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90 Day Fiance: Where Are They Now Episode - October 19, 2014

First and foremost, Louis and Aya declined to participate in the Where Are They Now episode of 90 Day Fiance. This site says they're still married, but their lack of participation makes me question that. I sense a divorce but I can't say for sure.

We caught up with Alan and Kirlyam, who seemed happy. Kirlyam was eagerly awaiting her green card so she can work. Alan received an invitation to his family reunion, which was called a redneck reunion. Kirlyam could not figure out what redneck meant, and Alan struggled to explain it to her.

Alan took Kirlyam to shop for redneck clothes, and she thought the clothes were funny. She tried to dress up as a redneck but it didn't quite work out. Kirlyam worried that people at the reunion would think she's here for the wrong reasons, but she knows the truth. 

The pair embarked on their journey to the reunion, and while Kirlyam said she felt like a fish out of water, people seemed to accept her. They discussed the fact that they want to have kids but not yet. They want a more stable environment for a child. As Kirlyam pointed out, she hasn't been to school yet or gotten a job. However, Alan's family seemed to want a baby sooner than the pair was ready to have one.

Kirlyam and Alan discussed how Kirlyam misses her family while at the reunion. Alan told the viewers that he a surprise that will cheer her up, but she doesn't seem to be aware of it. It turns out it was a video chat during the reunion with Kirlyam's family. Alan's family asked Kirlyam to tell her family how much they love her and how wonderful she is. What a great couple - love them!!!

Mike and Aziza are doing great. They've overcome their intimacy issue. (If you recall, Aziza was not ready to be intimate when she first arrived.) Aziza has a job now, can drive and adopted a puppy with Mike. Unfortunately, her job and Mike's job are on different shifts, so they rarely see each other, but they are doing this to save money to go to Russia.

The couple hung out with Mike's friend Ricardo. Ricardo seemed happy with Aziza because she'd become much more natural in America. Aziza loved holding Ricardo's baby and seems to want kids. However, she and Mike agree that they need to go to Russia first, but after that can try for a baby.

Mike talked to Aziza's mom via Skype and showed that he is trying to learn Russian. He wants to break through the language barrier because he wants to meet and talk to Aziza's family.

The time came for the pair to travel to Russia. Mike joked that at least if he can't speak Russian, Aziza can filter out the dumb things he says. The pair went to Russia, and Aziza's family liked Mike. The pair was happy that both families accepted their pairing, and they're ready for kids.

Russ and Paola have moved to a new city and Russ got a new job. Russ had to leave his job, friends and family, but he realized that Paola made sacrifices and he should too. They have a house and Paola is doing lots of work on it. She's also modeling and maintaining the company she started with her brother back in Colombia. They seem happy, but Russ wishes he could spend more time with Paola. Paola worries about whether she'd be happier if she was in Colombia.

Paola chatted with her brother in Colombia about her shoe company. She realized how important it is for her company that she go to Colombia. She talked to Russ about going for two to three months, but he was upset that she wanted to be apart from him for so long. He eventually agreed to a two month trip.

In Oklahoma City, where the pair lives now, Paola met some Colombian friends, which was great for her. However, Russ wished Paola was spending more time with him, rather than being busy and spending time with friends. Towards the end of the episode, they talked about their budding relationship and how they are committed to it.

The end result was that all of the couples are (or claim to be) happy. So that's wonderful for them...and now us viewers move on to season 2!

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