Sunday, November 23, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 11/23/14

Today on 90 Day Fiance, here's what went down:

Brett and Daya:
- Daya had her first day alone with Cassidy. Brett was nervous because Cassidy hasn't warmed up to her.
- Daya tried to play with Cassidy but she wasn't having it and locked Daya out of the house. She let her back in quickly, but Daya told Cassidy she was being bratty.
- Brett arrived home and Daya told him that Cassidy has been a brat the whole time she's been there. She said that Brett never disciplines her. Brett said she's here for just a short time and asked Daya if she wants Cassidy's summer breaks to be like jail. Daya insisted that Brett has to learn how to say no to Cassidy. Daya revealed that she was upset that Cassidy isn't warming up to her, and Brett said that Daya has to be patient.
- Daya realized she needs to be open minded and understanding, and took Cassidy to a park and to the lake to swim. They played house, did their nails and put on makeup. Things seemed to improve as Daya started understanding Cassidy.

Danny and Amy:
- Amy called her mom Lorna. Amy was concerned that her family wouldn't be able to attend the wedding.
- Amy looked forward to her bachelorette weekend, in which she'd bond with Danny's family. Danny's family planned the whole thing.
- Amy's mom arrived for a visit. It was a happy reunion for Amy and her mom, especially because Amy's an only child and the pair are close.
- Amy talked about her concern with Danny's father's issues with her race. Her mom told her that when she walked down the aisle in her beautiful dress, any racial issues would fade away.
- Amy revealed that she waited for her mom to arrive before she went dress shopping. It made her mom's day.
- Amy and her mom went wedding dress shopping. Amy found her perfect dress - simple, lacy and no bling. Just her style.
- Amy's mom told the confessional that there's no way Danny's dad won't love Amy when she sees her. Both Amy and her mom are so sweet. I hope she is right.

Justin and Evelin:
- Justin and Evelin prepared for dinner with Justin's brother Jake and his brother's wife, Jen. If you recall from earlier episodes, Jen's opinionated and the meeting did not go well.
- Evelin was being interrogated like crazy. She was asked if she's religious, if she's ever been married, if she has any kids, and if she wants kids (her parents are, no, no, and in two years, respectively).
- Justin said he'd like a private wedding and Justin's brother was shocked that he wouldn't want his family at the ceremony.
- Evelin defended herself and said it wasn't her idea to have their wedding alone. Jake pointed out that their mom would be crushed by not being at the wedding.

Jason and Cassia:
- Jason said things haven't been great since Cassia's arrival. Jason said he had an idea about how to smooth things over.
- Jason pulled his dad aside to talk and told his dad that he hasn't officially proposed to Cassia and wants to do it officially. He planned to propose at the aquarium near the sharks. His dad made a comment about why he is making a correlation between sharks and marriage...that was a not so subtle dig.
- At the aquarium, Jason got down on one knee and proposed to Cassia. People sitting on benches nearby began to clap. Cassia seemed a little tentative at first and then very happy.

Chelsea and Yamir:
- Yamir's time in the states had has its ups and downs, with a big down being that his band was now over.
- Yamir set to work on his music, sent out demos, and got a meeting with an agent in Chicago. Yamir felt a lot of pressure about the meeting.
- Yamir was greeted warmly at his meeting. He did well with his English until he got flustered. He did a singing demo.
- Yamir told Chelsea the meeting went well and the producers liked his style. They said he needs a staff to make it happen, and he'd need to move. He asked Chelsea how she'd feel living in Chicago. She seemed nervous but open to the idea. However, she wanted to settle down after moving around for almost 10 years and seemed hesitant. Her parents made a good security blanket that she'd be leaving behind.
- Yamir worried that he can't fulfill his love for Chelsea and his music at the same time.

Here's a random note about something I researched today. If you google "Bezness Tunisia" you'll find this site. It talks about people in Tunisia pretending to love someone for financial or personal gain, like entry to a Western country. Given what we've seen from Danielle and Mohamed, is anyone thinking this may be a clue? I read on Facebook that the pair sleeps in separate rooms now (post wedding) because of religion (riiiiiight, we believe you, Mohamed!) but that's from a random post, so it's highly unscientific and not definitely true. If you have any insight on their relationship, please share!

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I cannot STAND jake and Jennifer. .I feel so bad for Evelin that she has to deal with these DOUCHEBAG. Jake and Jennifer are humongous douches to say the least! And ignorant..I know these evelin