Thursday, December 4, 2014

Growing Up Greek: A Review

MTV premiered a special called Growing Up Greek. It's essentially the Greek equivalent of Jersey Shore. It primarily focused on some over-the-top Greek teenagers and 20-somethings and the ways that they party, but to its credit, it also showed positive family values.

Here's what I took away from the show - which is really just some pseudo-quotes and anecdotes:

One girl gets blessed by her mom before big events, saying something about Jesus' blood being on her. That takes a really long time.

One of the Greek dads was just like any other dad - he wished his daughter would cover up and be more domestic, rather than partying.

The show states that many people are related, and one guy said something about a girl, to which is friend replied something like, "ew, that's my cousin."

This crowd has big parties with a distinctively Greek edge, like they break plates and throw napkins and money or something.

I think an underage girl was drinking and called the cops, therefore getting herself in trouble. Okay, then.

We saw people fighting, people making out, people flirting...drama, drama, drama.

I have to say - I can see why the Greek community was concerned about this atrocity of a show. But like anything else, if people understand that this is reality TV (and therefore not real) and depicts a very particular subset of the Greek community, it can be watched for entertainment value only.

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