Thursday, November 27, 2014

Growing Up Greek: The Petitions Have Begun

MTV, per their website, is showing a special called Growing Up Greek. The following text is from

"This half hour special follows the young Greek residents of Tarpon Springs, Florida. In this bustling town, everyone is either dating, related or work together at one of the three feuding Greek restaurants."

There's a petition on asking for the show to be cancelled or reworked to show 'true' Greek culture. The petition states:

"Growing up Greek" is a gross misrepresentation of what it means to Grow up Greek.  What makes us Greek is PRIDE. Pride for our faith, family and each other.  This show lessens us to look like Jersey Shore!  We have worked hard to not have that stereotype.  We are an ethnicity strong in family and Orthodoxy.    This show is NOT who we are and we are embarrased.  

I totally understand the concern regarding this issue, but I hope the American public is wise enough to understand that Growing Up Greek is a show that is meant to show people in an extreme version of a culture, much like Jersey Shore with Italian Americans.

What's interesting to me about this is that the show, per, seems to be only a half hour special. So either the show wasn't interesting enough to be shown as a full series or this is a pilot, which will air to see how people react to it. As much hate as Jersey Shore got, it brought in crazy ratings for the network. And MTV knows all publicity is good publicity, so they are probably loving this.

Jersey Shore was not changed by viewer pressure, but the MTV show about nurses was. So we will see if this petition has any bearing on the future of the show.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 11/23/14

Today on 90 Day Fiance, here's what went down:

Brett and Daya:
- Daya had her first day alone with Cassidy. Brett was nervous because Cassidy hasn't warmed up to her.
- Daya tried to play with Cassidy but she wasn't having it and locked Daya out of the house. She let her back in quickly, but Daya told Cassidy she was being bratty.
- Brett arrived home and Daya told him that Cassidy has been a brat the whole time she's been there. She said that Brett never disciplines her. Brett said she's here for just a short time and asked Daya if she wants Cassidy's summer breaks to be like jail. Daya insisted that Brett has to learn how to say no to Cassidy. Daya revealed that she was upset that Cassidy isn't warming up to her, and Brett said that Daya has to be patient.
- Daya realized she needs to be open minded and understanding, and took Cassidy to a park and to the lake to swim. They played house, did their nails and put on makeup. Things seemed to improve as Daya started understanding Cassidy.

Danny and Amy:
- Amy called her mom Lorna. Amy was concerned that her family wouldn't be able to attend the wedding.
- Amy looked forward to her bachelorette weekend, in which she'd bond with Danny's family. Danny's family planned the whole thing.
- Amy's mom arrived for a visit. It was a happy reunion for Amy and her mom, especially because Amy's an only child and the pair are close.
- Amy talked about her concern with Danny's father's issues with her race. Her mom told her that when she walked down the aisle in her beautiful dress, any racial issues would fade away.
- Amy revealed that she waited for her mom to arrive before she went dress shopping. It made her mom's day.
- Amy and her mom went wedding dress shopping. Amy found her perfect dress - simple, lacy and no bling. Just her style.
- Amy's mom told the confessional that there's no way Danny's dad won't love Amy when she sees her. Both Amy and her mom are so sweet. I hope she is right.

Justin and Evelin:
- Justin and Evelin prepared for dinner with Justin's brother Jake and his brother's wife, Jen. If you recall from earlier episodes, Jen's opinionated and the meeting did not go well.
- Evelin was being interrogated like crazy. She was asked if she's religious, if she's ever been married, if she has any kids, and if she wants kids (her parents are, no, no, and in two years, respectively).
- Justin said he'd like a private wedding and Justin's brother was shocked that he wouldn't want his family at the ceremony.
- Evelin defended herself and said it wasn't her idea to have their wedding alone. Jake pointed out that their mom would be crushed by not being at the wedding.

Jason and Cassia:
- Jason said things haven't been great since Cassia's arrival. Jason said he had an idea about how to smooth things over.
- Jason pulled his dad aside to talk and told his dad that he hasn't officially proposed to Cassia and wants to do it officially. He planned to propose at the aquarium near the sharks. His dad made a comment about why he is making a correlation between sharks and marriage...that was a not so subtle dig.
- At the aquarium, Jason got down on one knee and proposed to Cassia. People sitting on benches nearby began to clap. Cassia seemed a little tentative at first and then very happy.

