Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gia Giudice's Music Video Is Exactly What Is Wrong With Music Today

Have you listened to 3KT's cover of Britney Spears' song Circus? If you haven't, look it up in the dictionary under the definition of positively awful.

If you are wondering who this band named after three karat diamonds is, it is comprised of Gia Giudice (Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey's daughter) and her "two BFFs" - aka a 16 year old and 14 year old that 13 year old Gia probably had never met before coming together to record this hot mess.

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Anyway, 3KT's cover of Circus includes a silly intro with some very bad acting (with Gia, of course, dressed as a cheerleader because those are the popular ones, right?), followed by a super sexed up video that would make Kris Jenner green with envy because she didn't think of it first.

Anyway, this video is no more than contrived music with the typical pop structure (it is a Britney Spears song, after all) with a rap part added in. And as much as it's being advertised as Gia's band, she hardly seems to do anything, aside from dance around with way too much makeup and way too few clothes, and have a discussion with little sister Milania at the end. The part with Milania was actually cute, sweet and appropriate, but that was about the only endearing thing about the video. Alexa Maetta and Christianna Cardinale seem to be the real 'talent' of the band.

I did like the part where the main singer raps about her age or something like that, basically saying not to discount her because she young. The best part about it is that she rapped age with "minimum wage" which is pretty much a slap in the face who work hard for their money, yet still actually pay their bills (ahem, Giudice problems).

So, want to see this hot mess for yourself? Just remember to keep all of your thoughts completely clean - these are just CHILDREN. And this is hardly appropriate. But that's cool; I guess money and fame are more important.

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