Tuesday, December 16, 2014

90 Day Fiance: The Latest Mohamed Theory

Someone came to me today with a concept that I actually had not considered: Mohamed's gay, and his arrangement with Danielle is his ticket to the states, where he can live freely. Danielle, in return, gets money.

Why would Mohamed (or anyone) go through all of this marriage madness for his sexuality? Well, the US is a largely tolerant country when it comes to sexuality, and many other countries are not. Coming to the states could allow someone such as Mohamed to live a happy life once he's done with the whole Danielle marriage thing.

I'm not 100% on board with this theory (as there are others on the show that give off a potentially gay vibe that Mohamed does not), but I do agree that there is a business side of their arrangement. Danielle's been scammed before so she kind of knows the deal, which should make tricking her at least a little bit difficult this time around.

Viewers of 90 Day Fiance have noted that in an episode, on camera, Danielle is screaming and crying, but as soon as she thinks she's off camera (she's got on a mic but you can't see her), she goes from crying to very firm with Mohamed. I don't personally remember that scene but there was a lot of buzz on social media about it. So is she really smarter than we think and just putting on a show for the camera?

So how would Danielle benefit from this arrangement? Money would be my guess. She clearly doesn't have any, and Mohamed seems much more concerned with not inheriting Danielle's debt than actually being with her. So is she going to inherit some illicit cash from Mohamed in exchange for this relationship? I would say yes. And she probably did fall for him to at least some degree - she seems to genuinely want to be with him, or at least go through the motions, in a way that he certainly does not.

Of course, this still has gaps - Danielle had posted on social media that she needed sponsors to keep Mohamed in the country because they can't afford it. If Mohamed has money, can't they use his? It's possible that they have to prove how they obtained the money, so Mohamed magically coming up with it wouldn't work...but even with that, I'm not convinced.

Okay, so one more thing - do couples get paid to be on 90 Day Fiance? I think they must, because there must be some incentive to air your struggles on camera. Perhaps Danielle and Mohamed have obtaining the cash as part of their deal - they go through with this to "prove" they're legit and then they split the money and live their own lives.

Whatever the story, I haven't found anyone that thinks Danielle and Mohamed are for real. And I honestly can't see this show helping to prove that they are real. So who knows what will happen? We do know they did get married, but we don't know what will happen in two years.

Do you have a Mohamed and Danielle theory? If so, please share it in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with this pic. She always seems to have a smirk on her face. Her reactions don't match the situation.

Not guilty said...

I think she's just a whiney, needy, bipolar, not quite right type, while her kids raise her, and he's a man that knew what he wanted, and how to choose his victim.

One part that made me question if he was straight or just really loyal (which is horrible that I expect no more from men), but when he went to the bar and had no interest in the bar skanks. Another part made me wonder if he was genuine was when he said, "seeing Danielle in her dress gave me strange feelings." I've been wondering does that mean, wow, I kind of care about this *****, Or that skank cleans up well, or does he really have feelings... Im betting gay or something less than genuine.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the relationship is not real, but your theory is flawed.

If Mohamed was gay, he could get a green card through a man. The immigration laws now recognize gay marriages.

Also, immigrants have to be sponsored by a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident to ensure that the do not become a public charge. Thus, immigration will not look at Mohamed's finances.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced Mohamed is Gay and Louisa is a transsexual. Because it appears his friend TOM is gay, so that flew a red flag up earlier to me. As for money, if he couldnt or wouldn't help give Daniel money, who was paying for his trips to Florida and other places he visited in the USA? As well as when he did move to Miami, where was the money coming from that paid for his place to live and his nice automobile he was driving? He seemed to be doing pretty well. So yes, Louisa, please do tell the truth. I personally am appalled and want to see his arse deported!