Thursday, November 27, 2014

Growing Up Greek: The Petitions Have Begun

MTV, per their website, is showing a special called Growing Up Greek. The following text is from

"This half hour special follows the young Greek residents of Tarpon Springs, Florida. In this bustling town, everyone is either dating, related or work together at one of the three feuding Greek restaurants."

There's a petition on asking for the show to be cancelled or reworked to show 'true' Greek culture. The petition states:

"Growing up Greek" is a gross misrepresentation of what it means to Grow up Greek.  What makes us Greek is PRIDE. Pride for our faith, family and each other.  This show lessens us to look like Jersey Shore!  We have worked hard to not have that stereotype.  We are an ethnicity strong in family and Orthodoxy.    This show is NOT who we are and we are embarrased.  

I totally understand the concern regarding this issue, but I hope the American public is wise enough to understand that Growing Up Greek is a show that is meant to show people in an extreme version of a culture, much like Jersey Shore with Italian Americans.

What's interesting to me about this is that the show, per, seems to be only a half hour special. So either the show wasn't interesting enough to be shown as a full series or this is a pilot, which will air to see how people react to it. As much hate as Jersey Shore got, it brought in crazy ratings for the network. And MTV knows all publicity is good publicity, so they are probably loving this.

Jersey Shore was not changed by viewer pressure, but the MTV show about nurses was. So we will see if this petition has any bearing on the future of the show.

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