Wednesday, October 29, 2014

90 Day Fiance: Is Anyone Really Believing Mohamed?

Anyone watching 90 Day Fiance season two can clearly see that Mohamed is clearly using Danielle. I read a bunch about this on Facebook today, and the 90 Day Fiance Facebook group gave some valuable information.

On the post, commenters said that Mohamed looked like he didn't care at all for Danielle. He looked empty. Also, his Facebook page shows pretty much nothing of Danielle, but does show a ton of pictures of himself.

I also found it to be a red flag that Mohamed used religion as an excuse not to have sex with Danielle until marriage. If this was such a big issue, wouldn't Mohamed be marrying someone of the same faith as his own?

A poster on the message board said everyone, even TLC, tried to stop the wedding because they could see right through it. But Danielle couldn't be convinced, and reportedly, Danielle and Mohamed are married at this time. Also reportedly, Danielle has been evaluated for being unstable, which supports evidence that she may have been easily manipulated by Mohamed.

One thing I won't hate on that others did is that Mohamed said Danielle is "acceptable" for him. While that was hardly a compliment, I'm going to chalk that one up to the language barrier. It's like us saying we had "fine food" - to someone who doesn't understand English, it would sound like an average review, rather than stating that food is high end.

What do you think of the Mohamed and Danielle pairing? It drives me absolutely crazy. Danielle worked tons of overtime to pay for Mohamed to come to the states,so he paid nothing and is getting all of the benefits. Also per the Facebook group, Danielle and Mohamed are looking for sponsors for his visa or something, so now she's not only paying for Mohamed, but getting others to do so as well.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

90 Day Fiance - 10/26/14 - Quick Recap

Here is a quick recap of 10/26/14's episode of 90 Day Fiance.

Justin and Evelin:

-Justin taught Evelin to drive.
-Justin took her to meet his friend Matt.
-Evelin made it known that she wants to meet Justin's family.
-Justin bashed his sister in law, Jennifer, on camera, and said she's critical of people Justin dates.
-Justin told the camera that he thinks the best way to get married is to elope.

Danny and Amy:

-Danny is a construction worker from Pennsylvania. He is the youngest of seven children.
-Amy, 21, and Danny met in Australia, although she's from South Africa.
-Their friendship grew quickly into love.
-Amy will live with Danny's brother and sister in law until they are married. Danny's committed to being a virgin until marriage.
-Amy was concerned about fitting in with Danny's family. Danny's father doesn't believe in interracial marriage.
-Danny worried about Amy being alone all day and 45 minutes away from him.
-Jake and Timmy, Danny's friends, took him to the airport to get Amy. They had a great reunion.
-Amy was concerned that she and Danny can't be together as much as she'd like.

Brett and Daya:

-Daya stated that she wasn't convinced that her ring was real. This did not make a great impression on Brett's mom.
-Daya liked Brett's place but wasn't thrilled about the roommate situation.
-Daya said she's nervous about meeting Brett's daughter Cassidy but can't wait to be a family.
-Brett tried to impress Daya after the disastrous airport greeting. Daya seemed much happier.
-Daya still seemed somewhat fake, and was still concerned about the fake diamond issue.

Danielle and Mohamed:

-Mohamed said he likes Danielle because he's honest and he plans to get married and get a job.
-Danielle's daughters seemed to feel okay about Mohamed once they saw him interact with Danielle.
-Mohamed said due to his religion, there would be no sex until marriage, but he did want to get married soon.
-Danielle took Mohamed to meet her son Corey. Corey pulled Mohamed aside and said he's concered about him scamming Danielle.

Chelsea and Yamir:

-At a press conference, Yamir's manager announced that Yamir and Chelsea would be getting married, which embarrassed Chelsea. He said that he didn't know what it would mean for the group. Yamir was also upset about the manager, Gabriel, stating that Yamir was leaving for the United States.
-Chelsea fretted about her decision to move Yamir to the US.

That's it for this week. We'll see what next week brings!

Iggy Azalea on SNL: How Uninspired Can You Get?

I have never been a fan of Iggy Azalea. Nor have I always been impressed with the musical performances on Saturday Night Live. So I shouldn't have been surprised by Iggy Azalea's uninspired, boring, canned performance on Saturday Night Live. But I was - mostly because it was just. so. awful.

