Sunday, December 14, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 12/19/14

Here's a somewhat sarcastic review of the 12/19 episode of 90 Day Fiance.

Jason and Cassia
- Jason and Cassia went to Vegas to get married. Cassia loved being in Vegas.
- In the confessional, Cassia said it's hard when someone gives up everything to be with someone and they don't try, but now things are working.
- Jason's family would be joining them in Vegas, and Cassia was hesitant because some family members had said unkind things about her. But there's the thing - Cassia's been pretty awful!
- Cassia worried about meeting Jason's brother, who had previously made jokes about green cards. He thought the whole thing was a joke at first.
- Jason's brother had actually sent Jason a movie called "Green Card" in response to their relationship. Cassia called him out on it. She said that relationships like hers happen frequently. Eventually, Jason's brother (and other family members) said they accepted Cassia. Although Jason got slammed a bit in the process - a family member was initially skeptical because they thought Jason was just happy to have a girlfriend, insinuating that he can't seem to get one in the US.
- The topic of the bachelor party came up. Cassia wanted them to have a joint party. Jason didn't want that but Cassia got her way. Everyone seemed to have fun so it worked out.
- Jason drank a lot and got sloppy. Cassia tried to stop him but he wasn't having it. He started getting rude. He told Cassia that he was going out with the boys and the girls weren't invited. Cassia was left on her own. She looked very sad. I don't blame her for that - she's alone in a strange place! I actually felt bad at this point - Jason was being a real jerk and choosing alcohol over Cassia. This is not good! Cassia said she doesn't know if she can get married like this.
- Did anyone else notice that Jason and Cassia's shirts said "I'm hitch, biatch"? Grammar, people, grammar! It would be "I'm hitched". And besides that, they aren't hitched yet.

Mohamed and Danielle
-  Mohamed and Danielle's wedding day continued after he told Danielle that he was considering not going through with it.
- Danielle was warned that a divorce is expensive so she better be sure about this. Danielle could not be talked out of the wedding. Danielle's family and friends were clearly unsure about this because it looks like a major freaking scam. Danielle said it's important that nobody objects to this wedding but I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY EVER is opposed to this scammy mess.
- Mohamed said it's hard to get married without family and friends because you have nobody to talk to or get advice from. HELLO, DOUBTS!!! Oh, wait, that's not a surprise.
- Mohamed complained that the wedding was not like a wedding in his country, which is much bigger.
- Danielle was late to the ceremony and Mohamed said he felt weird with people looking at him.
- Mohamed said he had strange feelings when he saw Danielle walk down the aisle. He said he'd never thought he'd be getting married.
- Danielle was relieved that Mohamed was there waiting for her.
- While people were obviously opposed to the wedding, nobody spoke up when asked if anyone had any opposition to the wedding for legal reasons. Mohamed noted that he didn't understand how anyone can object when it's his wedding because it's not up to them. Well, really, it's a b**** move to oppose to a wedding at the ceremony, but there are about 10,000 reasons to be opposed to this one.
- OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. When told they could kiss, Mohamed said NO!!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!! Why? Because it's Ramadan and he can't kiss in front of people. OH MY GOSH. WHATTTTT??? Is this real? Anyone?
- And from this point on, it was real. Mohamed and Danielle got married. Danielle, who had been scammed before and was broke and jobless, and Mohamed, who seems like he was here for all the wrong reasons, were married. Danielle said she's happy to have someone help make decisions about the kids. But everyone else was concerned and didn't think it would last.
- Mohamed said he felt like he has a few family and hoped for the best. But during this confessional, Mohamed had totally dead eyes. No emotion whatsoever. Wow. Just wow.

Danny and Amy
- I know a lot of people have been in the "Is Danny Gay?" camp, but at this point I actually think he's not and he and Amy are legit. Or at least if he is, he's not aware of it.
- Danny and his brother talked about how Danny would be losing his virginity and now it would be sex all the time. Because you know, that's all marriage is. (Sarcasm.)
- Amy got a more realistic talk - she was told that the first time is quick and not always so great.
- Amy got dressed and had her makeup done and she looked amazing.
- Amy walked down the aisle. Amy had a great smile on her face, but Danny had the weirdest smirk and looked into the distance.
- The pair kissed and it was super tame, but I guess that comes with the religious territory. Danny described Amy as "frickin' beautiful".
- Something awesome happened - Danny's dad gave Amy a big hug and kiss on the cheek. YEA!!!! That was so nice given his racist views - he seemed to finally really accept Amy as a part of the family.
- Danny's brother passed the "sex torch" to Danny. It was actually a torch. Amy looked slightly mortified.

