Wednesday, October 29, 2014

90 Day Fiance: Is Anyone Really Believing Mohamed?

Anyone watching 90 Day Fiance season two can clearly see that Mohamed is clearly using Danielle. I read a bunch about this on Facebook today, and the 90 Day Fiance Facebook group gave some valuable information.

On the post, commenters said that Mohamed looked like he didn't care at all for Danielle. He looked empty. Also, his Facebook page shows pretty much nothing of Danielle, but does show a ton of pictures of himself.

I also found it to be a red flag that Mohamed used religion as an excuse not to have sex with Danielle until marriage. If this was such a big issue, wouldn't Mohamed be marrying someone of the same faith as his own?

A poster on the message board said everyone, even TLC, tried to stop the wedding because they could see right through it. But Danielle couldn't be convinced, and reportedly, Danielle and Mohamed are married at this time. Also reportedly, Danielle has been evaluated for being unstable, which supports evidence that she may have been easily manipulated by Mohamed.

One thing I won't hate on that others did is that Mohamed said Danielle is "acceptable" for him. While that was hardly a compliment, I'm going to chalk that one up to the language barrier. It's like us saying we had "fine food" - to someone who doesn't understand English, it would sound like an average review, rather than stating that food is high end.

What do you think of the Mohamed and Danielle pairing? It drives me absolutely crazy. Danielle worked tons of overtime to pay for Mohamed to come to the states,so he paid nothing and is getting all of the benefits. Also per the Facebook group, Danielle and Mohamed are looking for sponsors for his visa or something, so now she's not only paying for Mohamed, but getting others to do so as well.


Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about Mohamad's comment - that it was just a language barrier. But he definitely does not seem interested in Danielle, while Danielle seems WAY too interested in him.

Watching the new episode now. Justin's sister-in-law is TERRIBLE. I think she is jealous.

Anonymous said...

The first season you could tell they were in love and were genuine. The second season some are truely in love and then there is Danielle and Mohammed he is clearly using her.

Anonymous said...

It's a trainwreck I just can't bring myself to watch anymore...I feel so bad for her!

Anonymous said...

the poor woman is mentally challenged