Sunday, December 21, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 12/21/14 - Season Finale

Here's a recap of today's 90 Day Fiance.

Jason and Cassia
- We left off with Cassia being upset because Jason went off with his guys for his bachelor party against Cassia's wishes.
- Jason wanted time to talk to his friends alone. He told his friends he's scared because Cassia is very emotional and he's afraid Cassia will blow up at him.
- His friend advised Jason that getting married is the easy part; he has to realize that he's all Cassia has. He asked how Jason felt leaving Cassia alone, and he didn't feel great about it. He texted Cassia that he missed her. Jason decided to leave and be with Cassia.
- Despite their issues, Jason and Cassia decided to move forward with the wedding.
- Jason seemed to get a mix of resistance and support from his family.
- Cassia worried that she was doing the right thing. I worried that Cassia's wedding dress was ridiculously revealing! Was that a partially sheer dress? Could you see her belly button?
- Jason's dad walked Cassia down the aisle. He seemed so much happier with Cassia than when she first arrived.
- Jason said he felt clarity; he knew he was doing the right thing.
- The pair shared a passionate kiss at the end of a beautiful ceremony, showing that despite everything, they can make this work.

Danielle and Mohamed
-  Danielle said she and Mohamed were doing well until her electricity was turned off and Mohamed walked out. She didn't know where he went.
- One of Danielle's daughters said she didn't care if Mohamed came back. She felt as if Mohamed was just using Danielle. (This daughter is cool. She seems very smart and sees what's going on.)
- Danielle talked to her sister Sara, who didn't seemed shocked by Mohamed walking out. Danielle seemed to blame herself and said she needed to be a better person.
- Mohamed came back. He was like a whole other person, and not in a good way. He said he can make his own decisions and he seemed to want nothing to do with the cameras. He seemed very unsure of his decision to be with Danielle.

Chelsea and Yamir
- Chelsea and Yamir's wedding day was here! Yamir's family was able to attend.
- Chelsea's dress, which her mom was making, was not done as the wedding approached.
- Yamir's mother said a blessing for his wedding. She seemed so kind and supportive. His family seemed great. Yamir hoped Chelsea wasn't stressed as he prepared - it was so nice.
- Chelsea's mom had to take on some cooking for the wedding, and Chelsea's dress wasn't done as the wedding quickly approached.
- Chelsea cried because her dress wasn't complete and her mom wasn't there to finish it. Fortunately, her mom showed up at the last minute with her skirt.
- Chelsea and Yamir had a beautiful wedding. They wrote their own vows (hers in English, his in Spanish) and they were so sweet. As a couple, they were so real.

Brett and Daya
- Brett and Daya were on the rocks about their marriage after Brett's mom made it clear she didn't want her to marry Daya.
- Daya cried and told Brett that she won't talk to his mom if she comes to visit. And while this makes Daya look bad in a way, I totally understand. Brett and Daya seem to really love each other, even with the rough start they had with the diamond issue. The trouble seemed to make them stronger - Brett finally realized that others may have doubts, but his decision is only between him and Daya.
- Brett and Daya arrived at their wedding venue. However, Brett's mom decided not to attend the wedding.
- Daya, who had family at the wedding, looked happy as she prepared for her big moment.
- They had their wedding ceremony and they both looked so happy. Cassidy was part of the wedding. Even Cassidy looked happy.
- Brett wished his mom was more supportive, and the pair hoped that one day, his mom would accept her.
- Brett joked with Daya and said he wondered if the diamonds in his ring were real. They laughed - they were now able to laugh about that situation.

Justin and Evelin
- Justin and Evelin ended up having Justin's family at their wedding, despite Jason's initial desire to elope.
- When asked if he had cold feet, Justin said he might when he's standing at the aisle, but at the time he didn't. That's a huge change for Justin, who used to not commit to anyone and didn't even tell his family that his Evelin was his fiancee at first.
- Evelin made her appearance to Justin's family in her wedding dress. She looked beautiful and so happy.
- Justin's mom talked about how happy she is to have Evelin in the family. I absolutely loved this.
- Evelin's dress was lovely - very simple. She and Justin had a lovely, simple wedding. It looked perfect for them. Evelin cried with happiness and she told Justin's family that they are her second family.
- This could seems so, so real. It was beautiful to see them get married.

Next week is the tell all during which all the couples will be together. I can't wait!

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