Friday, October 17, 2014

Leah Calvert Reportedly Cheated On Her Husband

In news that is not news, it is being reported that Leah Calvert of Teen Mom fame cheated on her husband.

She, of course, denies the claims, stating that it was a misunderstanding. However, her track record of cheating doesn't exactly agree with her words. And it's pretty strong of Jeremy to call Leah some nasty things on Twitter over something that was just a rumor.

I think if the cheating rumors are true, Leah and Jeremy are sweeping it under the rug for the sake of Teen Mom. If I recall, Leah had to marry Corey as part of her storyline. And MTV probably isn't too keen on keeping her if she's going through her second divorce. Also, Leah's got three kids - Jeremy's paycheck is probably quite helpful.

I really don't like this because I liked Leah when her episode of 16 and Pregnant first aired. However, fame and time can change personalities, and maybe Leah's didn't change for the better.

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