Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pizza Hut Launched a New Menu Today (November 19th) and I Tried It!

Today, Pizza Hut launched a new menu featuring a 'low calorie' pizza option, sauce swirls and new flavors of crust. Being that I was near a Pizza Hut today, I gave it a try.

Here's what I ordered:
- The skinny slice pizza (which is around 250 calories a slice, which makes me terrified of how many calories are in a regular slice!)
- The crushed tomato type sauce (red sauce, not the marinara)
- Cheese (regular; it didn't give cheese options)
- Veggies: mushrooms and spinach
- Balsamic swirl
- Salted pretzel crust

Here's what happened:
- I tried to find a deal for this pizza, but it only comes in large so it wouldn't fit most of the options. So basically, if I got the less healthy crust, it would have been a lot cheaper. It's possible there was an option I missed, but it didn't seem like I could get this pizza discounted.
- I ordered online and found a coupon code for $5 off. The website accepted it but I was not given the discount. When I called the store, they gave me a line about it applying on my next order. I'm not sure I believe it.
- The pizza arrived and it was delicious. DELICIOUS.
  • The pretzel crust was amazing. AMAZING. It was so good. I couldn't get enough.
  • The toppings were fresh and generous. I was happy with the amount of veggies.
  • The sauce was good but there wasn't enough of it. I wanted to taste more sauce; I barely knew it was there.
  • The balsamic swirl was great! It was a nice touch, and it was included in the price.
  • While the pizza was good, after the high price and delivery fee, it's not something I can purchase frequently.

My recommendation: try it! This pizza is great. A little overpriced, but worth trying at least once.

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