Monday, November 3, 2014

Clothing Your Baby in Kardashian Gear - Cool or Completely Crazy?

A mom has started a petition to get the Kardashian line of clothing pulled from Babies R Us stores because the clothes sexualize children. While the mom says something along the lines of the clothes making the kids look like little prostitots, Babies R Us has no plans to pull the line. So who's right? Here's a balanced approach:

Why Babies R Us is right:

- Babies R Us is getting a ton of publicity from this woman's petition. I had no idea there was a Kardashian baby clothing line until this controversy. And while Babies R Us could pull the clothes off the shelves, they'd lose a ton of money, because you can be sure that the clothes are now flying off the shelves and the company is making a ton of money.
- I doubt anyone would blink an eye at the baby designs if they didn't have the Kardashian name attached to them. The outfits don't look terribly inappropriate, really, and babies are, well, babies. Put a miniskirt on a baby and it's still a baby outfit that the kid will never remember wearing.
- If you don't want to shop at Babies R Us, the company doesn't care. For every non-shopper, there's another potential client.
- People bought baby Juicy Couture clothes and that brand is known for being sexy too, like writing the word Juicy on pants. This brand gets hated on just because it's created by Kardashians.

Why Anti-Kardashian mom is right:

- Kardashians have worked their way into so much of society, and enough is enough. We are supporting a family that is famous simply for being famous. We are allowing someone who is famous for a sex tape to create clothes for babies. Something's a little weird about that.
- Kardashians are not good role models. You really don't want your kids associating the brand name with the actual people. While these clothes are for babies, there are plenty of Kardashian clothes for kids to grow into, and that could be entering dangerous territory.
- Toys R Us pulled Breaking Bad toys because they promoted drug use and this line promotes the things the Kardashians stand for, which, like noted above, include sex tapes. My guess is the Breaking Bad toys weren't big sellers but this line sells like crazy.

What do you think?

Want to know what's in this line of clothing? You can see the clothing line here, on Babies R Us' website.

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