Monday, December 29, 2014

Maci Bookout Is Pregnant & Other Random Things

Maci Bookout is pregnant, according to The 23-year-old mom to Bentley, 6, and boyfriend Taylor McKinney will be welcoming a child together. The pair have been in a long term relationship, so that's cool - this isn't some random hookup that will result in a child. I will give Maci credit - she seems to be a great mom to Bentley, and she really tries to make her relationships work long term. However, she owes the IRS a bundle of cash, so it's not all good.

You can now listen to music by Yamir! If this sells big, it'll prove that he and Chelsea from 90 Day Fiance made the right choice to come to America because their newfound fame will bring them in a bunch of cash. Listen and purchase here. I'm listening now and it's okay. I'm not super enamored by it but it's okay. It's a heck of a lot better than his freestyle rap on last night's 90 Day Fiance reunion!

Speaking of 90 Day Fiance, how funny was it when the host tried every possible way to say that Mohamed's faking his relationship with Danielle? The thing is, I'm not convinced that he lied all that much in this last episode - he straight up said that he's not really that into her and partially wanted to come to the US for a new adventure. Something notable is that someone (presumably a friend of Danielle's) on the 90 Day Fiance Facebook group said that TLC producers tried to get her to talk Danielle out of marrying Mohamed. And when Mohamed talked about walking out during the reunion special, Danielle said a former friend tried to get Mohamed to leave her. Mohamed said it wasn't like that. That could coincide with the post on the Facebook group - Danielle is probably missing part of the story, if that is the case.

Kourtney Kardashian revealed the name of her new baby! Drumroll please...she went with....Reign Aston Disick. WHAT?!?! Reign like, he reigns over a kingdom? And Aston like Aston Martin? I'm not sure I would have chosen a name that will constantly be mispronounced as Ashton and has the sound of the word "ass" right in the beginning. I guess after Kim named her daughter North because it meant highest power (of which I am not convinced, for the record), her kid had to have a name that means royalty.

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