Chelsea and Yamir:
- Yamir's time in the states had has its ups and downs, with a big down being that his band was now over.
- Yamir set to work on his music, sent out demos, and got a meeting with an agent in Chicago. Yamir felt a lot of pressure about the meeting.
- Yamir was greeted warmly at his meeting. He did well with his English until he got flustered. He did a singing demo.
- Yamir told Chelsea the meeting went well and the producers liked his style. They said he needs a staff to make it happen, and he'd need to move. He asked Chelsea how she'd feel living in Chicago. She seemed nervous but open to the idea. However, she wanted to settle down after moving around for almost 10 years and seemed hesitant. Her parents made a good security blanket that she'd be leaving behind.
- Yamir worried that he can't fulfill his love for Chelsea and his music at the same time.

Here's a random note about something I researched today. If you google "Bezness Tunisia" you'll find this site. It talks about people in Tunisia pretending to love someone for financial or personal gain, like entry to a Western country. Given what we've seen from Danielle and Mohamed, is anyone thinking this may be a clue? I read on Facebook that the pair sleeps in separate rooms now (post wedding) because of religion (riiiiiight, we believe you, Mohamed!) but that's from a random post, so it's highly unscientific and not definitely true. If you have any insight on their relationship, please share!

What Are Your Thoughts on the Duggar Controversy?

If you've been following the latest Duggar drama, you know that people are having very strong feelings against - and for - 19 Kids and Counting.

The latest round of pro and anti-Duggar banter occurred when Michelle posted a kissing challenge, encouraging couples to emulate a steamy kiss between her and husband Jim Bob. It was a little weird to start out, but things got really bad when Michelle deleted photos of same sex couples kissing. Why? Because her definition of when kissing is okay is when it's between a married woman and a man. So apparently married same sex couples don't count to Michelle, even though they do count in the eyes of the law, and you know, people who are open to allowing people to be happy with who they are.

People are clearly not happy with this situation, and this is shown by a petition asking TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting. However, others have countered with a petition of their own to keep the show on the air because Michelle and crew support the idea of traditional marriage.

Here's my take on this situation - the whole thing is complicated.

It's complicated for TLC because:
  • TLC just took a big hit losing Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The network lost a show that gave it millions of viewers; it is logical to lose another show that brings in strong ratings?
  • TLC faces a challenge - does the network stand by the fight for rights and equality by cancelling the show, or do they conclude that any show will be controversial in some way, so it shouldn't allow a show to be cancelled because of some people's opinions? They probably won't cancel the show, in my opinion, because all publicity is good publicity, and this issue will probably get them even more viewers.

It's complicated for the Duggar family because:
  • The Duggar family stands by their views, and technically you can't tell someone their opinion is wrong. Do we have to agree with the Duggars' opinions? Absolutely not. But us telling them their opinion is wrong is exactly the same as the Duggars telling viewers that their opinions are wrong.
  • The Duggars face a decision: do they change their stance on gay marriage (or at least stop speaking against gay rights and such) or do they stand by their beliefs? I think people in a position of influence should use the gift they've been given to share positivity with the world, rather than hate. But the thing is, the Duggars truly believe they're doing the right thing, even if that belief can harm others. In their minds, what they are doing is the right thing. Like with the situation a while back where Michelle likened transgender people to pedophiles - what? It's so wrong on so many levels, but I genuinely believe that Michelle doesn't see that.

It's complicated for viewers because:
  • 19 Kids and Counting is a fun show to watch. While I completely disagree with many of the Duggars' views and practices, I enjoy watching the show. However, it's for entertainment purposes only; I don't view the family as role models in any way. Do I give up a show I like because I disagree with their beliefs? I'm not sure.

