Monday, November 10, 2014

90 Day Fiance - 11/9/14

Here's a quick recap of 90 Day Fiance:

Danielle and Mohamed:

- Danielle and her daughters went to choose a wedding dress within a $500 budget. This was the first time she's done this. One of Danielle's daughters felt excited because Danielle was excited.
- Danielle loved a dress but it was above her budget because money's tight and Mohamed can't work.
- Danielle reached in to give Mohamed a kiss, and he offered his cheek. If you weren't already convinced that Mohamed isn't into Danielle, this should prove it.
- Mohamed went for a walk and found some people playing football. He joined them. They taught him how to play. Mohamed seemed confused about why football was called football because it doesn't use feet. (I'm pretty sure this goes back to football actually being soccer and the Americans screwing it up.) Mohamed joined his new friends for a drink.
- Mohamed talked to his new friends who told him that guys in America can meet girls and hook up with them right away.
- One girl was flirting with Mohamed but to his credit, he seemed disinterested. He had never experienced something like what the girl was doing and wasn't into it. He liked that Danielle wasn't like that.

Amy and Danny:

- Amy and Danny looked at wedding venues. You could tell Amy wanted some alone time with Danny, but he'd invited family to join them.
- Danny's friends offered up their farmhouse for their wedding and the couple liked it.
- Amy noted that Danny will have to step back a little from his family so they can have some time to themselves.
- Danny got Amy for church. Danny took a shower on his own and that reminded Amy that they'd taken a vow of abstinence, so that was tough. They went together for premarital counseling, which was required by the church.
- Danny felt pressured because he felt like Amy's only support system since she moved from her friends and family. Danny was told that his attention needs to be taken from other places and moved to Amy.
- What was up with Danny's outfit in this scene? Very interesting, and not in a good way.

Jason and Cassia:

- Jason flew to Rio to meet Cassia (who is 23 and from Brazil) although they had been fighting.
- Jason was concerned about Cassia showing up because he'd have nowhere to stay if she didn't. He said he'd fly back alone if he had to.
- He didn't have to worry though, because Cassia was there to meet him. Jason was relieved.
- Cassia explained to the cameras that she and Jason were fighting about him having time for her, but it was silly because they'd put so much into the relationship.
- Just as a side note, I didn't love the coloration in Cassia's hair - what did you think?
- Jason brought Cassia to meet his father. Jason's father said he heard Cassia doesn't like clowns, so he dressed up as one to meet her. She handled it well and seemed to be confused if it was some kind of American tradition. (I guess she passed the first test!)
- Jason showed Cassia his messy bedroom and Cassia was appalled. He said it was a work in progress. He also showed Cassia the green pool.
- Cassia said the house was pretty but she didn't like the floor - I think it had to do with part of the floor being wood and part being tile. Unfortunately, they had just put in the floors.
- Cassia noted that people in the town looked older and she'd have trouble making friends. She seemed confused by the salad bar Jason took her to.
- Cassia asked Jason when she can start modeling. He asked if that's a good idea. She said she wants to do bikini modeling.
- Cassia asked Jason what would happen if the pair decided not to get married or she doesn't like America. She asked if he'd move to Brazil.

Brett and Daya:

- Brett and his mom had a chat. His mom was concerned that Brett was so happy to see Daya but she didn't seem as excited.
- Brett said he was concerned about Daya questioning the ring. His mom agreed. Brett told her in frustration that if the diamond is fake, they'll get her a new one.
- Brett's mom was concerned that if Daya isn't happy with the ring, she'll be unhappy with other things.
- The pair went to get the diamond on Daya's ring appraised. She told the cameras that she wasn't doing it because she cares if the ring is fake, but she knows Brett works hard and she wouldn't want him to be embarrassed and want them to be embarrassed in front of her friends. She said she was protecting Brett's reputation. WHAT?!?!? She was doing a serious cover up with this one after her awful behavior.
-  Brett told the woman that there was a black speck in the diamond, which made Daya feel that it was fake. Brett knew it was real, but he was still nervous about what would happen if it's not. (Don't diamonds have natural imperfections, by the way? Fake ones would be much more perfect.) It turns out the diamond was real but it was a lower grade because of the imperfection. Daya seemed sort of happy but said she still didn't like the diamond.

Chelsea and Yamir:

-Yamir was nervous and anxious. He'd never lived outside of Nicaragua.
- The couple would be moving in with Chelsea's parents in the midwest.
- Yamir felt as if this was the only option, which is interesting because really, it's not, but I guess it was if he wanted to be with Chelsea.
- Yamir would have some adjustment from a tough city to a sleepy rural town.
- Amy and Yamir were shown to the basement, where they'd be living. In Nicaragua, there were no basements. He was surprised by how cold it was down there.
- The family sat down for dinner, and Chelsea's parents asked what they'd do for jobs. Chelsea's mom said they have a meat packing plant nearby that hires Latinos. Chelsea hoped Yamir understood that as he should take work that is available, not considering it as a comment about his ethnicity.
- Yamir said he does want to work in music but understands that his career won't instantly translate overseas.
- Chelsea took Yamir to an open mic night and hoped he would want to perform. Yamir was surprised by how different music was than what he was used to.

And that was today's episode! More to come next week.


Liz said...

I don't think he is using her per say but I suspect there is a culture difference in the meaning of marriage. If he comes from a culture that marries for reasons other than love such as arranged marriages being common where people marry for social, political or any other reasons besides love then his whole approach to marriage itself would be different. That would explain the she is acceptable bit. Also he was very well behaved in the bar for someone who has never been in that situation or if he was using her I think he would have been flirty with others but he wasn't. That led me to believe he is taking it seriously but I suspect his culture may not emphasize marriage being for love the way ours does.

Anonymous said...

How stupid are these saps that they don't think these people are only marrying them to get a green card so we US taxpayers can support them & their offspring for the rest of their lives!?? Leave it to TLC to promote more B.S. Like Honey Boo Boo - disfunctional, illiterate, pedophile loving magnets! Disgusting!

Catherine said...

Anonymous, you know so much don't you.

" so we US taxpayers can support them & their offspring for the rest of their lives!??"

So, the real story is that when you marry a foreign national and sponsor them for a green card, you, the US Citizen sign an Affidavit of Support that:

(1) proves that your income is at a level to support the household (you, the foreign national and any children or other dependents existing or brought into the relationship) at 125% of the poverty level (and ineligible for benefits).

(2) It is also essentially a contract between you and the US Government ensures that the foreign national will be supported, by you, at 125% of the poverty level (and ineligible for welfare) for 40 fiscal quarters (10 years), even if you divorce. So, if these people divorce, they will need to pay the foreign national a yearly sum that IS this 125% of poverty level or make up the difference between the foreign national's income and 125% of the poverty level.

Clearly, some of these people are after the green card and/or financial support (although seriously, they could have chosen wealthier targets. Yikes), but some are obviously legitimate....if a little risky.