Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pros and Cons of the Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Tracker

In October, I purchased the Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker. In a way, I love it and in a way, it drives me a bit nuts. So if you're considering buying one, here's my review of the product.

The pros:
  • The Shine is a nice looking fitness tracker. With a variety of accessories (clip, bracelets, necklaces), there are a many ways to wear it. Just be aware - if you want it to track your sleep habits, it has to be on the bracelet on your wrist.
  • There many colors to choose from. From black to red to champagne, you've got your choice of colors to match your style.
  • The Shine is waterproof. You can swim in it and everything.
  • The Shine has a clock on it so this product, which looks kind of like a watch, actually is one. When you tap to find out how your points are going, after the lights come up, the lights will come on to show you the time.
  • The app (Android and iPhone are available) is great. It syncs easily with your Shine via Bluetooth. You can add your Shine-wearing friends as friends on the Shine app and see how they're doing throughout the day.
  • Shine gives you fun motivational info, like letting you know when you've met your goal three days in a row and when your friends have met their goals.
  • The sleep tracker rules. I had no idea I got such great sleep but my friends don't. It's amazing to see if and when you get deep sleep.
  • Your Shine can survive being run over by a car. What, you ask? How would one become aware of this? Well, my Shine fell out of the bracelet (this part is a con) into a store parking lot. I was lucky enough to trace my steps and find it. It had clearly been run over, as it was a little dented and scratched, but it still worked. That pretty much blew my mind.

The cons:
  • Unless you are super lucky, you are probably going to lose your Shine. What do I mean? Well, my friend had hers on the clip and noticed that the whole thing (clip included) disappeared. She traced her steps as much as she could, but with no luck. She had to buy a new one. I was a little luckier, as noted above, but now my Shine is all scratched up, which is a con. Oh yeah, and the friend who lost hers altogether often finds it at the bottom of the pool when she's swimming, so the "don't get lost" mechanisms clearly aren't all there. Update: Griffin now makes new products (see one here) that help you not lose your Shine! Win!!!
  • The accuracy is a little wonky. The Shine doesn't capture my my sleep when I nap, and the clock seems to be slightly off. For example, it'll say I exercised until 8:40 when I do a sync at 8:38 after working out, so I know that's not quite right.
  • When worn on the wrist, the Shine seems to undercount activity. Like, I took two hours of dance classes and the Shine didn't even tag it as an activity - or give me that many points! I understand that my arms weren't moving as much as my feet, so I understand, but it's something to be aware of when you decide where to wear your Shine.

Would I recommend a Misfit Shine? Yes, as long as you can find a way to ensure that it is 100% secured. I like that you can hide it when you need to and keep it visible when you want to. You can wear it as a bracelet or necklace, or hook it to your clothes, shoes, straps, whatever. It can take a lot of abuse and still work. Really, the main problem is that it's way too easy to lose in a way that its wrist-only competitors are not. So, if you're a very careful person or don't mind buying a few Shines in your lifetime, I highly recommend this product.

If I can make one suggestion, it would be a way for the user to make the Shine light up or vibrate using the app. That way if it's lost somewhere nearby, it could help the user find it more easily. Or maybe a GPS device so a user can locate their Shine if it's missing. (That would have saved me a ton of searching when mine was lost.) Of course, that would have to be heavily password protected and linked to a particular device to prevent people from misusing it, but there's got to be a way.

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