What drives me a little bit crazy about this whole thing is the things I've read on Facebook and other media. One supporter of the Duggars praised the show, stating that it shows good Christian values and we need more of that on TV. That drives me nuts. Why? Because I don't think we do need more good CHRISTIAN values on TV. I think we should be good people on our own accord; it shouldn't have to be based in religion. And this goes back to believing in the "right" god. What if this was about a Jewish family? A Muslim family? An atheist family? People would be all up in arms because the family isn't worshiping the "right" god and showing the "right" morals, even if their opinions on gay marriage were the same as the Duggars'. It's that kind of intolerance (my religion is right / my morals are right / my religion belongs on TV because I'm in the majority so my views are correct) that breeds hate and problems!

I personally believe that people should be able to enjoy any religion that they would like, as long as they live their lives in a moral and ethical way. Our differences are what allow us to have intellectual discussions and think through complicated issues. However, I believe religion should be used for positive reasons. For example, use the teachings that say we should treat everyone equally and everyone deserves respect. We pick and choose what we take from religious texts anyway; why not focus on the good? Someone who truly wants to make the world "right" or "better" or whatever else should use their influence to make others feel accepted and allow them to be the best that they can be. Isn't it true that many religions teach that we should love all people? So use that! It's not possible to tell someone that their viewpoint on gay marriage or abortion is wrong, however, it is possible to explain that they don't have to partake in things that they don't believe in, but they shouldn't stop others from living their lives. We all deserve an equal chance to be happy, and putting hate out into the universe based on your own beliefs isn't helping anyone.

I really think what TLC should say to the Duggars is this: You have a popular show on the air and we would prefer not to cancel it. However, we'd like you to not spread hate. If you can't agree with this, we'll pull you off the air. We know we can't change your personal beliefs, but we can tell you what our network represents, and if you can't stand by our terms of sharing positive messages, we'll have to part ways.

What do you think of all this? Should 19 Kids and Counting stay on the air?

Pros and Cons of the Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep Tracker

In October, I purchased the Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker. In a way, I love it and in a way, it drives me a bit nuts. So if you're considering buying one, here's my review of the product.

The pros:
  • The Shine is a nice looking fitness tracker. With a variety of accessories (clip, bracelets, necklaces), there are a many ways to wear it. Just be aware - if you want it to track your sleep habits, it has to be on the bracelet on your wrist.
  • There many colors to choose from. From black to red to champagne, you've got your choice of colors to match your style.
  • The Shine is waterproof. You can swim in it and everything.
  • The Shine has a clock on it so this product, which looks kind of like a watch, actually is one. When you tap to find out how your points are going, after the lights come up, the lights will come on to show you the time.
  • The app (Android and iPhone are available) is great. It syncs easily with your Shine via Bluetooth. You can add your Shine-wearing friends as friends on the Shine app and see how they're doing throughout the day.
  • Shine gives you fun motivational info, like letting you know when you've met your goal three days in a row and when your friends have met their goals.
  • The sleep tracker rules. I had no idea I got such great sleep but my friends don't. It's amazing to see if and when you get deep sleep.
  • Your Shine can survive being run over by a car. What, you ask? How would one become aware of this? Well, my Shine fell out of the bracelet (this part is a con) into a store parking lot. I was lucky enough to trace my steps and find it. It had clearly been run over, as it was a little dented and scratched, but it still worked. That pretty much blew my mind.

The cons:
  • Unless you are super lucky, you are probably going to lose your Shine. What do I mean? Well, my friend had hers on the clip and noticed that the whole thing (clip included) disappeared. She traced her steps as much as she could, but with no luck. She had to buy a new one. I was a little luckier, as noted above, but now my Shine is all scratched up, which is a con. Oh yeah, and the friend who lost hers altogether often finds it at the bottom of the pool when she's swimming, so the "don't get lost" mechanisms clearly aren't all there. Update: Griffin now makes new products (see one here) that help you not lose your Shine! Win!!!
  • The accuracy is a little wonky. The Shine doesn't capture my my sleep when I nap, and the clock seems to be slightly off. For example, it'll say I exercised until 8:40 when I do a sync at 8:38 after working out, so I know that's not quite right.
  • When worn on the wrist, the Shine seems to undercount activity. Like, I took two hours of dance classes and the Shine didn't even tag it as an activity - or give me that many points! I understand that my arms weren't moving as much as my feet, so I understand, but it's something to be aware of when you decide where to wear your Shine.

