Monday, November 17, 2014

90 Day Fiance - 11/16/14

Here's a quick recap of the 11/16 episode of 90 Day Fiance:

Jason and Cassia
- Jason took Cassia out to see the area in which she'd be living. She opted to wear very skimpy clothing and went to try on bikinis. Jason worried about the bathing suit being too revealing.
- At Cassia's insistence, Jason tried on a skimpy men's bathing suit.
- Jason had to go out, and Cassia took issue with it - she felt like they should spend more time together.
- Cassia decided to clean the room while Jason was out. She went through the magazines Jason had ready to sell and found a porn magazine. She was mad because she told Jason she didn't want those in the house.
- Cassia decided she didn't trust Jason yet and decided to snoop around the house. She didn't find any other porn magazines.
- Cassia told Jason they need to talk and confronted him about the nude magazine she found. Jason begged Cassia not to bend it because it's worth $10. Jason took Cassia to the other magazines and promised he'd sell them right away.

Danielle and Mohamed
- Mohamed noted that he misses home but Danielle's family makes him feel welcome.
- They looked at wedding venues. Danielle said she wants only close friends and family at the wedding ceremony but everyone at the reception.
- Mohamed was concerned about there being music at the ceremony.
- Danielle didn't tell Mohamed how tight money is because she doesn't want him to worry.
- Danielle's sister and cousin wanted to meet up and discuss the wedding budget. They were concerned about Danielle's ability to afford it.
- Danielle noted that it would cost $1,000 to submit the papers so Mohamed can work.
- Her family was floored - they understood that Danielle was in over her head, financially.
- Danielle said that she worried about Mohamed leaving because of her financial she did the obviously ethical thing (just kidding) and didn't tell him about it.
- Her family pointed to the fact that this was a disaster waiting to happen.
- Mohamed found out about past due bills when their cell phones were shut off. Mohamed asked why Danielle didn't tell him the truth about money, and this was not cool because she was lying. Mohamed looked beyond stressed.
- Danielle asked if they could work everything out before the visa. Mohamed said Danielle has to change a lot of things if she wants him to stay. If she can't, he could leave. He said he would never leave because of money but could leave if Danielle withholds information from him.
- Mohamed said they should forget about their problems and start from the beginning.

Justin and Evelin
- Justin and Evelin got more pressure from his family. I expect to see more of this throughout the show, even though I believe this couple is for real.
- Justin's mom asked Justin to meet with his brother, Jake, to make sure everything's okay.
- Justin's mom seemed to accept Evelin; she said once everyone gets to know her, they'll love her.
- Justin met up with his brother. His brother seemed most upset that he'd never heard of Evelin before she arrived as Justin's fiance. And can we blame him, really? Justin did not handle the situation well. At the end of the day, Jake was willing to meet Evelin again, so that was a start.

 Danny and Amy
- Danny realized the lack of alone time between the pair put a strain on their relationship. To remedy this, the pair went on an ice skating date.
- Danny talked about his abstinence rules, for example, Amy can't touch his butt.
- They continued with a movie and popcorn date. Danny's brother interrupted. He sat between them. He said he was assuming a fatherly role - he wanted to make sure they stayed safe. He then walked away.
- Amy was clearly disappointed; Danny said he felt like his family is getting in the way of him and Amy.
- Danny set out to talk to Amy about his dad, who lives in Texas. His dad is not comfortable with interracial relationships. He announced that his dad would arrive two days before the wedding and explained his dad's concerns about Amy's race. Danny made it clear that his dad's feelings would have no bearing on his relationship with Amy - he's in it for real. Amy seemed upset about the situation, and understandably so! It's not cool of Danny's dad to judge Amy like that.

Chelsea and Yamir
- Chelsea and Yamir went shopping for wedding tings on a limited budget.
- The pair disagreed on ring preferences but ultimately agreed that they'd both get what they want - Chelsea would get an old ring and Yamir would get a new one.
- Yamir worried about his band. He talked to his bandmate, Franky, and found out someone substituted him in the band's concert. This was not okay because he planned to return for concerts.
- Yamir sent a message to Gabriel to see what's going on. He was very upset by the situation.
- Gabriel emailed Yamir back and blamed him for ruining the band, essentially. He said the band was over because of Yamir's choices. Ouch.
- Chelsea worried about Yamir's feelings but he said he was happy with Chelsea.

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