Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leah Calvert...The Stories Keep Coming Out

Everywhere I read, there is news about Leah Calvert. First, it was that her husband called her out for cheating on Twitter. Then she denied it, saying it was a misunderstanding. But following that, Jeremy Calvert deleted all references about her from his Twitter, Facebook and whatever else. And then the rumors got even crazier - it's being stated that Leah could be hooked on prescription pills and because of it, Teen Mom 2 won't be filming yet. Also, Leah's teenage brother has gotten his girlfriend pregnant...guess he hasn't learned from Leah. Oh yeah, and Leah's family and others are having all kinds of arguments over social media.

This has gotten pretty awful. I understand that Leah's under a lot of stress, having three young girls at home (Ali, Aleeah and Addalynn), but the girls should be a reason to stay clean and not break up her marriage by cheating.

Hopefully Leah will get the help she needs and can be a great mom to her daughters. We will see, though - only time will tell.

I read this stuff in many places, but if you're looking for some juicy news, check out The Ashley's Reality Roundup. It's great.

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