Would I recommend a Misfit Shine? Yes, as long as you can find a way to ensure that it is 100% secured. I like that you can hide it when you need to and keep it visible when you want to. You can wear it as a bracelet or necklace, or hook it to your clothes, shoes, straps, whatever. It can take a lot of abuse and still work. Really, the main problem is that it's way too easy to lose in a way that its wrist-only competitors are not. So, if you're a very careful person or don't mind buying a few Shines in your lifetime, I highly recommend this product.

If I can make one suggestion, it would be a way for the user to make the Shine light up or vibrate using the app. That way if it's lost somewhere nearby, it could help the user find it more easily. Or maybe a GPS device so a user can locate their Shine if it's missing. (That would have saved me a ton of searching when mine was lost.) Of course, that would have to be heavily password protected and linked to a particular device to prevent people from misusing it, but there's got to be a way.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pizza Hut Launched a New Menu Today (November 19th) and I Tried It!

Today, Pizza Hut launched a new menu featuring a 'low calorie' pizza option, sauce swirls and new flavors of crust. Being that I was near a Pizza Hut today, I gave it a try.

Here's what I ordered:
- The skinny slice pizza (which is around 250 calories a slice, which makes me terrified of how many calories are in a regular slice!)
- The crushed tomato type sauce (red sauce, not the marinara)
- Cheese (regular; it didn't give cheese options)
- Veggies: mushrooms and spinach
- Balsamic swirl
- Salted pretzel crust

Here's what happened:
- I tried to find a deal for this pizza, but it only comes in large so it wouldn't fit most of the options. So basically, if I got the less healthy crust, it would have been a lot cheaper. It's possible there was an option I missed, but it didn't seem like I could get this pizza discounted.
- I ordered online and found a coupon code for $5 off. The website accepted it but I was not given the discount. When I called the store, they gave me a line about it applying on my next order. I'm not sure I believe it.
- The pizza arrived and it was delicious. DELICIOUS.
  • The pretzel crust was amazing. AMAZING. It was so good. I couldn't get enough.
  • The toppings were fresh and generous. I was happy with the amount of veggies.
  • The sauce was good but there wasn't enough of it. I wanted to taste more sauce; I barely knew it was there.
  • The balsamic swirl was great! It was a nice touch, and it was included in the price.
  • While the pizza was good, after the high price and delivery fee, it's not something I can purchase frequently.

My recommendation: try it! This pizza is great. A little overpriced, but worth trying at least once.

Teresa Giudice Wants Your Money For Gia's Music Video

Oh my goodness. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Teresa Giudice started asking for money via Kickstarter.

So why does Teresa Giudice want our money? Well, she wants to fund her daughter Gia's music video with her band, 3KT. Apparently the horribly inappropriate cover the group did of Britney Spears' Circus didn't get the group signed anywhere, so they want to make a new video on our dime.

So, if you want to contribute to someone who committed fraud in the state of New Jersey, definitely contribute to this Kickstarter. Or don't. Because if you contribute $10, the band will follow you on Instagram. And I hate to say it, but I don't think it's worth it.

Oh yeah, and in terms of other people being hated on, there's a petition out to cancel 19 Kids and Counting. Why? Because of the Duggars' anti-gay stance. 19 Kids and Counting is a tough issue for me. I strongly disagree with the Duggars' anti-gay stance; people, especially ones who can be positive role models for the world, should be supportive of people's differences. But watching the show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't agree with all of their beliefs (or many of them at all, really) but the show is fun. We'll see how this one plays out - TLC probably doesn't want to lose another big show at this point.