I settled in to watch Iggy Azalea's performance on SNL with low expectations. Which was great because if I even had neutral expectations, I would have been disappointed. First and foremost, Iggy Azalea's performance was so....canned. That's the only way I can describe it. There was no variation in her tone versus what's rapped in her songs. There was no creativity. No inspiration. I could have listened to the radio for the exact same effect.

Secondly, her performance left just about everything to be desired. Where was the dancing? The creative movement? The use of the stage? The most interesting thing about her performance was everyone else. Guest singer Rita Ora's vocals, in comparison, did not disappoint. Iggy looked like a robot who was told to move around with Rita. Iggy bounced around in a skimpy outfit, utilizing her looks to carry her performance.

A while back, I read about the racial controversy sounding Iggy Azalea. I thought it was silly because talent is talent, regardless of ethnicity. However, I kind of get some of the anger now - people were upset because Iggy is being hailed as the great new rapper, but she's just...not. I don't think this should be a racial thing (because things really shouldn't be), but I can certainly see how people are concerned with Iggy not being representative of rap culture because she's just not that great. And her dancing relies heavily on sexual movement and booty shaking - showing that sexuality can shine beyond talent in the music industry. Don't get me wrong - I am not saying that Iggy Azalea is not talented at all, because it's clear that she is. She definitely can rap. But her performance comes off as so standardized, almost like she's a marionette going through the movements. This is in contrast to performances like Ariana Grande's, in which her song was performed differently than the album version and she truly shined on the SNL stage.

Overall, I'm unimpressed. I expected more from her live performance, but I guess SNL knew viewers would be underwhelmed, so they armed Iggy Azalea with guest singers and distracting (and talented, mind you) dancers in the foreground of her performance.

By the way...way to not hug Rita Ora back and make it look like you were blowing her off, Iggy. Then again, all of the pair's interactions looked forced (this site agrees) so this is unsurprising. And the whole second song was a vocal disaster, although the band Iggy performed with blames this on technical issues. (Hello, Ashlee Simpson flashback.)

On a positive note, Iggy did participate in an SNL sketch, so she went above just her musical numbers, so I do give credit for this.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leah Calvert...The Stories Keep Coming Out

Everywhere I read, there is news about Leah Calvert. First, it was that her husband called her out for cheating on Twitter. Then she denied it, saying it was a misunderstanding. But following that, Jeremy Calvert deleted all references about her from his Twitter, Facebook and whatever else. And then the rumors got even crazier - it's being stated that Leah could be hooked on prescription pills and because of it, Teen Mom 2 won't be filming yet. Also, Leah's teenage brother has gotten his girlfriend pregnant...guess he hasn't learned from Leah. Oh yeah, and Leah's family and others are having all kinds of arguments over social media.

This has gotten pretty awful. I understand that Leah's under a lot of stress, having three young girls at home (Ali, Aleeah and Addalynn), but the girls should be a reason to stay clean and not break up her marriage by cheating.

Hopefully Leah will get the help she needs and can be a great mom to her daughters. We will see, though - only time will tell.

I read this stuff in many places, but if you're looking for some juicy news, check out The Ashley's Reality Roundup. It's great.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

90 Day Fiance Season 2 Premiere

Justin, 34, from San Jose, California was the first person we met on season 2 of 90 Day Fiance on TLC. He's a gym teacher living the bachelor life. He met Evelin on a trip to Colombia. He went back a second time to make sure everything's real, and it he proposed. He kept this a secret from his family and friends, but I guess the secret was up once he started filming the show. He told a friend who seemed to accept it easily, probably because Justin was a ladies man, so this woman must have been special to change him.

Evelin and Justin met up at the airport, and they seemed so genuinely happy. This is a couple I definitely believe is 100% real. Both were giddy and so excited to be together. This looks like a couple that will be a success.

On day two, the reality kicked in for Evelin. She talked about the kitchen being dirty but Justin insisted that he had to watch a game on TV. Justin showed Evelin all of cleaning supplies, but Evelin was clear that she did not come here to be a Cinderella. His bachelor life was over. Evelin was also concerned that she was kept a secret because she wanted to meet Justin's family.

