Sunday, November 2, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 11/2/14

Below is a quick recap of 90 Day Fiance.

Amy & Danny:
- Amy met Danny's brother and sister-in-law, who she was living with. It looked like it was successful. She was told everything is 20 or 25 minutes away.
- Danny's family and friends was coming to meet Amy, who was sad to be away from her family and cried while video chatting with her mom.
-  Everyone seemed to be happy to meet Amy, although Amy seemed overwhelmed meeting so many people.
- At dinner, Amy was asked if she was afraid of the wedding night. You know what that means. Awkward!
- Amy only met part of Danny's family at this initial meal - she hadn't yet met Danny's parents. He was concerned about this because his dad doesn't believe in interracial dating.

Jason & Cassia:
- Jason, 38, lives in Florida with his dad and a bunch of dogs.
- Cassia's from Brazil. Jason and Cassia met online when Cassia was dating someone Jason had known, but when it ended, she approached Jason about a relationship.
- Jason noted that Cassia can be jealous and possessive. Her temperament could be the end of their relationship. This was evidenced by the pair's fighting. Jason's dad was concerned.
- Cassia complained that Jason wasn't making time for her.
-  Jason was concerned that Cassia wouldn't be there when he arrived in Rio to meet her (which was fair, because she threatened to not show up at the airport).
- Jason brought an engagement ring for Cassia. The way they'd become engaged was Cassia telling Jason to change his Facebook status to engaged.

Brett & Daya:
- The pair took a long car ride to meet Brett's daughter, Cassidy. Daya reacted well to seeing America.
- Brett had told Cassidy that she and Daya would be best friends. Daya worried about being an instant mom. Cassidy would be staying with the pair for a month.
- Daya met Cassidy and Chanel, Cassidy's mom. Cassidy was practically glued to her mom.
- In my opinion, this was crazy - Daya just arrived and Brett immediately took her to meet his daughter? That's too soon for Daya and the daughter! How can Brett and Daya get to know each other if they have a kid around? And how will it affect Cassidy if they break up?
- Brett's mom came for a few days to help out.
- Because there were no extra rooms in the house, Cassidy would be sharing a room with Brett and Daya. Brett admitted that there could have been a better plan.
- Brett went to work and left Daya and Cassidy to hang out, along with Brett's mom. Daya showed everyone her wedding dress. Cassidy helped her with it and Daya was happy, but then she was upset when Cassidy said she didn't want to be a flower girl in the wedding.

Danielle and Mohamed:
- Mohamed went to dinner with Danielle's family. He noted that Danielle's family may be skeptical of his intentions, so he wanted to prove otherwise. Then he smiled this weird smile that made me not trust him at all.
- Mohamed revealed that he doesn't eat meat. Danielle's family was shocked and Mohamed had to explain his religious beliefs.
- Danielle's brother Paul noted that he doesn't trust Mohamed - usually people in love hold hands and stuff, and Mohamed seemed to create distance.

Justin & Evelin:
- Justin took Evelin to meet his family.
- Evelin was afraid to meet Justin's sister in law because she'd heard things about her that weren't great.
- Justin had told his family he was on a dating show so they didn't know that he was bringing a fiance...this is scandalous!
- Justin broke the news - Evelin's his fiance. The looks on everyone's faces went crazy. They were shocked. Obviously they were confused and skeptical.
- Evelin was asked her intentions. She said she wants to make Justin happy, and Justin's mom said she believed her. The question and answer session began and Evelin handled it so well. Justin ended up walking away.
- The other family members did not seem convinced that Evelin wasn't using Justin for a green card.
- Jason was upset that his family wasn't happy and excited to meet Evelin, while Evelin's family was happy to meet him. But what did he expect? He sprung this whole engagement thing on them! Of course they were surprised!
- Justin said he and Evelin should go off on their own to get married, but Evelin said it was important to have family there.

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