Monday, November 17, 2014

90 Day Fiance - 11/16/14

Here's a quick recap of the 11/16 episode of 90 Day Fiance:

Jason and Cassia
- Jason took Cassia out to see the area in which she'd be living. She opted to wear very skimpy clothing and went to try on bikinis. Jason worried about the bathing suit being too revealing.
- At Cassia's insistence, Jason tried on a skimpy men's bathing suit.
- Jason had to go out, and Cassia took issue with it - she felt like they should spend more time together.
- Cassia decided to clean the room while Jason was out. She went through the magazines Jason had ready to sell and found a porn magazine. She was mad because she told Jason she didn't want those in the house.
- Cassia decided she didn't trust Jason yet and decided to snoop around the house. She didn't find any other porn magazines.
- Cassia told Jason they need to talk and confronted him about the nude magazine she found. Jason begged Cassia not to bend it because it's worth $10. Jason took Cassia to the other magazines and promised he'd sell them right away.

Danielle and Mohamed
- Mohamed noted that he misses home but Danielle's family makes him feel welcome.
- They looked at wedding venues. Danielle said she wants only close friends and family at the wedding ceremony but everyone at the reception.
- Mohamed was concerned about there being music at the ceremony.
- Danielle didn't tell Mohamed how tight money is because she doesn't want him to worry.
- Danielle's sister and cousin wanted to meet up and discuss the wedding budget. They were concerned about Danielle's ability to afford it.
- Danielle noted that it would cost $1,000 to submit the papers so Mohamed can work.
- Her family was floored - they understood that Danielle was in over her head, financially.
- Danielle said that she worried about Mohamed leaving because of her financial she did the obviously ethical thing (just kidding) and didn't tell him about it.
- Her family pointed to the fact that this was a disaster waiting to happen.
- Mohamed found out about past due bills when their cell phones were shut off. Mohamed asked why Danielle didn't tell him the truth about money, and this was not cool because she was lying. Mohamed looked beyond stressed.
- Danielle asked if they could work everything out before the visa. Mohamed said Danielle has to change a lot of things if she wants him to stay. If she can't, he could leave. He said he would never leave because of money but could leave if Danielle withholds information from him.
- Mohamed said they should forget about their problems and start from the beginning.

Justin and Evelin
- Justin and Evelin got more pressure from his family. I expect to see more of this throughout the show, even though I believe this couple is for real.
- Justin's mom asked Justin to meet with his brother, Jake, to make sure everything's okay.
- Justin's mom seemed to accept Evelin; she said once everyone gets to know her, they'll love her.
- Justin met up with his brother. His brother seemed most upset that he'd never heard of Evelin before she arrived as Justin's fiance. And can we blame him, really? Justin did not handle the situation well. At the end of the day, Jake was willing to meet Evelin again, so that was a start.

 Danny and Amy
- Danny realized the lack of alone time between the pair put a strain on their relationship. To remedy this, the pair went on an ice skating date.
- Danny talked about his abstinence rules, for example, Amy can't touch his butt.
- They continued with a movie and popcorn date. Danny's brother interrupted. He sat between them. He said he was assuming a fatherly role - he wanted to make sure they stayed safe. He then walked away.
- Amy was clearly disappointed; Danny said he felt like his family is getting in the way of him and Amy.
- Danny set out to talk to Amy about his dad, who lives in Texas. His dad is not comfortable with interracial relationships. He announced that his dad would arrive two days before the wedding and explained his dad's concerns about Amy's race. Danny made it clear that his dad's feelings would have no bearing on his relationship with Amy - he's in it for real. Amy seemed upset about the situation, and understandably so! It's not cool of Danny's dad to judge Amy like that.

Chelsea and Yamir
- Chelsea and Yamir went shopping for wedding tings on a limited budget.
- The pair disagreed on ring preferences but ultimately agreed that they'd both get what they want - Chelsea would get an old ring and Yamir would get a new one.
- Yamir worried about his band. He talked to his bandmate, Franky, and found out someone substituted him in the band's concert. This was not okay because he planned to return for concerts.
- Yamir sent a message to Gabriel to see what's going on. He was very upset by the situation.
- Gabriel emailed Yamir back and blamed him for ruining the band, essentially. He said the band was over because of Yamir's choices. Ouch.
- Chelsea worried about Yamir's feelings but he said he was happy with Chelsea.