Danielle, 41, from Norwalk, Ohio and Mohamed, 26 are a strange coupling. Danielle has a job she loves but doesn't pay much. She has three teenage daughters. She went online to meet new people and that's how she met Mohamed from Tunisia. They'd talked for 4 or 5 months (and met in person for two weeks) before Mohamed proposed, and while Danielle was initially skeptical, she said yes. She worked extra hours and saved up a bunch of money to fly Mohamed in.

On the anticipated day of Mohamed's arrival, he was being taken back to the JFK airport because his money hasn't been converted to American money (or something) and Danielle hadn't heard from him since. She was concerned that he was going to miss his flight. When Danielle called, she couldn't reach Mohamed. She said her fear was that Mohamed was just here for the visa and now he'd disappear. Danielle asked her kids if she should go to the airport in case he is arriving, and they said yes.

Danielle's brother and sister in law, Jamie and Arica, came to visit. They seemed concerned that Mohamed could be taking advantage of Danielle's caring nature. They arrived an hour late at the airport and couldn't find Mohamed. Then, they found someone with a brown jacket who they thought could be Mohamed.  Danielle walked towards his with determination, and it turns out she was right. The couple embraced. Mohamed seemed genuinely happy to see Danielle.

I will say, I've been skeptical of couples from season one and may have been wrong. However, I don't believe this coupling for one second. Mohamed is 26. Danielle is 41 and has 3 kids. Why did she fund his entire trip? Why didn't he pitch in? I think he sees a way into the states and a meal ticket. I would be shocked if Mohamed is legit.

Brett, 31 and Daya, 29 were next. Brett's from Washington and Daya is from the Philippines. He lives with two roommates who are around his mother's age. He has a six year old daughter named Cassidy who primarily lives with her mom in Montana, but spends summer breaks with him. The pair met on an international dating site. He looked in the Philippines because the women there have good values. Brett felt like he was too boring for someone like Daya, but when they met in the Philippines, there were sparks, and he proposed five days later.

Brett said Daya is very particular, so Brett's roommate helped him get ready for her by cleaning up his room. Brett fretted about the colors of his room being okay for Daya because she loves the color pink and he would not like to have a pink room.

Brett discussed how his roommate is supportive of his relationship, but another friend Sue was concerned that all of the pictures she's seen of Daya have been scantily clad or of her drinking. She said that many women from Asian countries come here then end up divorced. Sue did say she's willing to meet Daya which made Brett happy.

Brett bought roses for Daya's arrival. Well, he thought he was getting roses. He ended up with a beautiful bouquet, but not entirely made of roses. He hoped he hadn't told her he'd be bringing roses. He was late and Daya was waiting. The first thing she did when Brett arrived was make him get her luggage. Then they hugged. And then she questioned why Brett got her mixed flowers when she said she likes roses. Then she said she loved Brett. I just don't know about this couple. It seems like Daya is very into Daya. We will see how this plays out.

Chelsea, 25, is from Illinois. While there, she met Yamir, 28, who is a pop star in Nicaragua. If he moved to the US, he'll give up his career. His group, Myla Vox, invented the idea of pop stars in Nicaragua. Chelsea said life in Nicaragua is tough so she thought coming to the US is a better choice. Yamir would be giving up everything but he says Chelsea is worth it. Chelsea really seemed to struggle with her choice of bringing Yamir to America because she worried about being selfish.

Yamir spent his last day in Nicaragua recording with his band. Gabriel, the band's manager, was frustrated because the band was about to release an album and celebrate, and then Yamir broke the news about leaving. Yamir said his move will open doors for the band but Gabriel was skeptical, which he let Chelsea know via a note. Yamir was so respectful when Gabriel pulled Chelsea and Yamir aside. He said everything was his fault for not communicating properly with Gabriel. Gabriel broke down in tears and it seems like he really is concerned - he said that Yamir is going to the middle of America, not speaking any English, and not being around people who understand his culture. He genuinely did seem concerned, and admitted that Yamir needed someone like Chelsea, but he was frustrated because Yamir could be wasting his talent.

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance is looking pretty good! I can't wait to meet the other couples on the next episode.

