watch her technique.

JJ and Yorelis were safe, Edson was in danger this week.

Jean Marc Generaux choreographed Asaf and Marissa doing a club cha cha. Their song was +1 by Martin Solveig. Nigel said the dance didn't feel like a cha cha. He thought Marissa did everything that was required of her but didn't use Asaf, who she's supposed to be all about in the dance. Nigel said he heard how hard Asaf worked that week, and wanted him to remember that even the ugliest old caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, although this was not a good routine for him.

Marissa was safe, but Asaf was in danger of elimination.

Gaby, Burim and Ariana were with Sean Cheesman for an African jazz dance. They were portraying slithering animals. Gaby was complimented for getting into character. Ariana was complimented for taking to the dance like a fish to water, and we were told that this dance could show why she was saved. They danced to Gorilla by Lord KraVen. They looked like spiders, then scary monsters. It was oh-my-gosh amazing when the girls used each others' bodies to flip around. They were fierce. FIERCE. Terrifying, in the moment, tribal and fierce. Paula said it was a strong routine. Paula said she loved watching Burim's package, meaning his videotape. She was called out for saying that because it sounded like she was talking about another meaning for that word. She said she knew the ladies were strong before this, but in this dance, they were fierce and precise. Jason said it was one of the best numbers but there were little things here and there to fix. Ariana was told she was powerful. Nigel made a joke about liking Burim's package as well.

Ariana and Burim were in danger, Gaby was safe.

Justin Giles created a contemporary routine for Kate and Neptune. It was about a husband and a wife saying goodbye before the husband leaves for a dangerous job. They danced to Promise by Ben Howard. They were complimented for a great routine with a good show of chemistry between the pair. Paula thought the dance was "really, really nice".

Neptune was safe, but Kate was in danger.

Pharside and Pheonix had Hailee and Virgil, who they'd turn into robots from outer space. It was a hip-hop dance. Hailee was complimented for how well she took to the dance. They took to the stage and performed to Runnin' by Noahplause, and stayed in their characters even during the judging. They earned a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel said these two are the best characters on the show. Jason was equally impressed.

Both Hailee and Virgil were safe.

This means Asaf, Ariana, Burim (street) and Edson, Moises and Kate (stage) were in danger of leaving, and viewers had five minutes to vote on Twitter to save them.

We saw a group dance from Team Stage to For My Help by Hayden Calnin. Team Street then danced to Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes.

Twitter saved Ariana and Kate. YESSSSS! Team Ariana!!!!!

The judges saved Asaf and Edson.

This means that Burim and Moises left. Sorry, guys!

But seriously, we are Team Ariana on Less Than Reality. So please text ARIANA to 21523!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hey, Ariana Crowder Fans! There's a New Video Out from the So You Think You Can Dance Contestant!

The Beat Club Crew just hooked us up with a new video featuring SYTYCD's Ariana Crowder, as well as fellow New Jersey native David Suarez. It's up on The Beat Club Crew's Youtube page, but you can also see it below.

You'll see a great mix of skills in this video, and you'll get a glimpse of David Suarez, who I expect to see in a future season of So You Think You Can Dance. Start following him now, because I'm sure he'll be rocking it out in the near future.

Something great about Ariana Crowder, which is showcased in this video, is that she can rock out the street dances on SYTYCD, and she's also got really good technical abilities.

I got my hands on some exclusive pics, which I'm sharing with you below. So if you're team Ariana, please spread the word, make sure your votes are in each week, and you let everyone know that you are Team Ariana Crowder!

By the way, Ariana's part of The Beat Club Crew, which is based out of Edison, New Jersey. If you want to see more of Ariana's skills and learn more about her dance roots, check out their Facebook page, linked above.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dating Naked Season 2, Episode 1

For season two, Dating Naked got a makeover. Instead of different people dating each week, the show will now feature one guy and one girl throughout the whole season. They'll date a bunch of others who come in and out of the game. How does this work? Each week, they'll embark on two dates. The one they like best will be called a keeper, and that person will stay on the island until the connection falters. The goal is to find their soulmates.

This show features Kerri, who had a relationship that ended badly. She dated a guy who she said had no game. She dared him to get a girl's number. He did, and subsequently cheated with her, ending the relationship.

It also featured Chris, a guy who is the oldest of four siblings - all boys. He moved to San Diego to avoid the cold weather of home. He dated a girl for five years who left him heartbroken.

Kerri and Chris had their first dates with each other. Kerri told us that she went for college to five years until she was hit by a car while rollerblading. She couldn't finish college, but she did make a full recovery.

Together, they created messages in bottles. Kerri noted that she's turned on by Chris' eyes. She also said she noticed Chris' privates...I just noticed his tan lines! Kerri wanted a kiss, but Chris was not providing it. Chris said he knew there was more to come and he didn't want to create something big right off the bat. He did feel the connection, but there were a lot of dates remaining.

Chris met his next date, and he was into her. Her name was Jenny from LA, and she feels like "a 13 year old boy in a tittie suit" (her words, not mine). She dresses as Wonder Woman for Comic Con.

Kerri got Norman, a fitness trainer who was raised around women, and says that he's single because he doesn't take the time to get to know people. Kerri said he was wearing a ring on his privates - I thought she meant a piercing, but it later seemed like it was a sex toy - Norman referenced it increasing sexual pleasure. Kerri didn't feel as comfortable with him as she did with Chris. Norman seemed like he was in this just to hook up with random people - he said he's in this to experiment. He asked Kerri to stretch because he wanted to get her flexible and see how flexible she can be. Wow, classy.

Everyone went back to the house and met up. Kerri was intimidated by the situation at that point because she realized she'd be competing with other women who are attracted to Chris. When Jenny got really crazy, Kerri was thrilled because Chris pulled her aside for some alone time. Jenny and Norman weren't worried - they were spending time together. Both Kerri and Chris had thoughts during the day about how they'd rather be spending time together. Then they kissed, and sparks flew.

The next dates entered the scene. Angie from Texas was there for Chris and the very muscular Louie from Brooklyn arrived for Kerri. Louie fit the Brooklyn stereotype perfectly. Angie made a joke (I think about) being ready to get married and start a life together to the confessional - she was all in!

While Louie and Kerri made drinks, Louie told Kerri all about his Italian lifestyle. She was giving him a chance, but she was still into Chris. Louie said he's overprotective of the girls he dates, and Kerri told the confessional that she's not into overprotective guys, so this wasn't happening. They did connect over their shared hatred of cheating, and that created a stronger connection.

Back at the house, Kerri and Louie's connection grew, and Chris and Angie were connecting as well, although Chris still had Kerri on his mind. Kerri and Chris spent time together and they still had a connection, as well.

Kerri and Chris had to decide which date to keep (the strongest connection they had) and who to get rid of. Louie was wearing clothes at the ceremony because he hurt his privates in the sand or something. It was weird.

Kerri kept Louie, sending Norman home.
Chris picked Angie, sending Jenny home. He had a tough time making the choice. Jenny did not take it well, saying she would have gone home, even if chosen. This made Chris happy with his decision. Angie was surprised since Chris had been reserved.

Jenny let us know that she and Norman were feeling each other and would likely have sex. Okay, then!

Chris said no matter what, he and Kerri would be going through this together, and the episode ended.