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90 Day Fiance Reunion - The Couples Tell All - 12/28/14

On the 90 Day Fiance Reunion, all the couples were brought together to talk about their experiences.

When asked if 90 days are enough before a marriage, Mohamed jumped right in. He said people need 90 days to adjust. He also said something about people being judged for wanting to come to the country. This hit a nerve with Daya, who cried and said it hurts to be called a gold digger and ungrateful. Cassia said people feel as if they have the right to judge her - which is fair except that she put her life on TV and opened herself to being judged.

Jason revealed that he and Cassia had only spent 32 physical days together before she came to the states. Cassia said she knew they had a connection, even with the short time frame. Justin and Evelin had 21 days.

Yamir said that he felt that Chelsea would be happy in the US, so that's where they needed to be. Chelsea questioned whether she was manipulative and awful like people said she was, but she knows she did the right thing.

Daya addressed the issue with the ring - she basically said she's okay with the ring being fake as long as Brett was honest about it, and she felt she was being dishonest. She acted out because she was hurt. Brett, in turn, was hurt because of Daya's actions.

Justin justified not telling his family that he was engaged because he'd never told his family about people he dates. He thinks his family was shocked that he was engaged in general, not necessarily because Evelin was from Colombia. Cassia agreed about Jason being private about his life. Brett said he wanted to meet a woman from the Philippines because divorce is not part of Filipino culture, and he wants that as part of his life.

Next we got to Danielle and Mohamed. Mohamed said it was not love in the beginning because there was not enough time. He said part of the decision to be together was 60% Danielle and 40% doing something new (or something like that). Danielle cried silently as Mohamed said this. Mohamed said he doesn't show affection in public because of his religion. Danielle chimed in - people on social media and in Danielle's family don't think Mohamed loves her. Mohamed said love is bigger than kissing and hugging. He said people use the words "I love you" lightly here (and he said he does love Danielle, by the way). Danielle said not being able to work is hard for Mohamed. He gave up his life to come to the US. He was asked if he gave it up for a new life or for love - he said again that it's not just about love. He rambled a bit more and I think it confused me - generally, it seemed like he came to the US for a change, not necessarily for Danielle.

Danny and Amy discussed why they waited to be married to have sex. Danny said it's because intimacy is about emotional connection, and they wanted that first. Danielle and Mohamed said they also waited to have sex. We went to a clip where Mohamed said "Danielle is acceptable for me". Danielle interpreted it as that it means Mohamed thinks she's beautiful and it's a language barrier that caused that faux pas.

Danny and Amy were asked why they jumped in at a young age, and Amy said, "Why not?" and that they can live the rest of their lives together. Then, the issue of Danny's dad's racism was addressed. Danny and Amy said they continued to want a relationship with Danny's dad despite his closed-mindedness. It turns out that they've changed his mind at least a little and now have a good relationship. They're not there 100% but are getting closer.

The Americans and the immigrants were split to separate couches. They were asked if anyone was here for a green card. Mohamed said some junk about how he can't answer that question because it wouldn't be truthful to say the green card wasn't a factor at all. Brett addressed the fact that no matter what the relationship, people will say the person coming to the states is in it for the green card.

The video of Mohamed visiting an attorney on his wedding day came up. Mohamed said he did it because marriage ties together everything in people's lives. Danielle said she was upset because she should have gone too. Mohamed said he didn't see a problem with the way this went down. Amy said she couldn't imagine Danny seeing a lawyer on the wedding day and it must be hard. Mohamed said the main reason he saw a lawyer was that they're both responsible for everything financial going forward. Danielle admitted she wasn't upfront about finances but they didn't have to do with Mohamed, they had to do with her ex. Mohamed was asked if he's happier now being married to Danielle, he said no. But he said no because he's sitting at home not working with all of the drama in his life.

It was noted that Yamir may have given up the most because he gave up a music career. Chelsea was asked if she felt hypocritical for not moving to Chicago to help Yamir's American music career. Chelsea defended herself by saying they're just starting out and that moving to Chicago can be in the cards, just not yet.

We saw the video of Danielle crying before her wedding as Mohamed debated going through with it. Looking back, Danielle said it was hard because she didn't know what Mohamed was going to do. Daya admitted that she too had cold feet - she felt overwhelmed before the wedding. That anxiety fed into Brett's, and they wanted to make sure they were 100% sure they wanted to go through with it. We saw the video of Brett's mom pretty much telling him not to go through with the wedding, and Daya hearing her say it. Daya said watching the video was hard because in her culture, she has to respect her mother in law, and she didn't realize that her mother had these feelings towards her. Brett said it was hard to deal with the wedge being driven between Daya and his mom.

The host asked everyone - is this really happily ever after? Amy and Danny were asked how their first night as a married couple went. Danny said it was amazing and adds a whole new level of intimacy. He said the practical things weren't simple, but they were told that's something people work on.

Danielle and Mohamed's lack of kissing at the altar came up. Mohamed said if they had married outside of Ramadan, they would have kissed. Mohamed was asked if he moved out when he left Danielle's house. He said he was in a hotel. Danielle said a former friend tried to get Mohamed to leave her during that time - Mohamed said that isn't true. The pair is still together and trying to work things out.

Jason said he loves being with Cassia but guilty when she has a bad day. Justin said the best part was day one of picking Evelin up. The worst thing was seeing her miss her family. Daya said they don't have communication with Brett's mom at this time but time can heal things. Danny said things are good with his dad and he's making an effort with Amy. Yamir said he's working on his music and sang a sample. He did a freestyle rap about the people in the room. It was a bit awkward but he said he was nervous.

Brett closed the session out by saying it was cool to meet everyone and hear their stories. He was happy to be there with everyone.

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