90 Day Fiance: Where Are They Now Episode - October 19, 2014

First and foremost, Louis and Aya declined to participate in the Where Are They Now episode of 90 Day Fiance. This site says they're still married, but their lack of participation makes me question that. I sense a divorce but I can't say for sure.

We caught up with Alan and Kirlyam, who seemed happy. Kirlyam was eagerly awaiting her green card so she can work. Alan received an invitation to his family reunion, which was called a redneck reunion. Kirlyam could not figure out what redneck meant, and Alan struggled to explain it to her.

Alan took Kirlyam to shop for redneck clothes, and she thought the clothes were funny. She tried to dress up as a redneck but it didn't quite work out. Kirlyam worried that people at the reunion would think she's here for the wrong reasons, but she knows the truth. 

The pair embarked on their journey to the reunion, and while Kirlyam said she felt like a fish out of water, people seemed to accept her. They discussed the fact that they want to have kids but not yet. They want a more stable environment for a child. As Kirlyam pointed out, she hasn't been to school yet or gotten a job. However, Alan's family seemed to want a baby sooner than the pair was ready to have one.

Kirlyam and Alan discussed how Kirlyam misses her family while at the reunion. Alan told the viewers that he a surprise that will cheer her up, but she doesn't seem to be aware of it. It turns out it was a video chat during the reunion with Kirlyam's family. Alan's family asked Kirlyam to tell her family how much they love her and how wonderful she is. What a great couple - love them!!!

Mike and Aziza are doing great. They've overcome their intimacy issue. (If you recall, Aziza was not ready to be intimate when she first arrived.) Aziza has a job now, can drive and adopted a puppy with Mike. Unfortunately, her job and Mike's job are on different shifts, so they rarely see each other, but they are doing this to save money to go to Russia.

The couple hung out with Mike's friend Ricardo. Ricardo seemed happy with Aziza because she'd become much more natural in America. Aziza loved holding Ricardo's baby and seems to want kids. However, she and Mike agree that they need to go to Russia first, but after that can try for a baby.

Mike talked to Aziza's mom via Skype and showed that he is trying to learn Russian. He wants to break through the language barrier because he wants to meet and talk to Aziza's family.

The time came for the pair to travel to Russia. Mike joked that at least if he can't speak Russian, Aziza can filter out the dumb things he says. The pair went to Russia, and Aziza's family liked Mike. The pair was happy that both families accepted their pairing, and they're ready for kids.

Russ and Paola have moved to a new city and Russ got a new job. Russ had to leave his job, friends and family, but he realized that Paola made sacrifices and he should too. They have a house and Paola is doing lots of work on it. She's also modeling and maintaining the company she started with her brother back in Colombia. They seem happy, but Russ wishes he could spend more time with Paola. Paola worries about whether she'd be happier if she was in Colombia.

Paola chatted with her brother in Colombia about her shoe company. She realized how important it is for her company that she go to Colombia. She talked to Russ about going for two to three months, but he was upset that she wanted to be apart from him for so long. He eventually agreed to a two month trip.

In Oklahoma City, where the pair lives now, Paola met some Colombian friends, which was great for her. However, Russ wished Paola was spending more time with him, rather than being busy and spending time with friends. Towards the end of the episode, they talked about their budding relationship and how they are committed to it.

The end result was that all of the couples are (or claim to be) happy. So that's wonderful for them...and now us viewers move on to season 2!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Leah Calvert Reportedly Cheated On Her Husband

In news that is not news, it is being reported that Leah Calvert of Teen Mom fame cheated on her husband.

She, of course, denies the claims, stating that it was a misunderstanding. However, her track record of cheating doesn't exactly agree with her words. And it's pretty strong of Jeremy to call Leah some nasty things on Twitter over something that was just a rumor.

I think if the cheating rumors are true, Leah and Jeremy are sweeping it under the rug for the sake of Teen Mom. If I recall, Leah had to marry Corey as part of her storyline. And MTV probably isn't too keen on keeping her if she's going through her second divorce. Also, Leah's got three kids - Jeremy's paycheck is probably quite helpful.

I really don't like this because I liked Leah when her episode of 16 and Pregnant first aired. However, fame and time can change personalities, and maybe Leah's didn't change for the better.