Monday, December 1, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 11/30/14

Here's a quick recap of 90 Day Fiance:

Jason and Cassia:
- Jason and Cassia went to the beach. Jason noted that he took Cassia's concerns seriously about not spending enough time together, so he changed that.
- Cassia was shocked that people weren't in bikinis like she's used to.
- Things look much more positive for the pair; Jason even turned off his phone for a bit (he's attached to it), but Cassia was still concerned.
- Cassia said no way to Jason going out for a bachelor party. He tried to convince her but she said it's not part of her culture, so it's a no.

Justin and Evelin:
- Justin talked about eloping but Evelin wasn't loving the idea - she thinks it's important for Justin's mom to be involved.
- Evelin went wedding dress shopping with Justin's mom, who loves her and think she'll be a good influence on Justin.
- Evelin got emotional talking about missing her family.

Danielle and Mohamed:
- Danielle and Mohamed came up with a less expensive way to have their wedding. They will go to the courthouse to get married, then go for Mohamed's working visa.
- Danielle found an inexpensive wedding dress that I think was better than the ones we saw in previous episodes.
- Danielle's son said she doesn't think Mohamed loves his mom and he's concerned.
- The pair looked for wedding rings on a budget. They ended up choosing silver rings under $200 each.
- Danielle took Mohamed aside to give him bad news. She let him read the letter she received - she was let go from her job. Mohamed asked why - did she do something wrong? Danielle said they felt she wasn't good enough. Mohamed said she isn't serious about work which is why she lost her job. Mohamed told Danielle he doesn't want to be in this situation and he didn't realize life in the US was so hard. He told the confessional he felt like he was wasting his time. He told Danielle he needs to think about whether or not they should get married.

Danny and Amy:
- Living apart was taking a toll on the couple so they decided to move up the wedding.
- Danny said his mom was very happy about his wedding but his dad would have reservations because of Amy's race.
- The pair met up with Danny's parents. Danny's mom was very happy. Danny's dad talked about race issues. He asked if Amy is ready to be in an interracial couple in America, where it's not accepted. (Um, some of us see no problem with it!) As much as Danny's dad was unsupportive, Danny's mom was very supportive.
- Amy explained that she's from a city, although people think otherwise when she says she's from Africa.

Brett and Daya:
- Daya and Cassia were finally getting a long, and Brett said they feel like a family. Therefore, the wedding plans can move forward.
- They looked at a wedding venue and agreed to include Cassidy in the wedding ceremony.
- Brett had Daya meet his friend Sue, who was skeptical of Daya.
- Daya told Sue she's heard a lot about her and Sue said the same. Daya said she hopes all good things...and then there was an awkward pause. Sue talked to Daya to say this better be real, and Daya insisted that it is.
- Brett had to pack up the car to bring Cassidy home, and he was heartbroken.
- Daya would also miss Cassidy - she said she was selfish before meeting Cassidy, but now she's different.

I hear that Danielle and Mohamed did actually get married...I kind of can't believe it.

Update: They did. See here:

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