Monday, November 10, 2014

90 Day Fiance - 11/9/14

Here's a quick recap of 90 Day Fiance:

Danielle and Mohamed:

- Danielle and her daughters went to choose a wedding dress within a $500 budget. This was the first time she's done this. One of Danielle's daughters felt excited because Danielle was excited.
- Danielle loved a dress but it was above her budget because money's tight and Mohamed can't work.
- Danielle reached in to give Mohamed a kiss, and he offered his cheek. If you weren't already convinced that Mohamed isn't into Danielle, this should prove it.
- Mohamed went for a walk and found some people playing football. He joined them. They taught him how to play. Mohamed seemed confused about why football was called football because it doesn't use feet. (I'm pretty sure this goes back to football actually being soccer and the Americans screwing it up.) Mohamed joined his new friends for a drink.
- Mohamed talked to his new friends who told him that guys in America can meet girls and hook up with them right away.
- One girl was flirting with Mohamed but to his credit, he seemed disinterested. He had never experienced something like what the girl was doing and wasn't into it. He liked that Danielle wasn't like that.

Amy and Danny:

- Amy and Danny looked at wedding venues. You could tell Amy wanted some alone time with Danny, but he'd invited family to join them.
- Danny's friends offered up their farmhouse for their wedding and the couple liked it.
- Amy noted that Danny will have to step back a little from his family so they can have some time to themselves.
- Danny got Amy for church. Danny took a shower on his own and that reminded Amy that they'd taken a vow of abstinence, so that was tough. They went together for premarital counseling, which was required by the church.
- Danny felt pressured because he felt like Amy's only support system since she moved from her friends and family. Danny was told that his attention needs to be taken from other places and moved to Amy.
- What was up with Danny's outfit in this scene? Very interesting, and not in a good way.

Jason and Cassia:

- Jason flew to Rio to meet Cassia (who is 23 and from Brazil) although they had been fighting.
- Jason was concerned about Cassia showing up because he'd have nowhere to stay if she didn't. He said he'd fly back alone if he had to.
- He didn't have to worry though, because Cassia was there to meet him. Jason was relieved.
- Cassia explained to the cameras that she and Jason were fighting about him having time for her, but it was silly because they'd put so much into the relationship.
- Just as a side note, I didn't love the coloration in Cassia's hair - what did you think?
- Jason brought Cassia to meet his father. Jason's father said he heard Cassia doesn't like clowns, so he dressed up as one to meet her. She handled it well and seemed to be confused if it was some kind of American tradition. (I guess she passed the first test!)
- Jason showed Cassia his messy bedroom and Cassia was appalled. He said it was a work in progress. He also showed Cassia the green pool.
- Cassia said the house was pretty but she didn't like the floor - I think it had to do with part of the floor being wood and part being tile. Unfortunately, they had just put in the floors.
- Cassia noted that people in the town looked older and she'd have trouble making friends. She seemed confused by the salad bar Jason took her to.
- Cassia asked Jason when she can start modeling. He asked if that's a good idea. She said she wants to do bikini modeling.
- Cassia asked Jason what would happen if the pair decided not to get married or she doesn't like America. She asked if he'd move to Brazil.

Brett and Daya:

- Brett and his mom had a chat. His mom was concerned that Brett was so happy to see Daya but she didn't seem as excited.
- Brett said he was concerned about Daya questioning the ring. His mom agreed. Brett told her in frustration that if the diamond is fake, they'll get her a new one.
- Brett's mom was concerned that if Daya isn't happy with the ring, she'll be unhappy with other things.
- The pair went to get the diamond on Daya's ring appraised. She told the cameras that she wasn't doing it because she cares if the ring is fake, but she knows Brett works hard and she wouldn't want him to be embarrassed and want them to be embarrassed in front of her friends. She said she was protecting Brett's reputation. WHAT?!?!? She was doing a serious cover up with this one after her awful behavior.
-  Brett told the woman that there was a black speck in the diamond, which made Daya feel that it was fake. Brett knew it was real, but he was still nervous about what would happen if it's not. (Don't diamonds have natural imperfections, by the way? Fake ones would be much more perfect.) It turns out the diamond was real but it was a lower grade because of the imperfection. Daya seemed sort of happy but said she still didn't like the diamond.

