Sunday, December 7, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 12/7/14

Here's a quick synopsis of the December 7th episode of 90 Day Fiance:

Danny and Amy:
- Amy noted that the time leading up to the wedding is stressful.
- Danny recapped that the meeting between Amy and his dad (who does not approve of interracial marriage) did not go well.
- Amy's family arrived. There were lots of them! Amy worried about them meeting Danny's parents.
- The initial meeting seemed to go well, with Danny's mom being nice and his dad appearing to be quiet.
- Danny made a speech to everyone, thanking Amy's mom for raising her and celebrating their families coming together, even if some people were hesitant.
- Danny's mom said she'd treat Amy as a daughter, but Danny's dad seemed ready to write them off. He said it's not too late to get cold feet.
- Still, when Amy's mom discussed the old tradition of dowries and what Amy would be worth, Danny's dad laughed and everyone got along. And he seemed to open up to Amy.

Justin and Evelin:
- Justin took Evelin on a hot air balloon ride as a surprise.
- In the balloon, Evelin said she wants Justin's mom at the wedding. Justin agreed!
- The pair sat down with Justin's mom and told her she'd be invited to the wedding. She was so happy. Still, Justin's mom pressed for more family members to be invited. It worked though, because Justin realized he did want to have his family at the wedding.

Danielle and Mohamed:
- Mohamed went to see a lawyer to understand what would happen when he married Danielle, given that she doesn't have a job.
- Mohamed was advised that if he doesn't get married, he has to leave the US. He asked how long until he can get a green card. Mohamed was told it takes a long time because of immigration fraud. Additionally, the spouses have responsibilities to each other in relation to property and debt. He was advised that the could be held responsible for anything Danielle does post-marriage. Mohamed said he had to think about whether or not he should get married.
- Mohamed thought about going back to his country. He said on his phone that he never wanted to come to America and he doesn't know what to do. Danielle was hysterical, saying that people came out that day to see them get married. Mohamed said he's stuck and this is the biggest decision he's ever made.
- Danielle cried and said it's not fair what he's doing, waiting until the day of the wedding to decide. And at this unfortunate moment, the episode of 90 Day Fiance ended. Not cool. (SPOILER: It seems they did get married. I also saw a rumor that Danielle is pregnant but I tend to not believe that...or at least hope it's not true. I also read that they sleep in separate rooms 'for religious reasons' even post wedding, so we don't really know what's true.)

Chelsea and Yamir:
- Chelsea planned for her wedding. Her dress would be comprised of a lace top from Nicaragua and a skirt her mom would make.
- Chelsea talked to her mom about what the music producers told Yamir when he visited them - he doesn't stand a chance if he stays in Chelsea's small town. Chelsea was concerned about money. Chelsea's mom told Chelsea to think of Yamir and what he sacrificed to be with Chelsea.
- Chelsea and Yamir planned their wedding day.
- They sat down to discuss their life. Chelsea said going to Chicago is a cool idea but at the time, it felt like rushing. She said it could be an issue trying to stay afloat. Yamir said he was sat and felt helpless. He said he'd spend a year working on his English and doing whatever it takes so they can move to Chicago and he can follow his dream.

Brett and Daya:
- Brett and Daya decided they need their own place so they went apartment hunting.
- The apartment they saw was awesome. Daya was clearly impressed. They decided to go for it.

Jason and Cassia:
- Jason took Cassia to an auction because it would combine work and play. Cassia was bored. She wanted to leave and Jason was clearly annoyed because this is part of his livelihood.
- Cassia got emotional when talking to the confessional about missing her family.
- Jason came out to see Cassia crying. Cassia explained that going to the auction together is not fun, but Jason said it's fun because they're together. I kind of side with Cassia here - her tagging along with Jason isn't fun; they have to do things together. But I'm sure there's a lot we're not seeing off camera.

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