Brett and Daya
- Brett and Daya had been busy looking at apartments, prepping for the wedding and picking up Cassidy.
- Brett worried that his mom was still hesitant about Daya after the ring incident, and I'm sure Daya wasn't thrilled that Brett's mom arrived earlier than expected for the wedding.
- Brett's mom said she was worried about Brett getting married because of all the scams out there.
- Brett and Daya moved into their new apartment. It was close to their wedding but they got it done.
- Brett felt tension between his mom and Daya, and worried that his mom didn't approve. (Duh. She doesn't.) Brett sat his mom down to talk, and his mom said three months isn't enough, Brett needs someone who shares his goals and he needs to stand up for himself. Brett totally stood up for Daya. He said she has the discipline for Cassidy that he needs assistance with. His mom insisted that this isn't going to work. Daya heard everything - not a great look. I'm not saying that I don't agree with the red flags, but it still stinks for Daya. Daya also felt like Brett let his mom say those things and didn't stand up for her, although it seems like he kind of did. Daya cried when Brett came into the room and said that they attacked her and that his mom is just being paranoid. If Daya could hear Brett's mom talking, Brett's mom could hear Daya talking, and I think she did. This is turning into a dramatic mess.
- Brett's mom walked into the room as Brett comforted Daya. She said that Daya was misrepresenting her words. Brett, to his credit, asked his mom to leave the room and give them time. Daya said Brett needs to choose between her and his mom. And while this may sound cruel, Daya's not wrong. Men have to grow up and support their wives. When you get married, your spouse is #1 in your life. You can't let your parent talk smack about them. You have to support them and let your mom know that you value her and her opinion, but she needs to respect your life.
- Daya debated going through with the wedding or not. That was a shame because if the pair decides to get married or not, it should be on them. Not because of someone else's opinion.

What a drama filled episode! Next week looks even crazier - Brett and Daya will figure out what to do, and Danielle will cry about Mohamed leaving a family or something, which is weird because my research has shown they're still together. So we will see what goes down!


Anonymous said...

Jason's last name is Hitch. I think they were going for a pun of sorts with the shirts.

Not guilty said...

Danny and Amy, Chelsea and Yamir, are the two true couples. Justine and evelin seem to genuinely care for one another, But his family is so weird. I'm pretty sure his mom is an alcoholic or mentally not right (been there seen that), I also wonder if Justin and Darth Vader (jen) hooked up... that's a weird bro/sis-in-law relationship. I prefer my brother-in-laws over 2 of my sister's, but I wouldn't put that much in to their relationship with a woman and wouldn't expect them to with me.

Chelsea and Yamir seem genuinely in love. When Latin folks fall in love, they fall hard. And the men love blondes (just saying).

Amy and Danny are my favorites. I can't get made at the dad for his personal preference, it's not our job to tell him what's morally right for him. He was likely raised like a lot of 40 and older, you just don't mix... for us younger folks, it's whatever. Good men and women are few and far, so if we have to jump ship on a new continent or country, so be it. But we can get mad at him for his treatment of this wonderful person. She seems to be a freaking sweetheart. I would feel bad for being mean to her and I'm a blunt bitch. I love Amy and Danny and their families. They are what k1 visas are all about. Its obvious that they are in it for the right reasons. I think Danny does come off a bit questionable at first, but I think it's lack of experience. Even though I'm no slut, I gotta know what I'm working with before forever, but they have convictions, so I respect that. Danny's dad Will realize that Danny won't find a better wife than he has, and that will be over with. He will still be racist but she, her family, and the grandbabbies will get a pass. Hey, you can't fix stupid.

Less Than Reality said...

Oh my gosh, anonymous! How cool about the last name thing! I had no idea.

Unknown said...

Iam so sorry if Danielle is slow mentally, I just can't stand stupid! I also understand it's not her first time being scammed. How can anyone be this damn desperate to have a man! And bless her heart, yes I'm from GA, one if her daughters looks just like her!

Fiance Visa said...

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