Chelsea and Yamir:

-Yamir was nervous and anxious. He'd never lived outside of Nicaragua.
- The couple would be moving in with Chelsea's parents in the midwest.
- Yamir felt as if this was the only option, which is interesting because really, it's not, but I guess it was if he wanted to be with Chelsea.
- Yamir would have some adjustment from a tough city to a sleepy rural town.
- Amy and Yamir were shown to the basement, where they'd be living. In Nicaragua, there were no basements. He was surprised by how cold it was down there.
- The family sat down for dinner, and Chelsea's parents asked what they'd do for jobs. Chelsea's mom said they have a meat packing plant nearby that hires Latinos. Chelsea hoped Yamir understood that as he should take work that is available, not considering it as a comment about his ethnicity.
- Yamir said he does want to work in music but understands that his career won't instantly translate overseas.
- Chelsea took Yamir to an open mic night and hoped he would want to perform. Yamir was surprised by how different music was than what he was used to.

And that was today's episode! More to come next week.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gia Giudice's Music Video Is Exactly What Is Wrong With Music Today

Have you listened to 3KT's cover of Britney Spears' song Circus? If you haven't, look it up in the dictionary under the definition of positively awful.

If you are wondering who this band named after three karat diamonds is, it is comprised of Gia Giudice (Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey's daughter) and her "two BFFs" - aka a 16 year old and 14 year old that 13 year old Gia probably had never met before coming together to record this hot mess.

Image from
Anyway, 3KT's cover of Circus includes a silly intro with some very bad acting (with Gia, of course, dressed as a cheerleader because those are the popular ones, right?), followed by a super sexed up video that would make Kris Jenner green with envy because she didn't think of it first.

Anyway, this video is no more than contrived music with the typical pop structure (it is a Britney Spears song, after all) with a rap part added in. And as much as it's being advertised as Gia's band, she hardly seems to do anything, aside from dance around with way too much makeup and way too few clothes, and have a discussion with little sister Milania at the end. The part with Milania was actually cute, sweet and appropriate, but that was about the only endearing thing about the video. Alexa Maetta and Christianna Cardinale seem to be the real 'talent' of the band.

I did like the part where the main singer raps about her age or something like that, basically saying not to discount her because she young. The best part about it is that she rapped age with "minimum wage" which is pretty much a slap in the face who work hard for their money, yet still actually pay their bills (ahem, Giudice problems).

So, want to see this hot mess for yourself? Just remember to keep all of your thoughts completely clean - these are just CHILDREN. And this is hardly appropriate. But that's cool; I guess money and fame are more important.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Clothing Your Baby in Kardashian Gear - Cool or Completely Crazy?

A mom has started a petition to get the Kardashian line of clothing pulled from Babies R Us stores because the clothes sexualize children. While the mom says something along the lines of the clothes making the kids look like little prostitots, Babies R Us has no plans to pull the line. So who's right? Here's a balanced approach:

Why Babies R Us is right:

- Babies R Us is getting a ton of publicity from this woman's petition. I had no idea there was a Kardashian baby clothing line until this controversy. And while Babies R Us could pull the clothes off the shelves, they'd lose a ton of money, because you can be sure that the clothes are now flying off the shelves and the company is making a ton of money.
- I doubt anyone would blink an eye at the baby designs if they didn't have the Kardashian name attached to them. The outfits don't look terribly inappropriate, really, and babies are, well, babies. Put a miniskirt on a baby and it's still a baby outfit that the kid will never remember wearing.
- If you don't want to shop at Babies R Us, the company doesn't care. For every non-shopper, there's another potential client.
- People bought baby Juicy Couture clothes and that brand is known for being sexy too, like writing the word Juicy on pants. This brand gets hated on just because it's created by Kardashians.

Why Anti-Kardashian mom is right:

- Kardashians have worked their way into so much of society, and enough is enough. We are supporting a family that is famous simply for being famous. We are allowing someone who is famous for a sex tape to create clothes for babies. Something's a little weird about that.
- Kardashians are not good role models. You really don't want your kids associating the brand name with the actual people. While these clothes are for babies, there are plenty of Kardashian clothes for kids to grow into, and that could be entering dangerous territory.
- Toys R Us pulled Breaking Bad toys because they promoted drug use and this line promotes the things the Kardashians stand for, which, like noted above, include sex tapes. My guess is the Breaking Bad toys weren't big sellers but this line sells like crazy.

What do you think?

Want to know what's in this line of clothing? You can see the clothing line here, on Babies R Us' website.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

90 Day Fiance: 11/2/14

Below is a quick recap of 90 Day Fiance.

Amy & Danny:
- Amy met Danny's brother and sister-in-law, who she was living with. It looked like it was successful. She was told everything is 20 or 25 minutes away.
- Danny's family and friends was coming to meet Amy, who was sad to be away from her family and cried while video chatting with her mom.
-  Everyone seemed to be happy to meet Amy, although Amy seemed overwhelmed meeting so many people.
- At dinner, Amy was asked if she was afraid of the wedding night. You know what that means. Awkward!
- Amy only met part of Danny's family at this initial meal - she hadn't yet met Danny's parents. He was concerned about this because his dad doesn't believe in interracial dating.

Jason & Cassia:
- Jason, 38, lives in Florida with his dad and a bunch of dogs.
- Cassia's from Brazil. Jason and Cassia met online when Cassia was dating someone Jason had known, but when it ended, she approached Jason about a relationship.
- Jason noted that Cassia can be jealous and possessive. Her temperament could be the end of their relationship. This was evidenced by the pair's fighting. Jason's dad was concerned.
- Cassia complained that Jason wasn't making time for her.
-  Jason was concerned that Cassia wouldn't be there when he arrived in Rio to meet her (which was fair, because she threatened to not show up at the airport).
- Jason brought an engagement ring for Cassia. The way they'd become engaged was Cassia telling Jason to change his Facebook status to engaged.

Brett & Daya:
- The pair took a long car ride to meet Brett's daughter, Cassidy. Daya reacted well to seeing America.
- Brett had told Cassidy that she and Daya would be best friends. Daya worried about being an instant mom. Cassidy would be staying with the pair for a month.
- Daya met Cassidy and Chanel, Cassidy's mom. Cassidy was practically glued to her mom.
- In my opinion, this was crazy - Daya just arrived and Brett immediately took her to meet his daughter? That's too soon for Daya and the daughter! How can Brett and Daya get to know each other if they have a kid around? And how will it affect Cassidy if they break up?
- Brett's mom came for a few days to help out.
- Because there were no extra rooms in the house, Cassidy would be sharing a room with Brett and Daya. Brett admitted that there could have been a better plan.
- Brett went to work and left Daya and Cassidy to hang out, along with Brett's mom. Daya showed everyone her wedding dress. Cassidy helped her with it and Daya was happy, but then she was upset when Cassidy said she didn't want to be a flower girl in the wedding.

Danielle and Mohamed:
- Mohamed went to dinner with Danielle's family. He noted that Danielle's family may be skeptical of his intentions, so he wanted to prove otherwise. Then he smiled this weird smile that made me not trust him at all.
- Mohamed revealed that he doesn't eat meat. Danielle's family was shocked and Mohamed had to explain his religious beliefs.
- Danielle's brother Paul noted that he doesn't trust Mohamed - usually people in love hold hands and stuff, and Mohamed seemed to create distance.

Justin & Evelin:
- Justin took Evelin to meet his family.
- Evelin was afraid to meet Justin's sister in law because she'd heard things about her that weren't great.
- Justin had told his family he was on a dating show so they didn't know that he was bringing a fiance...this is scandalous!
- Justin broke the news - Evelin's his fiance. The looks on everyone's faces went crazy. They were shocked. Obviously they were confused and skeptical.
- Evelin was asked her intentions. She said she wants to make Justin happy, and Justin's mom said she believed her. The question and answer session began and Evelin handled it so well. Justin ended up walking away.
- The other family members did not seem convinced that Evelin wasn't using Justin for a green card.
- Jason was upset that his family wasn't happy and excited to meet Evelin, while Evelin's family was happy to meet him. But what did he expect? He sprung this whole engagement thing on them! Of course they were surprised!
- Justin said he and Evelin should go off on their own to get married, but Evelin said it was important to have family there.